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I like the idea of it.. I have enough time on my hands to do it as well. Consider me in. My only question is are egg moves allowed? Or even special moves? Like Extrmespeed on a Dratini, or Hydro Pump on a Bagon.

Name: Nero Vulcan

Trainer Type: Dragon Tamer

Trendy Title: Dragonic Destroyer

Gender: Male

Age: Seventeen

Appearance: Short, silver hair that his mother loves to called a "crazed mess". Nero is quite tall and large, standing a full six foot and one inches, weighing roughly 187 pounds. His eyes are a deep blue, just like the oceans he wants to travel. Being a dragon tamer, he wears quit the assortment of clothing. Having a suit that's main color is black, trimmed on the edges with a purple color. He wears boots that are the same color as the main part of the suit, tucking the ends of his pants into them usually. He wars a long, high-collared caped. Being purple, as to match the trimming, and black on the underside.

Home Region: Johto

Bio: Born and raised in the city of Blackthorn, Johto region. A place renowned for their Dragon types, and Pokemon similar. Nero was no exception to this. Loving them the first time he met one. When he was roughly twelve, he witnessed a battle between cousins Clair and Lance. The former being the city Gym Leader, and the latter being the Champion of the Pokemon League in Johto and Kanto. The battle inspired Nero, and sparked his love for Pokemon. From that day forth he wanted to be as strong as Lance, training everyday to do this. Recently he has returned from Mt.Silver. The area was hard to get into as it borders Kanto and Johto, and with the tension between the regions.. Security was tight. Having trained and done some research on the local Dragon types, and dragon-like Pokemon there, he returned, just in time to hear about the new challenge. Nero knew this would the perfect chance to start his journey and prove himself.

Personality: Nero is calm, calculating, and deciphers every move that he and his opponent make before deciding what to do. He is usually a man of few words, and prefers to not talk, unless need be. Believing that actions have value, words have next to none. He can be quiet cold, and at times cruel, or possibly seeming sadistic, as he loves to battle, and even more than battling, he loves winning. Hes relentless on his opponents, and seems to never let down, enjoying each second of it. Even though he seems to be quiet spiteful and aloof, Nero can be caring, and he would never let someone hurt another person, or Pokemon, even if they are not his own. He can be insightful much of the time, but, as much as he attempts to hide it, he is quite easy to overwhelm with is own emotions.
Key Item of Choice:
Aura Color: Light Blue
Pokemon Team:

Bulldozer/Bagon Male Lv. 6

Bulldozer was a gift to Nero from the Elders of the Dragon Shrine in his hometown of Blackthorn. At first Bulldozer was shy.. But he soon earned his nickname as he seemed to enjoy destroying everything and anything he could with his iron hard head.. Hes short tempered and loves to start fights.. Even against things much stronger.

Draco/Dratini Male Lv. 16

Draco was the first Pokemon that Nero had received. It was a gift from Claire and Lance after he witnessed a battle between the two. Seeing his excitement, the two decided to give him a Pokemon just as hyperactive as he was. Draco is playful and loves to have fun. Hes almost never calm, opposite to his trainer.
-Thunder Wave
-Dragon Breath
-Dragon Rage

Tyrant/Larvitar Male Lv. 8

Tyrant is perhaps Draco's most aggressive Pokemon. Outclassing Bulldozer when it comes to a love for destruction. Tyrant is a strong asset to his team, but a risk to use, because he hates to stop battling. Even when its already over. Being the newest addition to the team, Nero has had little bonding time with him, but Tyrant has grown attached rather quickly, and seems to try and guard Nero from others.
-Iron Head
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