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    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    As I explained in the PM, you're going to have to add a few more screenshots; however similar this is to the original FireRed, rules are rules, so you should perhaps post some screenshots showing the different Pokemon sprites being used and basically anything else you changed/added in. They're necessary, even if it might feel there's not much point to it.
    I added the extra screenshots. Originally I was going to re-submit the thread with the screenshots because that's what Dr. Fuji said to do, but I thought both you and Fuji decided which thread gets passed (Dr. Fuji didn't accept this at first), but either way the extra screenshots are there now.

    Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
    What's with the title screen ?!
    It's a smiley face, since that's the name of this hack.

    After all, because I added the version exclusives from LeafGreen, this is no longer Pokemon FireRed. But I wasn't going to call it WaterBlue, since I don't see why Blastoise would suddenly get all the attention in this hack. So I'm calling it =), because this is neither FireRed nor LeafGreen. This is basically FireRed + LeafGreen + Challenge Mode + Ruby/Sapphire sprites.