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    Update 2:

    -Trained my weak members until Lv. 19
    -Took DOGARS on. MR.SANDMAN took care of him. All Pokemon were Lv. 19.
    -On Route 24, I encountered a Wild Lv. 10 Abra but didn't manage to catch it.
    -After battling all the trainers, TOOTHY evolved after battling the 3rd Lass.
    -Gym battle was easy as I had a Grass starter. SGT. FROG massacred Misty's gym and her Pokemon.
    -First encounter in Route 5 was a Wild Lv. 16 Bellsprouth. I caught it and named TEHO.
    -While walking through the grass, I encountered a Pidgey and LANCER evolved into Fearow.
    -In Route 6, I caught a Lv. 14 Meowth and named it MEETS.
    -Bug Catcher with a Butterfree crippled my team so I had to go all the way back to Cerulean City to heal.
    -Tried my luck in Diglett's Cave and accidentally 1HKOed a Lv. 18 Diglett.
    -My team when entering S.S.Anne was: TOOTHY Lv. 21, MR.SANDMAN Lv. 21, BUTTERS Lv. 20, LANCER Lv. 21 and SGT. FROG Lv. 23.
    -After fighting a Lass in the 2nd room, MR.SANDMAN evolved into Sandslash.
    -When BUTTERS was trying to learn Supersonic, I accidentally erased Confusion, so BUTTERS was rendered useless for a while.
    -When I battled DOGARS, my team was: TOOTHY Lv. 22, MR.SANDMAN Lv. 23, BUTTERS Lv. 23, LANCER Lv. 22 and SGT. FROG Lv. 24. After the battle, MR.SANDMAN reached Lv. 24
    -Gym battle was once again easy and MR.SANDMAN took care of the whole gym.
    -On Route 11, I caught a Lv. 13 Drowze and named him Pedro.
    -After beating all trainers on Route 11, I went to Route 9 and defeated everyone there too.
    -I managed to catch a Lv. 14 Voltorb on Route 9 and named him BALL.
    -In the Tunnel, I accidentally defeated the first Pokemon I saw, so I didn't notice it's level. It was a Machop.
    -The Tunnel was full of hardships and I had to use MR.SANDMAN's Dig a few times. Since the cave was full of Zubats and Machops, it was a good training spot for PEDRO. Sadly, he only grew 8 levels and at Lv. 21, it stood no chance to Geodude's Selfdestruct.
    -After arriving at Lavender Town, I decided to go to the Tower and battle DOGARS. His Gyarados was a tough one and it murdered my Lv. 25 TOOTHY with Hydropump. My team was: TOOTHY Lv. 25, MR.SANDMAN Lv. 27. BUTTERS Lv. 26, LANCER Lv. 26 and SGT. FROG Lv. 28.
    -In Celadon city I picked up Eevee Lv. 25 and gave her a Fire Stone to evolve to Flareon. I named it FEEVEE.
    -Rocket's hideout wasn't much of a threat and I defeated all grunts with ease. Of course, I had to go to the Pokecenter once in a while, so MR.SANDMAN's Dig was useful.
    -My team against Giovanni was: FEEVEE Lv. 26, MR.SANDMAN Lv. 29, BUTTERS Lv. 29, LANCER Lv. 29 and SGT. FROG Lv. 29. He stood no chance to MR.SANDMAN who gained a level afterwards.
    -Erika's gym was no big deal thanks to LANCER. He easily destroyed the whole gym and gained 4 levels.
    -After the gym battle, I went to Route 16 and caught a Lv. 18 Doduo and named it DOOD.
    -I caught a Lv. 22 Gastly and named it GAZZ in Pokemon Tower, and after a battle with Channeler it evolved to Haunter. With GAZZ and LANCER in my team, the Tower was no big deal and I easily defeated all trainers and Team Rocket and saved Mr. Fuji.



    FEEVEE the Flareon Lv. 28
    Quick Attack

    GAZZ the Haunter Lv. 26
    Confuse Ray
    Night Shade

    BUTTERS the Butterfree Lv. 29
    Razor Wind
    Sleep Powder
    Mega Drain
    Stun Spore

    LANCER the Fearow Lv. 34
    Drill Peck
    Mirror Move
    Fury Attack

    MR.SANDMAN the Sandslash Lv. 30
    Poison Sting
    Seismic Toss

    SGT. FROG the Ivysaur Lv. 29
    Poison Powder
    Leech Seed
    Vine Whip


    PEDRO the Drowze Lv. 13-21, Hiker's Geodude killed it with Selfdestruct
    TOOTHY the Raticate Lv. 3-25, DOGARS's Gyarados killed it with Hydropump. It had no chance.


    BATTOMAN the Zubat Lv. 7
    TEHO the Bellsprouth Lv. 16, Cut slave
    MEETS the Meowth Lv. 14
    BALL the Voltorb Lv. 14
    DOOD the Doduo Lv. 18
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