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Update 3

Elite Four was easy, but I had some hardships at some points.

-LORELEI was defeated by KERORO (heavily wounded) and GARY
-BRUNO was defeated by KERORO and PECKY
-AGATHA was defeated by CARL and FIONA
-LANCE was defeated by GARY and SANDY
-FABIAN was defeated by GARY and PECKY
-CARL (Lv. 61) was killed in Cerulean Cave by a Dodrio
-GARY (Lv. 62) and PECKY (Lv. 63) were killed by Mewtwo
-MEWTWO was defeated by SANDY.

And that's it.

Encounter list:

Route 1: Pidgey Lv. 2 , no Pokeballs
Route 2: Caterpie Lv. 4 , caught and named CARL
Route 22: Nidoran♀ Lv. 3 , caught and named NORAH
Viridian Forest: accidentally skipped so I forgot who my first encounter was
Route 3: Spearow Lv. 7, caught and named PECKY
Pokemon Center: Magikarp Lv. 5, bought and named GARY
Mt. Moon: Zubat Lv. 7 , killed
Route 4: Sandshrew Lv. 8 , caught and named SANDY
Route 24: Bellsprout Lv. 13 , caught and named BELLA
Route 5: Meowth Lv. 14 , caught and named CATTY
Diglett's Cave: Diglett Lv. 18, caught and named DIGGY
Route 11: Drowzee Lv. 13, caught and named PEDRO
Route 9: Rattata Lv. 16, caught and named RALPH
Route 10: Voltorb Lv. 16, caught and named BILL
Rock Tunnel: Machop Lv. 15, killed
Route 7: Vulpix Lv. 18 , caught and named VIKY
Celadon City: Eevee Lv. 25, found and named FIONA
Route 16: Doduo Lv. 18 , caught and named DOOD
Pokemon Tower: Gastly Lv. 24 , caught and named HUNTER
Route 12: Snorlax Lv. 30 , caught and named MARTY
Route 15: Weepinbell Lv. 30, caught and named WENDY
Safari Zone: Nidoran♂ Lv. 24 , escaped
Route 17: Raticate Lv. 27, caught and named GIBBLES
Route 18: Fearow Lv. 25, caught and named FEER
Saffron City: Hitmonlee Lv. 30, found and named KICKERS
Route 19: Tentacool Lv. 20, killed
Route 21: Tangela Lv. 30, caught and named TANYA
Seafom Islands: Psyduck Lv. 30, killed
Pokemon Mansion: Grimer Lv. 30, caught and named KURAP
Silph Co: Lapras Lv. 15, got and named LAURA
Route 23: Ditto Lv. 38, killed
Power Plant: Pikachu Lv. 23, killed
Victory Road: Geodude Lv. 26, killed
Cerulean Cave: Hypno Lv. 46, caught and named RODRIGUEZ


SANDY the Sandslash, Lv. 62
Rock Slide

KERORO the Venusaur, Lv. 61
Lazor Leaf
Solar Beam
Leech Seed
Vine Whip

FIONA the Flareon, Lv. 60
Quick Attack
Fire Blast


BELLA the Bellsprout Lv. 13, HM Cut slave
CATTY the Meowth Lv. 14
DIGGY the Diglett Lv. 18
PEDRO the Drowzee Lv. 13 > Lv. 14
RALPH the Rattata Lv. 16
BILL the Voltorb Lv. 16
VIKY the Vulpix Lv. 18
DOOD the Doduo Lv. 18
MARTY the Snorlax Lv. 30
WENDY the Weepinbell Lv. 30
GIBBLES the Raticate Lv. 27
FEER the Fearow Lv. 25
KICKERS the Hitmonlee Lv. 30, HM Strength slave
TANYA the Tangela Lv. 30
KURAP the Grimer Lv. 30
LAURA the Lapras Lv. 15
RODRIGUEZ the Hypno Lv. 46

NORAH the Nidorina Lv. 3 > Lv. 36, killed by Hypno's Psychic, 1HKO
HUNTER the Haunter Lv. 24 > Lv. 44, killed by Dugtrio's Dig, 1HKO
CARL the Butterfree Lv. 4 > Lv. 61, killed by Dodrio
GARY the Gyarados Lv. 5 > Lv. 62, killed by Mewtwo's Psychic, 1HKO
PECKY the Fearow Lv. 7 > Lv. 63, killed by Mewtwo's Psychic, 1HKO

I started my Silver run and I'll update it later this day.
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