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    Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke, take two.
    Since it would be time consuming playing the whole game again without fast forwarding, I decided to play it on an emulator. But it really takes the fun out of it so I'll definitely skip the emulator on my Silver Nuzlocke.

    Update 1

    Name: BILLY
    Rival: FABIAN
    Starter: KERORO the Bulbasaur

    -FABIAN solo'd by NORAH (Lv. 10) in Route 22
    -CARL fully evolved in Route 22
    -BROCK solo'd by KERORO (Lv. 13)
    -KERORO evolved in Route 3
    -NORAH evolved in Mt. Moon
    -MISTY solo'd by KERORO (Lv. 18)
    -FABIAN solo'd by SANDY (Lv. 18) in Route 24
    -PECKY evolved in Route 24
    -SANDY evolved on S.S.Anne
    -GARY evolved on S.S.Anne
    -LT. SURGE solo'd by SANDY (Lv. 22)
    -GIOVANNI (Game Corner) solo'd by SANDY (Lv. 29)
    -ERIKA solo'd by PECKY (Lv. 26)
    -FABIAN easily defeated in Pokemon Tower
    -HUNTER evolved in Pokemon Tower

    Reached Fuchsia City, but I still have to clear Route 15 completely, and Route 17 (Cycling Road).

    Encounter list:
    Route 1: Pidgey Lv. 2 , no Pokeballs
    Route 2: Caterpie Lv. 4 , caught and named CARL
    Route 22: Nidoran♀ Lv. 3 , caught and named NORAH
    Viridian Forest: accidentally skipped so I forgot who my first encounter was
    Route 3: Spearow Lv. 7, caught and named PECKY
    Pokemon Center: Magikarp Lv. 5, bought and named GARY
    Mt. Moon: Zubat Lv. 7 , killed
    Route 4: Sandshrew Lv. 8 , caught and named SANDY
    Route 24: Bellsprout Lv. 13 , caught and named BELLA
    Route 5: Meowth Lv. 14 , caught and named CATTY
    Diglett's Cave: Diglett Lv. 18, caught and named DIGGY
    Route 11: Drowzee Lv. 13, caught and named PEDRO
    Route 9: Rattata Lv. 16, caught and named RALPH
    Route 10: Voltorb Lv. 16, caught and named BILL
    Rock Tunnel: Machop Lv. 15, killed
    Route 7: Vulpix Lv. 18 , caught and named VIKY
    Celadon City: Eevee Lv. 25, found and named FIONA
    Route 16: Doduo Lv. 18 , caught and named DOOD
    Pokemon Tower: Gastly Lv. 24 , caught and named HUNTER
    Route 12: Snorlax Lv. 30 , caught and named MARTY
    Route 15: Weepinbell Lv. 30, caught and named WENDY
    Safari Zone: Nidoran♂ Lv. 24 , escaped


    KERORO the Ivysaur, Lv. 30
    Razor Leaf
    Poison Powder
    Leech Seed
    Vine Whip

    NORAH the Nidorina, Lv. 31
    Horn Drill
    Body Slam
    Poison Sting

    HUNTER the Haunter, Lv. 32
    Night Shade

    GARY the Gyarados, Lv. 32
    Dragon Rage

    SANDY the Sandslash, Lv. 30
    Rock Slide
    Poison Sting

    PECKY the Fearow, Lv. 31
    Mirror Move
    Fury Attack


    CARL the Butterfree Lv. 4 > Lv. 30
    BELLA the Bellsprout Lv. 13
    CATTY the Meowth Lv. 14
    DIGGY the Diglett Lv. 18
    PEDRO the Drowzee Lv. 13
    RALPH the Rattata Lv. 16
    BILL the Voltorb Lv. 16
    VIKY the Vulpix Lv. 18
    FIONA the Eevee Lv. 25
    DOOD the Doduo Lv. 18
    MARTY the Snorlax Lv. 30
    WENDY the Weepinbell Lv. 30
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