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The Official Nuzlocke Challenge
The Nuzlocke challenge is one of the funnest, emotional, and most rewarding ways to play a Pokemon game.

Here are the all-important RULES:

1. If a Pokemon Faints, its dead, release it.
2. No Healing Outside of battle (optional)
3. You can only catch/recieve one Pokemon in each Area. A town is one area, a route is one area, a cave is one area, etc. Should you fail to catch a Pokemon for any reason (other than game corruption) than too bad.
4. You must nickname all of your Pokemon (optional, but highly reccomended)
5. No catching legendaries.
6. Trading is disallowed, but the reasons following this clause are allowed. Egg trading is okay, same thing with Pokemon that can't have eggs. (optional) Trading simply for the purpose of evolution is perfectly OK.
7. Change the battle style to SET. (optional)
8. Make Comics whenever something amazing happens. (optional, but still reccomended :I)
Have Fun and take on the Nuzlocke Challenge!

The rules in bold are the only ones that are required, the others are simply commonly used, or for fun.


Champions: Myrrhman, Vaporeon7, AustInsane, edwardo999


Champions: Gogoshinydunsparce


Champions: Dark Sceptile, Sammuthegreat, Mondays Suck, Myrrhman, Hawkfire-The-Cat, Zaroas


Champions: DefiningTheDecade, SeventySeven, Sammuthegreat


Champions: Diablerie, Necroflame, Rews11, Karpman, Sammuthegreat


Champions: Vaporeon7


Champions: Zaroas

Champions: Chaos1011 (Moemon Fire Red Omega)


CSS Courtesy of Alternative

For more info, here's nuzlocke's official site: (comics contain suggestive language)


paired to kaori & vrai

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    are these really all the people that have completed the nuzlocke challenge? That doesn't seem right...
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    I honestly haven't had the time to update every champion.
    If anyone who has completed the challenge and isn't on the Original Post, please VM me and
    I apologize for this.

    paired to kaori & vrai
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      Rofl, I was like "that's odd, I can't believe this challenge is so popular and so few people have finished it. It must be a lot harder than I give it credit to being.
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      Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke
      Chapter 3: The only chapter which is truly shocking. BAHAHA!

      Well, as I had just finished defeating Brawly, I thoguht to myself as any other trainer would "hey, let's go into that cave over there". So thats what I did. I don't know why I had to go through there, but I did. Upon arriving at the cave I found someone so giving and caring, you could even call them amish, but for now, we'll call him a hiker.

      (It's good to know some people still have morals.)

      I was training throughout the cave, and finally found a Sableye after much searching and named him OhMahGawd. I don't know why they have to be so elusive on me, but they were. Anywho I was still training and Lucyy II evolved.

      (About time I had another evolution. >.<)

      So I kept traversing through the cave and I had no idea why I was doing this. There was absolutely no reason for me to randomly traverse through a cave, and then I found Steven. I gave him the letter, and some other crap happened and he needed to rush off somewhere.

      (There's no rush Steven. Let me make you a sammich before you leave first.)

      I left the cave with this conveniently placed Escape Rope I found earlier, despite not even using it, and went off to the next area, also known as Slateport City. There was a big rush of Team Aqua members here waiting to get into the museum of botany and other things like boats. You can obviously tell they're bored waiting. n_n

      (Sorry, bro. Using an emulator.)

      After talking to some important people, they got let in, and I got a TM from one of them for trolling him or something (I wasn't paying attention). I went upwards to see Captain Stern and some Team Aqua grunts followed me, so I had no other choice but to beat them all myself with no help from anyone. I then met their leader, who is either a pirate, or has a sea fetish. :/

      (What about the ocean?)

      After going through all that crap with Team Aqua, and finally getting some peace around here, I thought it would be a good time to forge onward towards Mauville City. Route 110 came along, and I found an Oddish, which has been named Bag O'Weed. There were some trainers and a Trick House there which I used to train everyone, especially Fun Cool, who managed to evolve after a lot of grinding.

      (About fricken time. :D)

      And Brendan just so happened to be there and he pretty much forced me into a battle. I can gladly say Lucyy II solo'd him quite easily.

      (Yes I know, you don't need to keep pointing it out.)

      And to keep in with the spirit of Brendan, I just had to add some sort of sexual slur into the update. :P

      (Root. ROOT!)

      So I finished the Route 110 and you know, grinded some more until I finally got to Mauville City, the home of gambling, free bikes and simply shocking people (pun intended). I went to the route on the right of Mauville to battle some of those trainers, which was really easy, and then went to battle Wally, whom was easy work for Sydian.

      (Yes Wally. Yes you did.)

      I also discovered that near the place there is a Day Care center, so I shoved Inferno and Bag O'Weed in there together so they can make beautiful screeching, high babies together or something. I travelled over to Verdanturf Town, battling all the trainers on the way there and then finally meeting Wally at his house. That was really boring and instead went over to the gym to battle the trainers there as well as the shockingly skilled Wattson. Unfortunately Fun Cool had passed away at this stage due to critical hits from all the super effective electric attacks, but it's not the end of the world yet. Wattson was a tough old bugger and did take a while to take down. Sydian proved well here with Screech and overcoming Paralysis with Quick Attack, and finally took him down all on her own. I earnt myself the badge and the Shock Wave TM.


      Badges Obtained:

      Pokémon which are still alive:

      Sydian Lv. 26
      Brave Nature
      - Pursuit
      - Screech
      - Absorb
      - Quick Attack

      OhMahGawd Lv. 26
      Gentle Nature
      Keen Eye
      - Fury Swipes
      - Fake Out
      - Night Shade
      - Detect

      Lucyy II Lv. 22
      Timid Nature
      Huge Power
      - Tackle
      - Rollout
      - Tail Whip
      - Water Gun

      The boxed/day cared:

      The deceased:

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      I wrote this ya know
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        I new thread I see
        I'm also suprized at how few champions there is, I suppose I'm a grinding machine (on my current HG run I had level 45's when I first got to Cinnawood) Back to topic though: so people don't have to go browing through the old thread to read my story I'm going to post my chapters in this post (hopefully I can fit them plus the new one, yes, I can O_O) I'm doing a Platnium Nuzlocke with nicknaming (after a word in the sentence of the song I'm listening to), dead if fainted, only pokecenter healing (using LIMITED full restore's out of battle in E4), first poke in each route, and I'm adding my rule of not using the boxes, if I catch a pokemon I have to use it in my team. Whiting out=game over.


        “And Professor Rowan has recently returned to Sandgem town...”
        ‘What the hell am I doing watching TV and only wearing a coat-thingy in a world populated by potential weapons of mass destruction? I’m out of here to find some clothes and world domination.’
        Shame (A word in the song I was playing) turned off the TV and walked down the stairs. She looked like your average pre-teen brain-dead zombie prep girl, with black hair, a pink coat-thingy, and a face that reeked of not-very-amused-ness.
        ‘At least I have a badass scarf...’ She consoled herself, to no avail.
        ‘Hi sweetie! How are you feeling?’ her Mum called out, from the kitchen of course.
        ‘Oi, narrator, stop making over-used sexist jokes, you’re a woman you know too! I’m feeling very-not-amused, mother.’
        ‘Aww, that’s so lovely! Your friend, Fair (word in the song I was playing) was looking for you. Something about being extremely reckless and running into tall grass to catch Pokémon.’
        ‘Yay I suppose...’
        Shame walked off to route 201, and saw her friend Fair waiting there. He was blond, and matched the stereotype of being incredibly stupid. He a nice scarf though, so it didn’t really matter.
        ‘Hi there! You saw that Rowan guy on the TV rite-’
        ‘Did you just speak text speak?’
        ‘-we’re going to run from tall grass really quickly, so we don’t get mauled to death!’
        ‘Well, whatever floats your boat I suppose...’
        ‘Okay! One...’ Fair pulled back, and went into sprint position, ‘two...’
        ‘HOLD IT!’ A loud voice shouted out, and temporarily broke time itself.
        Once time had recovered, Shame saw an old guy stand behind them.
        ‘Hey Shame, isn’t that Professor Rowan?’ Fair asked her.
        ‘Indeed it is mere mortal.’
        He looked at both of them, and READ THEIR PUNY MINDS *Duuun duuun duuuuuuun! *
        ‘Well it’s obvious you want Pokémon, isn’t that right?
        They both nodded.
        World domination here I come! Shame thought in evil delight.
        ‘Tell me, do you both love Pokémon?’
        ‘That could be interpreted soooooo wrongly’, Shame pointed out.
        Rowan blushed a little, ‘Oh my, I never thought of it like that at all. At least one of you has brains... Not sure about maturity, but brains at least... Man servant!’
        He looked over his shoulder at a scrawny nobody who had appeared out of nowhere.
        ‘Yes..?’ the scrawny nobody asked.
        ‘Give these mortals Pokémon.’
        He handed both Shame and Fair a pokeball. Shame could make out a monkey like creature in it.
        ‘Well, now that I have entrusted to random strangers with incredibly rare beasts, I must depart!’
        Rowan and his man servant walked off into the distance, heading in the direction of Sandgem town.
        ‘That. Was. AWESOME!!’ Fair fan-boyed, ‘There’s only one thing to do now, right? Shame, I challenge you to a battle!’
        Shame sent out her Pokémon. It was a chimchar, a fire typed monkey that was known as a fast and strong Pokémon. Fair sent out a piplup, which was known as a Pokémon which was good against chimchars. Damn man servant.
        ‘Chimchar, scratch its eyes out!’
        ‘That’s not an attack!’
        ‘I don’t care!’
        Chimchar ran towards piplup, scratched at its face with its visible lack of claws making piplup squeal and stand back, before quickly *****-slapping the chimchar like the loser it was. The two Pokémon then engaged in mortal combat, pounding and scratching each other like no tomorrow. Eventually the piplup fell down, and Fair returned it to its pokeball.
        ‘Wow, good match Shame! We better go to Sandgem town to thank the professor!’
        The duo walked off to Sandgem town, luckily not running into any Pokémon. The lab was fairly noticeable, they entered it and saw Rowan standing at its back. Fair quickly rushed int, gabbled some rabid words and instantly left.
        ‘Ummm... What?’ Shame stated flatly.
        ‘Now there, Shame, wasn’t it? Do you want to name your chimchar?
        ‘Yes please, it’s stupid calling it chimchar! That’s like going around the place calling everyone Human, or People or Person or something like that.’
        ‘Yeeeeeesss... The name please, the name!’
        ‘Alright... I shall call you Wonder! So Rowan, how can I repay you for giving me a personal hit man?’
        ‘Oh, think nothing of it. You just have to do me some HUGE favours of course. First, I would like you to go on a dangerous journey and complete this.’
        Rowan handed her something that looked like a red mobile phone.
        ‘That is a pokedex. It records data on any Pokémon you battle. I also want you to enter the Pokémon league. Another mortal I asked to use a pokedex entered it, and I also got famous as a result! If two of my disciples- students! I mean students! Enter, imagine how much more famous I could get!’
        ‘But your voice can break time, wouldn’t you get more famous from that?’
        ‘Anyway, fill up the pokedex and challenge the league. I must warn you though; a few things have changed in recent years. Instead of just fainting the opponents Pokémon, you must slay them, or risk your Pokémon being slain. The box system has broken, so you can only keep the first six Pokémon you catch. Healing items have also been banned because of their side effects, and new laws state that you can only catch the first Pokémon you see in any area, and no more.’
        ‘Umm... Yay...’
        ‘Don’t worry though!’ Rowan sounded chirpier, ‘I’ll give you this, it’s a translator. As long as you have this, you will be able to understand any Pokémon in your possession. Good luck, and welcome to the crapsack world of Pokémon battling!’


        Shame left the lab, back tracking to route 201 so she could train up Wonder, preparing him for world domination. She was going to play it safe at first though, follow the rules, defeat the league, get fanboys, sic fanboy’s on the world, destroying all of humanity. It was an absolutely flawless idea.
        Shame saw a flurry of feathers as a starly crashed into her. She quickly sent out Wonder, one scratch and a pokeball later the starly joined the rank of her minions.
        ‘So let’s see what you do... I’ll tell you what you can do, sh*t all, that’s what.’
        “Oh well, with time and patience, even a bidoof has a chance of defeating something! Actually, it doesn’t, please ignore the metaphor.”
        ‘Eh?’ Shame exclaimed. The voice had come from the starly, and she remembered that translator thing Rowan gave her.
        ‘Ummm... Why doesn’t he just sell this to get fame and money? What a weirdo. Anyway, starly, from now on you shall be known as...’ Okay, first word that comes to my mind... Oh dear. ‘Soundtrack! Your name is Soundtrack! Now kneel before my very-not-amused-ness!’
        “Okay!” Soundtrack went on her knees... I think. I don’t even know if those stubby things have knee’s... Yay for totally lame epic narrator! Now back to the story.
        Shame sent out Wonder, ‘So what is your personality? If it’s not as obedient as Soundtracks, expect pain. If you think of Naruto as I said that, you are a geek!’
        “How would I even know what Naruto is?” Wonder replied, “I have no problem following your commands either.”
        ‘Even if those commands were to kill?’
        “Yep”, Wonder nodded, “all in a good days work.”
        “Sounds fine to me”, Soundtrack nodded.
        ‘Good. Now let’s go murder some bidoof.


        ‘There, it’s a bidoof, kill it!’
        Wonder leapt into the battle, spitting out a ball of flames which instantly incinerated the annoying com mon. Suddenly, he started to glow in a white light.
        ‘So, this is evolution?’
        Standing were Wonder once stood was a monferno, with the blazing tail the random blue eye thingy’s and all.
        ‘Heck yes’, Shame grinned evilly.
        “Wow, I’m gonna be able win against almost anything like this!” Wonder smiled.
        “Good job”, Soundtrack congratulated him, “I’m next!”
        And so she was, a few more dead bidoofs later and the white light came again, leaving Soundtrack a fully evolved Staravia. Now with two over levelled and evolved Pokémon, Shame started heading towards Jubilife, ready gain power and kick some serious ass.


        Jubilife city. The city that can only be explained in two words. Thirty-three buildings.
        ‘Alright team, welcome to the grandest place in all of Sinnoh, and its dismal smallness’, Shame told her team.
        “Wow... That’s cool’, Soundtrack replied
        ‘Uh, no, it’s not cool.’
        “Why don’t half these buildings have doors?” Wonder inquired.
        ‘Hey, Shame!’ a voice called out from the city.
        ‘What? It’s Rowan’s man servant!’ The [email protected]@rd, he gave Fair a better Pokémon... Why the heck are my thoughts censored?
        The man servant walked toward her, and all the team felt like treating him like a bidoof. Aka, murder...
        ‘Have you been to the trainer’s school yet? I heard-’
        Shame quickly ran away, crashing into some random rich guy.
        ‘Oh hello there, new trainer’, he spoke.
        ‘I have two demi-evolved Pokémon with me. I have enough man power to rob a bank. What on earth makes you think I’m a new trainer?’
        ‘Ooooh, isn’t it obvious, you don’t have a watch!’
        ‘There are some serious flaws with that explanation.’
        ‘Here you go, have this!’ the random stranger clipped a watch-like item around Shame’s wrist.
        ‘What the heck? Who go’s clipping things on random kids hands?!’
        ‘It is a Poketch! It is like one of those generic iTouch rip-offs, except it’s a watch!’
        ‘Why are you giving it to a random ten, or eleven, or whatever age I am year old!’
        ‘Because you are a lovely person!’
        ‘Um... Goodbye.’
        Shame sprinted down an alleyway, crashing into a man wearing a very conspicuous brown coat.’
        ‘How did you guess I was a member of the international police?’
        ‘... What? I haven’t even said anything!’
        ‘Ah yes, modest I see. But I can tell, you have an observing eye, no?’ the probably slightly unhinged man replied.
        ‘I really hope you hit your head on something very hard when you were a child. It’s the only plausible explanation for this.’
        ‘Coincidentally, have you heard of the saying don’t be a thief?’
        ‘Yeah, but I completely ignore it.’
        ‘Ah... That is good. You know stealing is bad. But there are bad people in this region of Sinnoh now, very bad people, who go by the name of Team Galactic. That is why I became sent here, to hunt down these criminals!’
        ‘Doesn’t anyone hear a thing what I say?’
        ‘Please, call me Looker’, the man told her, ‘If you see me again, tell me of any strange things your observant eyes have seen. Unless I’m on duty, actually, no, even if I am on duty! Tell me you must, now, farewell!’
        Looker suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke.
        ‘There are only three explanations for this. One, I’ve hit my head on something, two, my drink, which I haven’t even had, was spiked, three, I’ve gone completely insane.’
        ‘Ah, no’ Looker suddenly appeared behind her, ‘I’m just part ninja.’
        He vanished again in a puff of smoke. Shame decided to leave the city. It was way too creepy. Very way too creepy. She walked off in the direction of Oreburgh city, the place of the first gym badge. One her way out, she spotted Fair.
        ‘Hey, Shame! Let’s have a friendly match! First one to injure each other’s Pokémon wins!’ he sent out a starly and a piplup.
        Shame sent out her team in response, ‘Wonder, mach punch. Soundtrack, quick attack.’
        Her Pokémon quickly moved in two flashes of light, quickly flooring Fair’s duo.
        ‘Aww nuts! I lost! I’ll tell you now, that won’t happen again!’ Fair ran off leaving a Shame feeling evily smug.
        ‘Oi, Fair!’ she called after him, ‘you. Just. Got. Owned.’


        Shame strolled along the quite route. A few trainers had jumped at her, but Wonder and Soundtrack quickly took care of them. She had looked at a map in a Pokémon centre, and knew Oreburgh city, the first step in her world domination was just ahead.
        She went into a cave, saw the exit and walked towards it, when a random guy with a backpack waltzed up to her.
        ‘Hey there, traveller!’
        ‘Here, do you want this?’ He held out something to her which resembled a CD.
        ‘Yeah, why not’, Shame was beginning to believe giving little girls presents was normal in this place, and free stuff can always be sold for a profit.
        ‘It’s a HM containing the move rock smash.’
        ‘Yaaay...’ Shame attempted to sound pleased (and failed). Rock smash. Best. Move. Ever... Not.
        “What’s it do?” Soundtrack asked curiously.
        ‘It’s a magical disk containing the essence of fail.’
        “Okay!” Soundtrack actually sound satisfied with that answer.
        The team proceeded through the cave, quickly entering Oreburgh city.
        ‘Team, it’s time to kill some gym leader.’


        Shame entered the gym. It looked like a normal building from the outside, but on the inside it had platforms and ladders everywhere. Well in three places anyway.
        ‘Hey, challenger!’ an annoying kid walked up to her, sending out a geodude, ‘before you battle Roark, you have to get through me!’
        ‘Wonder, mach punch’, the monferno struck out, quickly shattering the rock Pokémon.
        ‘R-Roark!’ the boy called out timidly, ‘you have a challenger.’
        A kinda wussy looking man wearing a helmet thing walked down from one of the rock covered platforms.
        ‘So, this is your first challenge I assume’, he stated, ‘now, this may be one of your first battles, but I’m not going to go easy on-’
        ‘Yes, I get the point, you think you’re awesome. Now can you let me kill your Pokémon?’
        ‘F-fine then’, he looked a little shocked at Shame’s lack of manners, patience, or any good qualities at all, ‘geodude, come out.’
        ‘Wonder, kill!’
        Before the geodude could even move, Wonder shot out his fist like a bullet, cracking large chuck of it off. It hadn’t died however, and threw one of the rocks of the gym floor at the flaming monkey. It hit Wonder in the chest knocking him back a bit, but he recovered instantly, finishing his opponent off with one more mach punch.
        ‘Onix, you’re next!’ Roark didn’t even flinch at his Pokémon death. Shame guessed he was used to it.
        The large rock snake came out, and fell to the same move that killed his companion geodude.
        ‘Don’t think you’ve won this yet’, Roark warned as he sent out his final Pokémon, ‘Craniados, you can do it!’
        Shame smirked, seeing right though Roark’s false confidence, ‘Wonder, same as before!’
        The dinosaur didn’t stand a chance, Wonders speedy punch slaying it in one shot. It fell to the floor, and Shame knew she had earned her first badge.
        ‘Here, take this...’ Roark sounded empty as he handed her a badge, ‘having this will allow your Pokémon to use rock smash out of battle’, he handed her something else, a disk like the HM, ‘this TM contains stealth rock, you can only use TM’s once, so use it wisely.’
        Shame smiled. Step one in my journey to fame and world domination, complete!


        Shame ran back to Jubilife, feeling even more smug than usual.
        ‘Next gym’s the one in Eterna city. Filled with grass types, aka cannon fodder.’
        She was just about to exit Jubilife, when she saw two men with blue bowl cuts-
        ‘Blue bowl cuts?! Heeeeeeell that’s freaking hilarious! There also wearing shoddy silver outfits! Haha!’
        Then Shame saw that they were cornering Professor Rowan and his man servant.
        ‘Oh hell. Very very hell.’
        She ran off to them, not wanting Rowan to break time again. It must be really bad for the universe. He saw her coming, and started to speak.
        ‘Oh, good morning there, my fame-making mortal. I see you’ve already earned your first gym badge. You’re an even crueller person than I thought. Good, now how’s that pokedex coming along...?’
        How the hell does he know I got a gym badge? Some part of me really doesn’t want to know.
        Before Rowan could check it though, one of the men interrupted.
        ‘Hey, stop talking to that bloody kid and give us those research papers, or your assistant will go through a world of pain!’
        ‘Thank god for that!’ Rowan and Shame both replied.
        The other blue-bowl-cut man scowled.
        ‘Do you know who you’re dealing with?! We’re Team Galactic, and we’re doing this for the good of mankind! Now give us those papers!’
        Rowan glared at the man, and time began to sh*t bricks, ‘now then Shame, show these people what my intuition is made of.’
        ‘I’ll help too!’ the man servant offered. Everyone laughed at that point.
        ‘Come out, Soundtrack’, Shame ordered.
        ‘You want a battle do you, kid? We’ll make you regret ever coming here!’
        ‘And I’ll make you regret having the exact same personalities. Soundtrack, wing attack!’
        “You got it!”
        The bird launched herself towards the Galactic grunts skunky, quickly slaying it with a powerful flap of her wing. The other grunts glameow was next, it screeched and lunged at the bird, but Soundtrack dodged agilely and swiped her wing at it, finishing it off.
        ‘Whaaaat?!’ one of the Galactic members squawked, ‘how did we lose to a kid?!’
        ‘Good job, Shame’, Rowan complimented, ‘Now I can finish them off.’
        Shame noticed he was smiling, and most of his teeth looked eerily like fangs.
        ‘Well... See ya!’ Shame bolted right out of Jubilife, heading north towards Floaroma city, the next stop on her gym-bashing journey.


        “Hey, Wonder! Can you smell that?” Soundtrack was talking to her companion, “its flowers!”
        “Do they help you gain power?” The over-achieving monferno replied.
        “Well... Some plants do, I suppose.”
        ‘How the hell does a random bird know about drugs?’ Shame, their cynical owner joined in the conversation.
        Soundtrack did the bird equivalent of smiling, “I have my resources.”
        Wonder was beginning to look a little confused, “What are you two talking about?”
        ‘Love, magic, and the end of the universe.’
        Soundtrack was the first to spot Floaroma town with her superior eyesight, “Shame, there’s the city!”
        Shame had said the next city containing a gym was Eterna, so Wonder had no idea why she and Soundtrack were walking around like they were looking for something.
        “What are you two doing? There’s not much point staying here.”
        Shame sighed, “You’re right. No one’s given me free stuff yet.”
        Wonder saw Soundtrack was still fluttering around though, occasionally landing to smell a flower. Suddenly she looked up with surprised eyes.
        “Shame, there are some men like the ones who were pestering Rowan over there!”
        Should we fight them? Wonder thought, waiting for a confirmation.
        ‘Can’t see why. They’re not going to cause time to break by blocking off a little pathway. Let’s go, I sense the local’s here have a high chance of being hippies.’
        The trio left, continuing on the path to Eterna. The bridge they needed to cross quickly came to sight, and so did two more Team Galactic members.
        ‘Dammit! We’re going to have to complete a side quest to advance!’ Shame swore.
        As soon as those words left her mouth, a little girl ran up to her.
        ‘Please, please help us! These men in-’
        ‘Which direction?’
        ‘Uhh... Back there, by the windmills’, the girl pointed to a shiny white building.
        ‘Alright’, Shame sighed irritably, ‘I suppose on the path to fame and world domination you have to do things like this.’
        When they arrived at the building, a Team Galactic grunt was waiting outside.
        ‘Why hello there, little ki-’
        ‘Wonder, flame wheel!’ he rolled up into a ball of flames and hurdled towards the irritating man.
        ‘SHIIII-EET!’ the grunt screamed and quickly ran inside the building, locking the door, ‘Ha! You can’t get me now! The only other people who have a key are my cohorts in Floaroma meadow!’
        ‘Thanks’, Shame shrugged.
        ‘Wait! No! I didn’t mean that! Get back here kid, get back here!’


        It took about 20 seconds to get to the meadow, the two grunts had moved from their path blocking position, and were hassling some old man. Shame walked up to them, Soundtrack and Wonder in the waiting.
        ‘Oi, grunts!’ she called, ‘prepare for some ownage.’
        ‘Heh, you’ll never beat us!’ one of the grunt smirked.
        ‘Question of curiosity, why do you all have the same personality?’
        ‘Prepare to go down, kid!’
        Shame rolled her eyes, and thought she saw her team do the same. She didn’t blame them.
        ‘You two, kill.’
        In a flurry of fur and feathers her Pokémon returned victorious, hardly a scratch between them. The grunts just gave a panicked look at each other before bolting, one dropping a retro key. Shame picked it up, knowing it was the key to their base; cliché villains always drop things like that. They left Floaroma, ignoring the man they saved, and went straight to the building.
        ‘Soundtrack, just wing attack every grunt you see in there. Wonder, stick with me for the boss.’
        “You got it!” She replied, Wonder just nodding.
        Shame inserted the key, flicked it to the side, and the door creaked out like they do in cliché horror films. She saw the grunt she attempted flame wheeling, and just before he ran off Soundtrack socked him in the face, leaving him unconscious. A few more grunts later, and Shame stumbled on who she presumed was their leader, a ranga lady who was accompanied by a creepy old guy overlooking a man doing something on a computer.
        ‘Hey, ranga! Let me beat you so I can get my next badge already!’
        ‘You little..!’ the woman called out, ‘I don’t mind being called ginger, but rangas going too far!’
        ‘But you are a ranga Mars, we’ve been trying to tell you for years’, the creepy old guy butted in snidely.
        ‘Shut up, Charon’, Mars snarled before paying attention to Shame again, ‘I see you beat the grunts, but I’m more than a few cuts above them. So, how about we do a deal? I win, you leave, you win, we leave’, she was smiling a vicious smile; the one Shame knew all secondary villains smiled.
        ‘’K ‘then, your loss’, Shame shrugged, Wonder moving into a fighting position.
        ‘Zubat, purugly, attack!’
        The bat lunged towards Wonder, its fangs gleaming, but he dodged only to be swiped by the purugly’s vicious claws. He got back up though; the zubat’s supersonic almost hitting him, before he spun into it, cloaked in a wild flame. While the zubat was burning up the purugly made no moves, and open target to Wonder’s rock smash. He smacked it right in the stomach, crushing it in one blow.
        ‘What?!’ Mars exclaimed, ‘how did I lose?’
        ‘And you just said you were a mile above those grunts’, Charon smirked, ‘it doesn’t matter though, and we have all the energy we need to do something big.’
        Mars snarled, but said nothing.
        ‘Fine then, kid!’ she snapped at Shame, ‘next time we meet though, I’ll crush you!’
        ‘What, a cliché villain beat someone with a noticeable personality? No chance in hell’, Shame responded snidely.
        After the Galactic members bolted the little girl from before ran in. Eager to avoid a mushy scene, Shame also bolted out of the building, crashing right into Looker.
        ‘Ah, I see, Shame is it not?’
        ‘How the hell do you know my name?’
        ‘I heard that Galactic was seen, in this building behind. Has any you seen?
        ‘What?’ Looker looked surprised, ‘you battle, and win, you say? Check this out a priority!’
        ‘But I didn’t say anything!’ Shame mumbled to herself as he zoomed into the building, and just as quickly zoomed out.
        ‘That is miracle, training skill you have in abundance! I believe you can be a great, great help. The Galactic’s, a building they have in Eterna city, you might investigate. Farewell, do not steal!’
        And he disappeared again, god knows how, leaving behind a very confused Shame.
        “Hey, Shame!” Wonder called out, “we can get to the next gym now!”
        ‘Yeah... Let’s continue.’
        The trio left, new team members and adventures awai- *sorry for the inconvenience, the narrator has been shot for being WAY to annoying, hypocritical, sarcastic and somehow cliché. This chapter will continue for one more event before being finished without some over used ending.*


        Shame walked into the long grass cautiously. She knew her team was top-notch, but she needed more members in case a bizarre accident happened, such as a NPC finding a cheat book and using it to their advantage.
        ‘Alright Soundtrack, we need to keep the first Pokémon we see alive-’
        They saw a flicker of pink at the corner of their eyes before Soundtrack rocketed towards it, smashing almost right through a Pokémon.
        ‘Dammit, Soundtrack, I told you we wanted it alive!’
        “Sorry Shame! We might have better luck next route.”
        “Hey, I think it’s still alive!” Wonder called out.
        Shame walked over to the decimated pink blob. She saw it twitch a bit and it was good enough confirmation for her. One pokeball later and the half-dead pile was hers.
        ‘Let’s heal it, brainwash it, and teach it everything it needs to know about bank-robbing.’


        A shellos’ eyes flickered open, letting in bright, unnatural light. She heard muffled voices in the background, slowly they begun to make sense.
        ‘I hope to see you again!’
        ‘Yeeaah... Sure...’
        The owner of the second voice picked her up, and they started to leave the place, heading into a field filled with flowers and the occasional human building. Her vision had gone back to normal now, and the person carrying her placed her on the ground. They had black hair, a cool scarf, and was wearing a coat... thing.
        ‘So. You’re a shellos. Not very fast, but good defences. That could be useful on our journey. I am Shame, the future ruler of the world. But currently, I am building up fame by attempting to win the Pokémon league. You are now a member of my egotistic dream, and you shall be known as.... Bad.’
        “Okay...” Bad responded quietly.
        “Hey, cheer up!” a staravia spoke to her, “I’m Soundtrack. And the monferno’s Wonder.’
        “I am happy...”
        “I think she’s just kinda wet”, Wonder replied.
        Shame rolled her eyes, ‘of course she is, she’s a water type for crying out loud. Anyway, we’re going to go back, grind her up, and go straight to Eterna city. Anyone blocking my way now shall be kicked. In the privates. Hard.’


        The path to Eterna city was filled with death, horror, and pure evil. All caused by our hero, everybody. After trekking through a forest with some who had... Green hair... Seriously, how do you have green hair? Actually, that’s really obvious, dyeing it of course but who would dye their hair green? Unless there a cosplayer...
        “Hey, there’s the gym!” Soundtrack called out, “are we going to battle it yet?”
        “I-isn’t it grass type..?” Bad asked, and was promptly ignored.
        ‘No, we’re not. I realised something about this journey along time ago’, Shame was smirking.
        “Free stuff which would normally cost a ton, is that right?” Soundtrack guessed right away.
        ‘Yep. Hey, random!’ Shame called out to person walking by.
        ‘The name’s Gardenia, leader of the Eterna gym! I heard from a boy that a strong challenger-’
        ‘Yes, lovely. I really really care. Now where is the free junk in this city?’
        ‘Oh, go to that building over there. He’ll give you equipment for finding buried treasure.’
        ‘Alright team, free stuff which is generally useless!’


        Some free stuff that was generally useless later...
        “It’s time to battle the gym, right?” Wonder asked impatiently. Bad and Shame were digging underground searching for stuff they didn’t need. Ever. Hopefully.
        “Of course it is. We’re all strong enough” Soundtrack replied, “don’t you think it’s a little boring though, just going around murdering things?”
        “Uh...” Wonder thought hard, “nope.”
        Soundtrack did her birdy smile, “oh well, relax, I can hear them coming up. Next time they do this though; do you wanna snoop around the city? I heard there’s a cool statue somewhere in here.”
        “You’re asking me if I want to see a statue?”
        “No, I’m asking you if you want to vandalise a statue.”
        “Oh right! Yeah, why not. Next time those two run off. I doubt Bad would want anything to do with it.”


        ‘Eterna gym, aka we’re so gonna one-shot everything in here!’
        The small band walked into the building. It had a bunch of flowers, fountain’s and other planty-stuff. In the middle of it, a strange clock which resembled a rose stood. Gardenia stood at the back, not doing anything.
        ‘Hello Shame!’ a man was standing by the entrance, ‘to complete this gym-’
        Shame walked toward the flower clock, walking up the hand. One she got to the centre she saw the other hand went right, so she ignored it, hopped off the clock and when straight to Gardenia.
        ‘You know you’re not supposed to do that’, the gym leader commented.
        ‘I really don’t care. Now let me kill your Pokémon with the power of fire.’
        ‘Alright then, go, turtwig! Use your-’
        Wonder beckoned to the green turtle, saying something even Shame wouldn’t.
        ‘Now flame wheel.’
        One turtwig later Gardenia sent out cherrim, and one cherrim later she sent out roserade. All of them were decimated by a combination of taunt and flame wheel.
        ‘Well it looks like you’ve won! Here, take this’, Gardenia handed Shame a badge, ‘and also, as an added bonus...’
        ‘Just give me the bloody tm.’
        ‘Here it is!’
        One tm later, Shame was off again to the next gym, or was she..?


        Shame left Eterna gym, with one more symbol of ass-kicking in her pocket. Her invisible pocket. Which people could always see into for no apparent reason.
        “So where are we going next?” Wonder asked.
        ‘Nowhere’, Shame replied, ‘a plot significant character is coming up.’
        Soundtrack nodded in agreement, leaving Bad and Wonder confused. They then noticed a woman in a black coat walking up to them irritatingly slowly.
        “H-how can you tell she’s plot important?” Bad asked.
        ‘Soundtrack, explain reason one. I’ll tell them about reason two.’
        “Alright”, the staravia answered, “she’s plot important because she has a [email protected] long coat and doesn’t look exactly the same as everyone else.”
        ‘And reason number two’, Shame continued, ‘we can’t walk away and some ethereal force is making us look in the direction she’s coming.’
        Finally the woman arrived.
        ‘Oh hello there! Is that a pokedex I see? Well, Professor Rowan always did say he liked working with children...’
        ‘Oh dear god no.’
        ‘Eh? Oh well, I better introduce myself. I’m Cynthia, an old friend of the Professors.’
        ‘I don’t really think he’d have... Friends... I’m getting some really disturbing mental images here woman.’
        ‘Oh, what cute Pokémon! You must treat your Pokémon with love-’
        ‘Yaaargh! Love-advocate! Team, prepare to run! But first are you going to give me anything?’
        ‘Oh sure, here’s the HM cut. Oh yeah, just some advice, you won’t be able to advance until you realise your destiny as the main character. I hope to see you again!’ she walked off cheerily.
        Shame looked horrified, ‘M-main character? FFFUUUUUUU-’
        “Uh... Shame... What’s so bad about being a main character?”
        Soundtrack smirked, “Isn’t it obvious? You have to help people, you have to be nice, you have to fight the forces of evil, and you’re immortal until the end of the story, where you most likely die in some soppy way to save the world. And if you’re a video game main character, it gets worse! You have to suffer from constant broken bridges, and the programming stops you from going on homicidal rampages! Unless we’re in a FPS. Except we’re not.”
        “Wow, Soundtrack, you just spoke a wall of text!” Wonder gasped in amazement.
        “Shame... I think that means we’re in a story...”
        ‘Or a video game... A video game! World domination is almost always unobtainable in video games! We can’t be in a video game, we can’t. Stories are more flexible though. Unless you cheat’, Shame mused.
        “So, you’ve recovered”, Wonder noted.
        ‘Okay, to advance in this cruel world, we must complete incredibly irrelevant side quest! But first lets get a free bike.’


        ‘The bike shop owner went to stop Team Galactic!’
        ‘Aww nuts.’


        Shame looked up at the wannabee foreboding building. It had some weird satellite dish thing’s sticking out the side, and random bit’s painted in a garish yellow.
        ‘I think the bad design is making my eyes bleed. Let’s go I suppose.’
        They entered the building. It was swarming with Galactic grunts, all with their identical blue bowl cuts. The situation would be serious if it wasn’t so darn funny. Well, it wouldn’t, because reality says people with blue bowl cuts should never achieve anything. And reality was correct. After some flame-wheeling from Wonder, the building was all hers.
        “So, where’s the boss?” Wonder asked eagerly.
        ‘At the top obviously, along with the bike shop owner and my free gift. Anyway, don’t look so happy, it’s Soundtrack’s turn anyway.’
        “What about Bad?”
        ‘........’ Shame paused to think, ‘Oh well, not a biggy. She won’t complain anyway.’
        Bad sunk into the background, and several loots later they were at the top. The room was lit differently, and the background music was more creepy. A woman with a ridiculous haircut was standing there all boss-like, while a man crouched before her. When they got closer Shame realised that he had been injured, so he was definitely going to give her free loot. He must be the bike shop owner.
        ‘So, you’ve come to free the Pokémon?’ the woman spoke.
        ‘No, I’m here to get my free loot betch.’
        ‘Oh... Then battle we must! Zubat, kill that bird!’
        “Wow, not subtle or anything”, Soundtrack easily dodged its attack, before ripping at apart with aerial ace.
        The next Pokémon the woman sent out was a massive purple skunk thing. Shame flipped out her pokedex and quickly examined the data.
        ‘Skuntank... Soundtrack, this one may be a little problem, a couple of attacks should finish him off.’
        Before Soundtrack could move however, the skuntank lashed out at her with darkness covered claws, sending her flying though the air.
        ‘It’s using night slash! Soundtrack, it has a high critical hit ratio, be careful to dodge!’
        It launched itself at her, but she dodged to the side and struck two powerful blows, almost finishing it off. It started to prowl around, a plan forming in its head.


        The snarling monster circled Soundtrack carefully. It was badly injured, only one small strike away from death. She fluttered back, preparing to launch a final aerial ace. No one really knew exactly what happened next. The skuntank lunged forwards, bloodlust in it eyes. Black claws pierced the bird, and the world suddenly turned dark as she plummeted from the sky.
        ‘S-Soundtrack?’ Shame stood there, a feeling of blank horror flooding through her. The staravia did not move.
        Jupiter looked down at her opponent. The girl stood there, her head was bowed, and messy black hair hung in front of her eyes, obscuring them from view. Jupiter smirked, believing her opponent was about to break down like the kid she was.
        ‘W-wonder.... KILL.’
        The monferno suddenly burst into battle, screeching a wild cry, “DAMN YOU STUPID SKUNTANK!!! DAMN YOU!!!”
        He crashed into the purple beast, smashing it on its side. A red mist of pure rage shone through his eyes and he scratched at the beast, hacking it up into bits. By the time his mind started to clear, the Galactic members were gone, and Shame and Bad were crouched down by a broken figure. Soundtrack. Wonder quickly rushed over to his almost life-long friend’s side.
        “Soundtrack?” he asked the broken body of the bird.
        “H-hey...” she replied weekly, “It looks like I’m in a little bit of trouble.”
        “Are you going to be okay?” Bad asked, tears welling up in the shellos’ eyes, “will she, Shame?”
        “You can’t go...” Wonder stated flatly, “you just... Can’t.”
        ‘Soundtrack, I’m so sorry’, even the normal tough and bitter Shame sounded eerily down beat, ‘I’m sorry.’
        “Don’t be...” the bird responded, her eyes going dim, “just don’t... Forget me... That’s all I ask... Goodbye, everybody. Go on, keep smiling, and win.”
        With those final words the staravia’s eyes flicked shut, never to open again. Tears were streaming down from Bad’s face, her wailing echoing throughout the building. A sob escaped from Wonder’s throat, and Shame’s face was almost completely blank, a dull look in her eyes.
        ‘So... She must have been one of your first Pokémon...’ the bike owner walked over to Shame, ‘we can bury her by the Pokémon statue; it’s a lovely spot there. The first time always feels the worst, but you need to be strong. You still have your team relying on you. I’m sure she would want you to go on, not remembering the bad times, but always treasuring the good.’
        ‘Your right...’ Shame sniffed, but quickly sharpened up, under a thin layer of tears her eyes were determined, ‘Wonder, Bad, it’s just us three now. More trials will come to pass, but we can go on. We will go on. Sinnoh will be all ours, then the world itself! This is the dream Soundtrack sacrificed her life for, and this is the dream we will succeed!’
        “Y-yes!” Bad replied, tears were still sprawling down her face, but determination shone through, “we’ll always march on, no matter what happens to us! Soundtrack gave everything to your dream, and now we shall follow suit!”
        “You’re right, both of you!” Wonder began to make his speech, “we’ll always go on! And Soundtrack... Goodbye.”

        On the plus side I'm almost up-to-date plot wise, but there's been some new additions to my team. On the downside schools started again, so I wont be posting very frequently.
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          Killed Blaine's pokemon..

          Blue is next..

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          Lv 70 Hothead by vermillion..

          Lv 80 by Pallet

          Got EXPN card and killed snorlax in OH

          Killed Blaine's pokemon..

          Blue is next..

          Red.. your going down!
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            New thread :DD and I'm still the Hack Champion :3

            Once I get access to my desktop with White Version and my Pokegen, I'll do my Shuckle Solo. Is it ok to hack in my moveset for Shuckle and make it Toxic, Power Trick, Encore, Earthquake? The people down at the Nuzlocke Forums said it was ok but since your the thread owner I want to know your opinion. If I can't then I won't join, bcecause Shuckle without Toxic is suicide.
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              I have a question. The pokewalker in Nuzlockes... what are you allowed to do with it??
              I am a dedicated Nuzlocker now, and I intend to maybe put one here. I love Quagsires
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                Personally, I'd do 1 Pokemon per Area on the PokeWalker but Karpman is the one who should decide.
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                Originally Posted by Stormer View Post
                I have a question. The pokewalker in Nuzlockes... what are you allowed to do with it??
                I know that a lot of nuzlockers leave it out of question, but if you want a pokewalker-exclusive Pokemon like Elekid or Murkrow, while still in Johto, I guess 1 Pokemon per area would be OK. Personally have neither the time nor the patience to use it, but if you do, go for it.

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                  Update 9

                  Update 8 was back at the end of November... yeesh. I've done quite a lot since, so this could take a while. I'll do it as succinctly as possible.

                  When I last updated, I'd just lost Rubble, my Golem, and Eyrie, my Staraptor, both during Mt. Coronet. I'd killed Palkia though, and I was left with the following team:

                  Clipper, Lv.45
                  Java, Lv.40
                  Kazza, Lv.47
                  Red Rum, Lv.42
                  Venus, Lv.49
                  Sponge, Lv.21

                  I decided to start grinding Sponge, because I love Water/Ground as a type. I put Apollo, my Bronzor (Lv.14), and Blade, my Sneasel (Lv.35ish), in the Daycare and proceeded to Route 215 to grind Sponge. She'd gained 5 levels when she was OHKOd by a wild Kricketune's Bide. RIP Sponge, Lv.21-26.

                  I then couldn't decide whether or not to go with Ursula, my Wooper in the PC - I love Water/Ground but I don't particularly like Quagsire. I decided not to, and went fishing instead. I'd never raised a Gyarados, but I knew they were strong, so I caught Tempest, Lv.15 (female, Brave) the Magikarp in Sunyshore and started to grind her with the Exp. Share.

                  While grinding on Route 222, a wild Floatzel OHKOd Red Rum with a critted Aqua Jet. At this point I was losing my sense of humour. I was losing new teammates as quickly as I was gaining them. Clipper avenged my loss, but RIP Red Rum - Lv.19-44.

                  At this point, for the sake of my own sanity I decided to try to do SOMETHING successful and took on Volkner, which proved to be a walkover for Venus. She OHKOd the first three with Brick Break, then finished Octillery with a critted Drain Punch to end the match with full HP.

                  I accidentally killed my first Route 223 Pokemon, a Pelipper. Another Pelipper Stockpiled x3 against Tempest (who was upwards of Lv.40 by now), so Tempest couldn't finish it off. Then Spit Up reduced Tempest to just 8HP... But my Gyarados finished the bird off and we moved on. I then killed a Lv.16 Remoraid (fished using Good Rod) at the Pokemon League, so no catch there either.

                  I headed inside Victory Road and caught Olga, the Lv.45 female Machoke (Docile). Despite the fact that female Machoke are deeply disturbing, I decided No Guard + Stone Edge TM further into Victory Road + Cross Chop would be handy on my team, so I trade-evolved her and got grinding her too. Meanwhile, one of the first trainers in Victory Road managed to kill Tempest with their Golduck's critted Zen Headbutt, meaning that again I was down to just 4 Pokemon of high enough level (Clipper, Kazza, Venus and Olga). This was made even worse when a wild Graveler critted Explosion against Olga, and she went down too. RIP Tempest, Lv.15-45, and Olga, Lv.45-45.

                  This was getting slightly ridiculous. I hadn't lost any Pokemon between the Veilstone Gym and the last bit of Mt. Coronet (3 Gyms and the whole Galactic storyline), but between Mt. Coronet and the beginning of Victory Road (1 Gym and a couple of Routes) I'd lost Eyrie, Rubble, Sponge, Red Rum, Tempest and now Olga. That's a Staraptor, a Golem, Shellos, Rapidash, Gyarados and Machamp. Basically I'd lost an entire, awesome team.

                  So. I was down to my last three good Pokemon. I would need to find at least two more good teammates, and spend ages levelling them up. I tried to think of places I hadn't caught Pokemon, and went to Pastoria City to fish for another Magikarp. I caught Pluto, the Gentle Magikarp (male), Lv.7, and started levelling him. It was a shame his nature wasn't quite as good as Tempest's Brave, but I often find Def-/Sp.Def-boosting natures useful on Nuzlocke runs so I was happy enough.

                  I made it to the end of Victory Road with my three survivors + Pluto, Succubus my Zubat Flyer, and Arnold, my Bibarel HM Slave, and went inside the Pokemon League (I couldn't catch any Pokemon here anyway because I'd caught one at the Pokemon League before Victory Road). Typically enough, Diamond came to challenge me.

                  Kazza took down his Staraptor, Clipper took out his Heracross, Venus took down Torterra, Clipper OHKOd Rapidash (even with Sunny Day in effect). Then came his Floatzel. I wasn't sure Clipper would beat him - he'd struggled against some wild Floatzel before this - but Venus was on less than half health. I switched in Arnold, expecting to sacrifice him to heal Venus and buy a free switch. Floatzel, all lv.47 of him, used Ice Fang on Arnold, and Arnold... SURVIVED! With 8HP, despite being only Lv.18. What a hero. I have a top-percentage Bibarel, it seems. Anyway, I switched Venus back in and she did the rest, killing Floatzel and then Snorlax with an enormous Drain Punch.

                  I'd made it to the Elite Four, but I was nowhere near ready to take them on yet. I still only had 3-and-a-half teammates, but I had an idea where to get the last two... Daycare.

                  I retrieved Blade from Daycare and evolved him with the Razor Claw I'd found in Victory Road. By this point he was Lv.39 so he needed Heart Scales to remember Nasty Plot and Night Slash. It didn't take too long to dig them up, and I finished off his moveset (for now) with Dark Pulse via TM. I then headed down Route 219 (no wild Pokemon) and Route 220 (Tentacruel, Lv.35, Hasty, female, named Jewel in tribute to my Sapphire-surviving Tentacruel named Gem). Route 221 presented a Tentacool which I killed. I taught the X-Scissor TM I found on Route 221 to Blade, and the Ice Beam TM I found on Route 216 went to Clipper.

                  Eventually after training Blade up a few levels (he's a dream to train, he levels up really fast, especially compared to Pluto) I got Apollo back from Daycare at Lv.30 and started grinding him too. He evolved at Lv.33 and I taught him the Psychic TM I found by Rock Climbing on Route 211. I only have one more available place to catch a Pokemon (plus Honey Trees) - fishing at Canalave City.

                  So that's where I am now - grinding my final (barring any late casualties) team for the E4.

                  (NB. All new team members were infected with Pokerus asap)

                  The team:


                  Clipper the Brave male Empoleon, Lv.56 - Surf, Aqua Jet, Drill Peck, Ice Beam
                  Venus the Jolly female Medicham, Lv.58 - Brick Break, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
                  Pluto the Gentle male Gyarados, Lv.51 - Waterfall, Earthquake, Avalanche, Dragon Dance
                  Apollo the Docile Bronzong, Lv.34 - Confuse Ray, Psychic, Iron Defense (to be replaced by Gyro Ball), Safeguard
                  Blade the Brave male Weavile, Lv.52 - Night Slash, X-Scissor, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse
                  Kazza the Quiet male Alakazam, Lv.57 - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Reflect, Light Screen

                  In PC:

                  Turbine, Lv.14
                  Belle, Lv.13
                  Arnold, Lv.18
                  Java, Lv.40
                  Bullet, Lv.29
                  Fatima, Lv.1
                  Ursula, Lv.20
                  Jewel, Lv.35
                  Grace, Lv.28

                  In memoriam:

                  Wendy, Lv.3-??
                  Amp, Lv.4-12
                  Flora, Lv.13-17
                  Silver, Lv.13-27
                  Eyrie, Lv.4-40
                  Rubble, Lv.5-44
                  Sponge, Lv.21-26
                  Red Rum, Lv.19-44
                  Tempest, Lv.15-45
                  Olga, Lv.45-45
                  Sapphire - Pearl - Fire Red - Soul Silver - Black
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                    Second Update on Fire Red Nuzlocke.

                    • Went down to Rt.5 and caught Meowth
                    • Meowth died while training =[
                    • Went down to Route 6 and caught Oddish named Olivia
                    • Trained Olivia forever until she evolved.
                    • Defeated Misty easily
                    • Went to Vermillion. Caught an Ekans on Route 11 and Diglett in Diglett's Cave.
                    • Geodude and Diglett evolved.
                    • Defeated Surge easily.
                    • Went to Route 9, caught Spearow
                    • Raised Spearow; caught a Voltorb on Route 10
                    • Spearow evolved in Rock Tunnel before learnign Aerial Ace due to my being distracted
                    • Currently headed to Celadon City
                    Current Team:
                    Squiggles the Wartorle Lv.29
                    Geodude the Graveler Lv.28
                    Olivia the Gloom Lv.28
                    Rayanna the Raticate Lv.27
                    Wanda the Beedrill Lv.26
                    Stephanie the Fearow Lv.25

                    Mally the Magikarp Lv.5 (Vermillion)
                    EthanAllen the Ekans Lv.15 (Route 11)
                    Manny the Mankey Lv.16 (Rock Tunnel)
                    Raz the Rattata Lv.12 (Route 4)
                    Volts! the Voltorb lv.16 (Route 16)
                    Diggles the Dugtrio Lv.26 (Diglett's Cave)

                    Raymore the Rattata
                    Kitty the Meowth
                    Pokemon X Friend Code:
                    Fiona: 0834-2018-2824
                    Please PM me if you add me!
                    Safari Type: Poison
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                    I may not be famous.. but..
                      Join Date: Nov 2010
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                      Age: 22
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                      Nature: Impish
                      Posts: 73
                      Transferred my save file to my fone downloaded gameboid and finished my silver nuzlocke in my world history class ;D

                      Decades final Silver Update:


                      Speed button or not.. kills to come..

                      So beating Blue was kinda easy.. simply put.. his pokemon sucked and flamethrower nearly OHKOd them all..

                      Pitiful nongrinding computers ;D

                      Travelled into Silver Cave and grinded hot head to level 93.. (which was about the tim I entered my world history class)

                      Then healed and then accidentally raised to level 95 cause of random motivatioin from my peers..

                      After healing a second time (since I couldn't spend money on pokeballs or potions I bought A LOT of ethers and found many elixers)

                      I fought Red..

                      Pikachu was fast but since Hothead was levelled in the 90s and not the 80s.. he was faster

                      Flamethrower OHKO (why is it that a high level pikachu is easy to kill?)

                      Blastoise then pops out and a simple slash crit and wing attack take him out..

                      Snorlax was the biggest problem.. High sp def kept me from OHKOing him and then he rested.. Flamethrower.. Wing attack fail.. wakes up rest.. flamethrower crit.. peace!

                      Espeon is next and gets OHKOd by flamethrower

                      Then Venasuar came out.. we all know what happened..(OHKO Flamethrower)

                      Charizard came out and Hothead slashed and criticalled.. but Red's did the exact same..

                      Hothead used dragonbreath and Charizard used slash again to push me to red..

                      But I knew Hothead was faster so I went ahead with Dragonbreath again to knock him down for the count..

                      Red.. Your pokemon are dead.. Lavander should be a mournful place now..

                      Hoenn.. prepare to meet destruction
                      Current Challenge:
                      Kickin' it Old School
                      And The Unheard of Ultimate Nuzlocke Solo Combo Challenge..
                      Current places:
                      Ultimate Nuzlocke Solo Combo Challenge: need to start White
                      Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova
                      Dexter Challenge..: Done

                      The Grind-O-Holic Pyro Loving One
                      Old February 1st, 2011 (4:22 PM).
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                        So, it says just the first pokemon you find in each area on the nuzlocke site.. is that rule observed?
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                          ummm... Isn't there already a Nuzlocke thread?
                          In progress

                          Hoenn, 1 Badge
                          My Youtube Channel: Check out my Pokemon Red Walkthrough
                          Pokemon White FC: 2322 5491 2643
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                            Nope, Karpman requested to Lock it to make this. Maybe to clean the slate and make everything neater.
                            Old February 1st, 2011 (4:44 PM).
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                            Originally Posted by chaos11011 View Post
                            Nope, Karpman requested to Lock it to make this. Maybe to clean the slate and make everything neater.
                            It was mostly to clean it up, as you said, and the fact that was a pain having to switch accounts every time I needed to edit something.

                            paired to kaori & vrai
                            Old February 1st, 2011 (4:53 PM).
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                              Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
                              It was mostly to clean it up, as you said, and the fact that was a pain having to switch accounts every time I needed to edit something.
                              Oh Ok. I understand. Now I should probably get the heck outta here, since I'm not in a nuzlocke yet... ah, I'll join one when I don't have so many other challenges to do. I actually was doing one on Sapphire, but that was on my Cartridge and grinding was becoming a bit too tedious, plus I ended up with my only good pokemon being a Grovyle, so I was gonna quit anyway.
                              In progress

                              Hoenn, 1 Badge
                              My Youtube Channel: Check out my Pokemon Red Walkthrough
                              Pokemon White FC: 2322 5491 2643
                              Old February 1st, 2011 (5:35 PM). Edited February 1st, 2011 by SeventySeven.
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                                I'm going to try the Nuzlocke challenge. After reading the comments, I've been inspired. I'll try it out on FireRed using rules 1, 3 and 7.
                                Old February 1st, 2011 (6:52 PM).
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                                  Sorry again for being so inactive, lol. Digital art obsession.

                                  Anyhow, I'm going to start on that comic because I got a tablet for my birthday. So that'll be coming up.

                                  Also, expect an official update soon. I have no school tomorrow, so I'm free to play my Nuzlocked games.

                                  Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario
                                  Old February 1st, 2011 (9:57 PM).
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                                    This really sucks you in. I sat down to just play for a bit, and well, read my commentary.

                                    Update 1
                                    Nuzlocke Challenge.

                                    Me: Blue
                                    Rival: Gary

                                    Starting out with Saurian, the Bulbasuar.

                                    Suarian (M) lv 5
                                    Mild Nature - Overgrow

                                    Saurian learned Leech Seed.

                                    Caught Yamaha, the Mankey in Route 22.

                                    Yamaha (M) lv 3
                                    Naughty Nature - Vital Spirit

                                    Yamaha died while training on Route 1. Lost to a Pidgey. T_T

                                    Forced to watch old man catch pokemon.

                                    Caught Zephyr, the Pidgey in Route 2. Named in honor of my Zephyr.

                                    Zephyr (M) lv 2
                                    Adamant Nature - Keen Eye

                                    Will go back to training.

                                    Zephyr learned Sand-attack.

                                    Zephyr learned gust.

                                    Saurian learned vine whip.

                                    With both Saurian and Zephyr at level 12, I feel safe taking on Gary on Route 22.

                                    Success. Suarian leech-seeded them while Zephyr sand attacked and gusted.

                                    Caught Victor the Weedles in Viridian Forest.

                                    Victor (M) lv 5
                                    Timid Nature - Shield Dust
                                    Poison Sting
                                    String Shot

                                    After defeating a wild caterpie, Victor evolved into Kakuna and learned harden.

                                    This is starting to effect me in weird ways. I'm starting to see 'opposing pokemon died' when I faint them, and I feel my stomach clench every time I think one of my pokemon are going to die.

                                    Victor evolved in Beedrill and learned fury attack.

                                    Made it to Pewter. Taking on Brock with Saurian. Easy victory. Saurian learned sleep powder.

                                    Finally have running shoes. Onto Route 3.

                                    Caught 99 the Jigglypuff on Route 3.

                                    99 (F) lv 5
                                    Quirky Nature - Cute Charm
                                    Defense Curl

                                    Had to cure it with an antidote after I caught it. Good thing too. 1hp left.

                                    Victor learned focus energy.

                                    Bought Magic the Magikarp in the Route 4 Pokemon Center.

                                    Magic (F) lv 5
                                    Jolly Nature - Swift Swim

                                    Think I'll deposit it in the computer now as insurance. Besides, I have to raise 99.

                                    Caught Snowball the Geodude in Mt. Moon.

                                    Snowball lv 7
                                    Sassy Nature - Sturdy
                                    Defense Curl
                                    Mud Sport

                                    Suarian evolved into Ivysuar in Mt. Moon helping Snowball fight a scientist's voltorb and magnemite. Snowball learned rock throw.

                                    99 learned disable.

                                    Found moon stone, but I think I'll wait to evolve 99.

                                    Won the final battle for the fossil, but Snowball's poisoned and I used up my last antidote. Hopefully my escape rope will work... success! Oh yes, Snowball learned magnitude.

                                    Finally out of Mt. Moon. 99 learned Mega Kick from the move tutor. Should train before I take on Gary.

                                    Zephyr evolved into Pidgeotto.

                                    Zephyr learned Whirlwhind.

                                    Close one with Saurian agaisnt at Ekans on Route 4.

                                    Deposited Victor in the computer at lv 16. I feel guilty, but he wasn't gaining exp fast enough. Also, I believe he's too frail for this team at the moment. I'll make myself feel better by pretending that the computer is a wonderful place that becomes whatever it is the pokemon truly wants.

                                    Snowball tried to learn self-destruct... but that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

                                    99 learned rollout.

                                    Raised everyone to level 21. Time to take on Gary. Wish me luck... I'll lead with Snowball.

                                    Between Snowball and 99, he was taken care of.

                                    Beat Nugget Bridge.

                                    Caught Cali the Abra on Route 25.

                                    Cali (F) lv 9
                                    Calm Nature - Synchronize

                                    Onto the gym. Leading with Saurian again. And we won, easily.

                                    Beat that team rocket member. Deposited Magic at the daycare.

                                    Caught Milicent the Oddish on Route 5.

                                    Milicent (M) lv 13
                                    Relaxed Nature - Chlorophyll
                                    Sweet Scent

                                    Already have a grass pokemon, so I'll probably deposit Milicent in the computer and use him as an HM slave or backup.

                                    Caught Mickie the Meowth on Route 6.
                                    Bashful Nature - Pickup

                                    His fate is mostly the same as Milicent's, though since he has the useful pickup ability, I'll probably keep him in my party.

                                    Cali evolved into Kadabra and learned confusion!

                                    Snowball's been poisoned, but we're close to the pokecenter in Vermillion.

                                    Cali died to a Jr. trainer's Raticate on Route 6 (had a bad feeling about it too, even though her health wasn't bad). T_T 99 avenged her.

                                    Received the vs. seeker, old rod, and bike voucher.

                                    Entered the SS Anne

                                    Mickie found a nugget!

                                    Taught 99 Brick Break

                                    Took a break from the SS Anne to work on Route 11

                                    Snowball evolved into Graveler!

                                    Killed the spearow I wanted to catch on Route 11

                                    Saurian was killed thanks to confusion and further bad luck on Route 11 to a Gambler's magnemite. Sad day. Time to take out Milicent.

                                    Time to take on Gary, but I'm still really feeling the loss of Saurian. We will fight with the fires of burning vengeance. Leading with Snowball... no other pokemon was needed. Snowball wasted them all.

                                    Recieved the cut hm. Taught it to Mickie. Watched SS Anne leave.

                                    I'm feeling particularly attached towards Milicent. Almost like he's Saurian's baby.

                                    Milicent's learned Stun Spore and Poison Powder by now.

                                    Took on Surge leading with Snowball. She absolutely destroyed him. Left to go pick up the flash hm.

                                    Caught Darling the Diglett in Diglett's cave.

                                    Darling (F) lv 15
                                    Quiet Nature - Sand Veil

                                    Will deposit her in the computer later. Meanwhile, switching to Zephyr as lead so we won't get caught in any arena traps.

                                    Decided to head back to Cerulean through Mt. Moon, and picked up the Old Amber in Pewter. I can train Milicent on the way.

                                    Picked up the bike in Cerulean.

                                    Taught aerial ace to Zephyr.

                                    Got Zephyr and 99 badly poisoned while fighting a junior trainer on Route 9

                                    Milicent evolved into Gloom while fighting a Hiker on Route 9! Now don't die Milicent.

                                    Caught King the ekans on Route 9... and unfortunately lost Mickie in the process.

                                    King (M) lv 15
                                    Lax Nature - Shed Skin
                                    Poison Sting

                                    It seems that I now will have two pokemon to train up in Dark Tunnel. I will also be making the journey without Flash. I don't have the space, nor pokemon for it.

                                    *sigh* And the first pokemon I find is another geodude. I'll catch this one, if only for an hm slave. I'll name her Ginna.

                                    Ginna (F) lv 16
                                    Quiet Nature - Rock Head
                                    Defense Curl
                                    Mud Sport
                                    Rock Throw

                                    King almost dies when caught in a Wild Onix's bind.

                                    It's two dangerous to keep King in the lead. This is the second time he's been caught by an Onix.

                                    Just discovered what it is that sweet scent actually does by accident. This could be useful in the future.

                                    Milicent learned acid and forgot sweet scent. So much for that.

                                    Snowball learned rock slide from the move tutor.

                                    Milicent's finally caught up to the others. King has a long way to go though.

                                    Finally made it through Rock Tunnel. Kinda proud of myself for knowing it so well that I didn't need flash.

                                    Going to try taking on Gary even though King isn't up to snuff yet. Zephyr and Snowball were enough to take care of him, though.

                                    Moving on towards celadon. It's unfortunate that I don't have a pokemon that knows cut so that I can get to the grass.

                                    King learned glare. He's also finally starting to win his own battles.

                                    King evolved into an Arbok with some help from 99 fighting a Lass's meowth on Route 8! Now don't die.

                                    Close call for King on Route 8 fighting a Gambler.

                                    Caught Negative the Oddish on Route 7. Perhaps he'll be the backup to Milicent.

                                    Negative (M) lv 22
                                    Jolly Nature - Chlorophyll
                                    Sweet Scent
                                    Poison Powder
                                    Stun Spore
                                    Sleep Powder

                                    Got the coin case. Considered getting the Dratini, but decided I was better off with the Eevee. At least the Eevee's free if it dies. I named the Eevee Jolt (foreshadowing).

                                    Jolt (M) lv 25
                                    Lax Nature - Run Away
                                    Helping Hand
                                    Sand Attack
                                    Quick Attack

                                    Bought a leaf stone and a thunder stone and I evolved Milicent and Jolt! Don't die you two.

                                    Taught Negative cut to get the fly hm.

                                    Lost 99 in a double battle right before the bike path! T_T

                                    Taught Fly to Zephyr and Shock Wave to Jolt. Feeling really crushed about 99. I will catch that Snorlax and use him to crush the oposition.

                                    Time to take out my anger on Team Rocket.

                                    Lost King to a critical hit of a damn Raticate from Team Rocket!

                                    Meanwhile, Jolt's proving to be a pleasant surprise.

                                    Went back and caught Pidge the Pidgey on Route 8 before taking on Giovanni. Want to train Jolteon to learn Double Kick first.

                                    Jolt learned Double Kick. Onto wipe the floor with Giovanni. Milicent will be leading.

                                    Milicent took care of Giovanni's first two pokemon easily, but the kangaskan prooved to be a challenge. Thanks to some walling from Snowball, poison powder from Milicent, and double kicking from jolt, though, we managed to pull through.

                                    Finally, it's time to take on Erica. Zephyr esily took out the whole gym, and learned feather dance in the process.

                                    And here is where I think it's time to take a break.

                                    First off, wow. Can't believe how long I sat and played that straight for. I think this is definately the most fun I've had playing a pokemon game in a long while. On the other hand, I slightly hate it and find it emotionally exhausting. I'm still unhappy about the pokemon I lost earlier, and the longer I play, the more I worry and care for the ones I still have. On some level, I'm sure that's not healthy. Oh well. Next time I pick up it will be at the pokemon tower. Here's my current team.

                                    Milicent (M) lv 29
                                    Relaxed Nature - Chlorophyll
                                    Giga Drain
                                    Poison Powder
                                    Sleep Powder

                                    Jolt (M) lv 30
                                    Lax Nature - Volt Absorb
                                    Double Kick
                                    Shock Wave
                                    Quick Attack

                                    Snowball (F) lv 31
                                    Sassy Nature - Sturdy
                                    Defense Curl
                                    Rock Slide

                                    Zephyr (M) lv 34
                                    Adamant Nature - Keen Eye
                                    Aerial Ace
                                    Feather Dance

                                    Negative (M) lv 22
                                    Jolly Nature - Chlorophyll
                                    Poison Powder
                                    Stun Spore
                                    Sleep Powder

                                    And a fond rememberance to 99 the jigglypuff, King the arbok, Mickie the meowth, Saurian the ivysaur, Cali the kadabra, and my poor mankey. May they rest in peace.
                                    Old February 2nd, 2011 (5:18 AM).
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                                      Originally Posted by Folkedahl View Post
                                      So, it says just the first pokemon you find in each area on the nuzlocke site.. is that rule observed?
                                      Yes. Whatever anyone else says, there are only two compulsory rules to Nuzlocking (read the first actual Nuzlocke comic if you want proof). These are:

                                      1) If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. Release it immediately.
                                      2) Catch only the first Pokemon you see in each area. If you kill it or have no Pokeballs, tough titties.

                                      Any other rules are optional, and you can include as many of these as you like. For example, you must nickname your Pokemon, you must not use healing items, you must only buy a maximum of 10 items per Mart, if you have a full team you must not catch backups etc.

                                      There are rules that make the game easier, like saying if your first encounter is a Pokemon you've already caught, you can forgo that one and catch the first NEW Pokemon you encounter. I don't like these rules because they defeat the object of the Challenge, but it's up to you.
                                      Sapphire - Pearl - Fire Red - Soul Silver - Black
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                                        If a pokemon refuses to be released, does that mean it's come back from the dead?
                                        Old February 2nd, 2011 (7:45 AM).
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                                        Originally Posted by SeventySeven View Post
                                        If a pokemon refuses to be released, does that mean it's come back from the dead?
                                        Usually when a Pokemon refuses to be released, it's because the Pokemon knows a HM which no other Pokemon know. Just teach that same HM to something else and you can release it, or just stick it in a box and don't touch it at all and consider it dead.

                                        Also regarding the rule about catching the Pokemon in each area, when I first read it, or in the original rules on this thread it does state that you can only catch one Pokemon per area, so I'm sticking by those rules as they're what I started using when I started this challenge. I know I should use the proper rules, but I've already started with thos rules, so I may as well stick with it.

                                        Expect another update within the next two days from me. :D
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