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Ultimate Brown Run Black Update#4

This is officially as far as i've been in this game, so this should be fun,

-Went to Route 10 and got two (!) new member for the team, Winnfield the Bouffalant (who Joffrey was subbing in for) and Buzzar the Vullaby (who I honestly thought you couldn’t get until after the E4, but will replace Wilco)
-Grinded the new recruits up to around Lv.40 to be on par with everyone else.
-Got my hands on a Heart Scale and used it to get Buzzar to relearn Nasty Plot
-Got through Victory Road without too much issue
-Grinded everyone to Lv. 50

Then on to the E4!
-Shauntal was a bit of a pain. Taken out by Buzzar, Marvin, and Renly. Quite a few close calls and a Max Revive were involved.
-Marvin, Clegane, and Buzzar took out Marshall
-Grimsley was cleared mostly by Clegane with a late game assist from Renly
-Caitlin was mostly taken out by Marvin’s +1 Shadow Balls with Winnfield helping to take out Gothitelle
-Used my Master Ball on Reshiram ‘cause I’m lazy. Hope I don't need it later on…
-N was a hairy situation that involved quite a few items and Renly being the only one left standing at the end. Ghetsis was pretty much the same story


The Current Team:

Clegane the Conkeldurr ♀, Lv. 54 @ Quick Claw
Ability: Guts
-Hammer Arm
-Bulk Up
-Stone Edge

Renly the Sawsbuck ♂, Lv. 52 @ Miracle Seed
Ability: Chlorophyll
-Leech Seed
-Faint Attack
-Horn Leech

Marvin the Beheeyem ♀, Lv. 51 @ Spell Tag
Ability: Synchronize
-Shadow Ball
-Calm Mind

Winnfield the Bouffalant ♂, Lv. 51 @ Scope Lens
Ability: Reckless
-Mega Horn
-Focus Energy
-Wild Charge
-Head Charge

Buzzar the Vullaby ♀, Lv. 52 @ Eviolite
Ability: Overcoat
-Dark Pulse
-Air Slash
-Nasty Plot


Joffrey the Watchog ♂, Lv. 40
Ability: Keen Eye
-Super Fang

Wilco the Krokorok ♀, Lv. 42
Ability: Moxie

HM Slaves: Oswald the Oshawatt: Cut, Surf
Airbus the Tranquill: Fly
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