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    Update 1:

    Main Hero: JEFFREY
    Rival: DOGARS
    Starter: SGT. FROG the Bulbasaur

    - The Rival battle was a close call and was won with only 1HP left.
    - No luck in Route 1 as a Wild Lv. 3 Pidgey appeared before I could buy Poke Balls. I could avoid all encounters while I was going to Viridian City, but I didn't have much luck on my way back.
    - Praying for a Nidoran, I went to Route 22 after buying some Poke Balls, and of course, no luck there as I got a Lv. 3 Ratata. Named it TOOTHY.
    - Before grinding, I decided to catch my third Pokemon on Route 2 and I accidentaly caught a Pidgey. I released it and decided to skip that area as a punishment.
    - After training TOOTHY (up to Lv. 10) and SGT. FROG (up to Lv. 11) a bit, I decided to take on my Rival on Route 22. DOGARS had no chance against my team.
    - Next stop was Viridian Forest. I had the luck to encounter and catch a Lv. 4 Metapod and named it BUTTERS. Since it's not really a problem to switch it out for 50 battles, I trained it up to Lv. 9 in the Viridian Forest and decided to take on the first Gym.
    - With BUTTERS (Lv.9), TOOTHY (Lv.11) and SGT. FROG (Lv.13), I challenged the gym. Since I picked the Grass starter, the gym was easy and I defeated all trainers with SGT. FROG and leveled him to Lv.15.
    - On Route 3, after battling the first Youngster, SGT. FROG leveled to Lv. 16 and evolved to Ivysaur. Shortly after that, after battling the second Lass, BUTTERS leveled to Lv. 10 and evolved to Butterfree.
    - At the end of the Route, I tried my luck in the grass and got myself a Lv. 7 Spearow and named it LANCER.
    - As Mt. Moon is full of Zubats with occasional Geodude and Paras, I decided to train Butterfree via switch out until it learns Confusion at Lv. 12. First encounter was a Lv. 7 Zubat, caught it and named it BATTOMAN. Deposit material I guess.
    - Inside Mt. Moon, it was easy until I reached the last trainer. His Koffing poisoned my Butterfree so I had to use Escape Rope due to heal ban and then had to walk through the cave again. Surprisingly, there were no encounters on the first floor.
    - After leaving Mt. Moon, I tried my luck in the grass on Route 4. Caught a Lv. 8 Sandshrew and named it MR.SANDMAN.
    - Entered Cerulean City, healed my Pokemon and saved.



    SGT. FROG the Ivysaur Lv. 17
    Leech Seed
    Vine Whip

    BUTTERS the Butterfree Lv. 17
    Sleep Powder
    Poison Powder
    Stun Spore

    TOOTHY the Rattata Lv. 16
    Quick Attack
    Tail Whip
    Hyper Fang

    MR.SANDMAN the Sandshrew Lv. 8

    LANCER the Spearow Lv. 7