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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Welcome NixChill! You will be added soon, but it's a little late and I'm tired haha.

@Olli97 My plan was to implement rewards when I felt there was a sturdy group of active members. It probably won't happen super soon since everyone (including me) is new, but hopefully in the near future. As for events, those would happen after I got the rewards system in place and felt like the club needed a bit of a change of pace (something to spice it up, to be looked forward too or whatever) So far it seems people are joining pretty regularly which is awesome!

Hm. I feel like things are a little off topic... how bout a new one?
A little similar to one of the starter topics, what is your favorite concept of a bug pokemon, and why? Mine for instance is paras/parasect being based on parasitic fungi. One kind, for instance, controls an ant's brain while draining the bug of energy, controlling the ant's movements. When the host is sucked dry, the mushroom leaves spores on the bug's eggs. As creepy as that is, I find it really cool, especially how they executed it. (like how parasect's eyes are white with no pupils) It kinda makes me wonder what parasect would actually have been like as a species if said fungi never inhabited the host. Another concept I really like is Heracross. The fighting type is very cool :D
I like to concept of Heracross as well. I love how those beetles' irl are interpreted into Pokemon -- known to be strong and tough irl, we see that Heracross in Pokemon is also pretty hardy and a fighting type to match the bill. I also particularly like Ariados and Spinarak, simple and sweet.
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