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Official PokéCommunity Adoption Center
Please contact Cirno if you need help or have questions about the Adoption Center!

What Is The Adoption Center?

The Center is a unique program here on PC that, to sum up, allows new members to apply for a mentor to tour them around certain parts of the forum. Basically, these mentors all have experience in their listed sections and will gladly tell you if a thread you plan to make is within the rules, help you figure out which part of a section your thread would belong in, and in general familiarize yourself with the section!

Not only will you have an easier time getting around the forum with a mentor, but you'll also make a very special friend! So what are you waiting for?

How This Works

Firstly, if you haven't made your introduction post yet, I encourage you to! Just make sure you read through the New Users / Welcome rules before doing so. An intro is not mandatory, however; it's only encouraged. So if you would prefer not to create an intro thread, that's all right as well! :D

You can begin your mentee process by filling out the form below. If you would prefer not to fill this out, I would at least like you to tell me what section/board of the forum you are most interested in.

But before you do anything, take note of the following requirements to apply for a mentor:

To be eligible for a mentor, you must have been active for less than two (2) months, OR have less than 100 posts. Returning members who have less than 100 posts also qualify.

As of August 28th, the form has gotten a bit of an update. I'm still testing this out, so if this form proves to be easier to understand, it'll be the new form from then on!

However, for ROM hacking/Emulation or Game Development mentees, there is a catch! Please do not apply for a mentor if you're only looking for someone to help you make your ROM hack or game (whether it be wanting someone to join your hacking team, scripting assistance, and anything that's more or less not forum-related), because you'll be unfortunately out of luck. ): The purpose of this program is to help new members get more acquainted with their favorite sections and move on to being experienced members once they've "graduated" and feel they no longer need a mentor. Requesting a mentor solely for help with making a hack/game will only make you take up a mentee slot in that mentor's roster for longer than is necessary.

This honestly goes for each section. However, as the Adoption Center gets a high volume of people requesting ROM hacking mentors and a large portion of those mentees seem to really only want help with creating their projects, this had to be included. Please only request a mentor if you want help with a particular section on PC, not assistance with your own work.

Finally, onto the form:

HTML Code:
[B]1. What section/board are you most interested in?[/B]
[B]2. What other sections/boards do you want to venture in and and learn more about?[/B]
[B]3. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here?[/B]

September 20th, 2012 Update: Okay, I noticed some people have been using the old form even a month after it was updated. I've been letting this go for a while, but I'd really appreciate it if you guys could use the new form since it's easier for me to find proper mentors for you that way. The new form has only three questions, not four; please refer to the first post for the proper form. Do NOT copy and paste forms made by other members and use that as the for base, please. This is to ensure you don't end up filling out the old form that should no longer be in use.

If you're confused, you can check the following breakdown chart of each question:

1. What section/board are you most interested in? Tell us what you're most interested in doing here on PC! Something like, "I am a competitive battler and want to learn more about the Competitive Battling Center section" or "I like to trade, so I'd like to explore the Trade Corner part of the forum" would be ideal!

2. What other section/board do you want to learn more about? The difference between this question and the first is that while the first question would list your primary mentor choice, this question would be your secondary. So if you like to trade a lot and want a Trade Corner mentor but also would be interested in learning more about roleplaying and the Roleplay Corner section, say that here! It's basically there incase the mentor you requested in question #1 isn't available, or if we have a mentor on board who specializes in both (or more than two if you listed more) of the sections you're interested in.

3. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here? This is just a general question about whatever else you plan on doing here on PC. If you're planning on getting involved in some debates over at Other Chat & Discussions or digging around the Black 2 and White 2 forum, say so! It's not required to answer this, so if you do not want to fill it out, that's totally fine. n_n

Once you properly fill out the form, you will get a reply from either me (Cirno, the moderator of New Users / Welcome and the one currently in charge of managing the Adoption Center) or the mentor that's interested in adopting you as soon as possible. I'll try and pinpoint which mentor would be best for you going by your interests. Sometimes there will be several mentors who are compatible with you, so you can take your pick on which one you would prefer.

So yeah, make sure to check back in this thread once you've made your reply!

Thread Information

Please only post here if you're applying for a mentor or are suggesting yourself, as a mentor, to a mentee. Introductions do not belong here; they belong in their own thread!

Some Things To Take Note Of

Please stay active!
If you have been paired with a mentor, you are expected to stay relatively active. Disappearing off the face of the earth will only make your mentor think that you lost interest, so they'll likely drop you off of their list and move onto the next person.

Respect your mentor
Be nice to your mentor and do not disrespect them. This is a given!

Don't take advantage
The job of a mentor is to show you around the boards you are interested in as well as giving you a brief look at how PC works. Please do not request a mentor just because you have a simple question about something or want assistance with your work. That means no requesting a mentor to tell you which anime episodes you should see, to help you rate your competitive battling team, or to ask for help in making your ROM hack.

Let your mentor know if you no longer need help!
If you feel that you learned enough about the section you applied for and no longer need help, be sure to thank your mentor for his/her hard work and contact me, Cirno, confirming this so I can take you off of their list. You should make sure to notify your mentor of this as well, since otherwise they will assume you merely lost interest in the mentorship.

One mentor per mentee
You are to get together with one mentor and one mentor only due to the high volume of requests. Please do not request more than one mentor.

ROM Hacking Information

As stated above, please do not request a mentor if you just need help with making your ROM hack or are recruiting team members. A ROM Hacking mentor is mainly there to guide you through the Emulation section, perhaps suggest some nice hacks to you, show you some useful resources, and so on. Below are to sticky threads from the Emulation section which might prove to be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions
ROM Hacking Simple Questions Thread
Script Help Thread
ROM Hacking Resources
Help Recruitment Thread

In Conclusion...

We hope you have an enjoyable experience here at the Adoption Center as well as PokeCommunity! If you have any questions regarding the program, which includes requesting a mentor, the process, or any problems you may have encountered, you are more than happy to ask Cirno!

Credit for this guide goes to previous NU/W moderator, Meganium90, as well as Cirno.