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FireRed Update #2

Erika was taken out by Percival and Koga was taken care of by Victor the Venomoth. I was really bummed out to lose MoreDots the Onix to my rival at Silph Co., she was the best. I was planning out how awesome she was gonna be in the E4 :(

Catch List:

Dead/Traded Away
Involved in Trade

Pallet Town: Lifebloom the Bulbasaur, Lv. 5
Route 1: David the Rattata, Lv.2
Route 22: Napoleon the Mankey, Lv.2
Route 2: Percival the Pidgey, Lv. 4
Viridian Forest: Waspinator the Weedle, Lv. 4
Route 3: Arya the Spearow, Lv. 6
Mt. Moon: Betty the Zubat, Lv. 10
Route 4: Tom the Ekans, Lv. 6
Route 24: Loras the Oddish, Lv. 13
Route 25: Kakuna, Lv. 9
Route 5: Myrcella the Meowth, Lv. 12
Vermillion City: CH’DING the Farfetch’d, Lv. 6
Diglett’s Cave: Anderson the Diglett, Lv. 18
Route 11: Mesmer the Drowzee, Lv. 15
Route 10: YoungNeil the Voltorb, Lv.14
Rock Tunnel: MoreDots the Onix, Lv. 13
Route 8: Jaime the Growlithe, Lv. 16
Celadon City: Jools the Eevee, Lv. 25
Pokemon Tower: Gastly, Lv. 15
Route 12: Robert the Snorlax, Lv. 30
Route 16: Mackenzie the Doduo, Lv. 18
Fuchsia City: Goldeen, Lv.8
Safari Zone: Sunny the Exeggcute, Lv. 25
Route 15: Ditto, Lv. 15
Route 14: Victor the Venonat, Lv. 26
Route 6: Dolan the Psyduck, Lv. 21
Viidian City: Gyarados, Lv. 16
Saffron City: Asha the Lapras, Lv. 25


Napoleon the Mankey, Lv. 2-12, to a Shellder in Cerulean Gym
Anderson the Diglett, Lv. 18-23, from a huge Slam by a Pikachu on the SS Anne
Myrcella the Meowth, Lv.12-20, Critical Hit and Charged Spark from a Voltorb in Vermillion Gym
Mesmer the Drowzee, Lv. 15-23, at the hand of a Muk on route 8
MoreDots the Onix, Lv. 13-39, at Silph Co. from a Flamethower from my rival’s Charizard, followed by a Future Sight hit from his Alakazam earlier (all of this from full health)


The Team:

Lifebloom the Venusaur ♂, Lv. 36 @ Leftovers
Ability: Overgrow
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed
-Razor Leaf

Percival the Pidgeot ♂, Lv. 37
Ability: Keen Eye
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack

Victor the Venomoth ♂, Lv. 40
Ability: Shield Dust
-Stun Spore

Robert the Snorlax ♂, Lv. 35 @ Leftovers
Ability: Thick Fat
-Body Slam
-Shadow Ball

Jools the Jolteon ♂, Lv. 33 @ BlackGlasses
Ability: Volt Absorb
-Shock Wave
-Double Kick

Asha the Lapras ♀, Lv. 26
Ability: Shell Armor
-Body Slam
-Confuse Ray
-Perish Song


Waspinator the Beedrill ♀, Lv. 31
Ability: Swarm
-Focus Energy
-Fury Attack

HM Slaves:
CH'DING the Farfetch'd: Cut
YoungNeil the Voltorb: Flash