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Originally Posted by Nineray View Post
Username (On PokéCommunity) : Nineray
Game: Heartgold
Amount of Pokémon: 5
Pokémon: Noctowl, Dragonite, Slowbro (or Slowking), Eevee(any evolution of it), Steelix
Extra Comments One pokemon that can learn surf, one that can learn fly, and one dragon type.
Username (On PokéCommunity) :
Game: Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald
Amount of Pokémon: (Leave blank for the next person to choose for you)
Pokémon: (The person would give you the Pokémon)
Extra Comments (i.e No Legendaries or No Poison types) : All pokemon that can evolve, please. 5-6 pokemon <3? P.S No legendaries.
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