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    Candice Greyson

    Everything felt weird to me now. No use in thinking about it, since I have better things to do besides contemplate. Ever since these events happened...I just...started to change? No. Maybe just the fact that I THINK all this is magic is making me insane. Reading over my responses to others showed how...cold I was. I mean, I knew I was cold and too honest, but this was too much. I would hate to be in their places and read the cold responses. Some of them are also so....weird. Obviously this wasn't magic, but something inside me kept screaming it was. Maybe it was just the child inside I never let go. Out of all times, I guess right now my need to be a child wants to come out? No. This is silly. All of this is silly.

    All of a sudden, the floor started to rumble beneath my feet. Scared to death by this, it took me a few seconds to realize that it was probably more machines. Oh how insane I really am, aren't I?

    "I'm going insane. Gotta stop with the magic thing...I'm probably making a fool of myself with Vieve and Vinnie now," I lecture myself, kicking the pole that holds up the bed with force. Like always, it doesn't even leave a dent in it. Such a strong pole, and never have I broken it. Maybe I'm weak too.

    Walking out my room was already hard enough. I don't even know where my dad is! He wasn't in his room when I sneaked inside, and now I'm definitely worried. What if a machine fell on top of him?! Maybe he went to call the police?! Oh the possibilities...all this worry made me uneasy, so impatient. Without thinking, I started to run towards the kitchen, slamming the door open along the way.

    There, in the kitchen, was a two meter long device. It's sky-bluish metallic color shone out brightly. Something took my attention had that same green mark. "The other device in the middle of my room also had that green mark. It would be a coincidence if the OH MY GOD." Interrupted by the rumble of another device, worry started to take grip on me. Okay now my house is going to be destroyed. Great. I bet the floor is going to be cracked.

    My feet took off at the fastest speed I could manage. I was about to enter my room when suddenly, I slipped on the floor. Water splashed around me as I hit the ground. "Great, now I imagine Vinnie getting a laugh out of this," I spat out, standing up. Then it hit me. Water? Wait...what was water doing in the hallway floor? Oh no. The bathroom!

    Opening the door wide open revealed a gigantic mess of the bathroom. You would expect me to be angry. To be kicking or doing something insane, but I wasn't. There was another machine that somehow caught my full attention. This one was the same color as the last device, but wasn't skinny at all. In fact, it took nearly the entire bathroom to place this gigantic beast in. There was a platform I could stand on. Ignoring the splashing water, I jump up into the platform. Looked rather funny, but I just HAD to jump up on it. Why not show my childish side once in a while?

    Soaking wet, I finally finished admiring the machine and look at the messed up...wait, there was no toilet? Instead, there was a pile of cushions that was topped off with the refrigerator from the kitchen. "Oh well, at least I got the Mountain Dew...maybe there's more inside?" I tried to calm myself down. Acting calmly, I open the fridge and inspect what was inside. A few foods were already spilled or thrown around, but like always, there was another pack of Mountain Dews inside. I could never get enough of those. Without hesitating, I take out the wallet out of thin air and take out another pink card. Slapping the pack into another free card, the water started to spill everywhere since the cushions had already absorbed their maximum. "I'll figure out how to fit these two packs in one card later...gotta take care of this before dad sees it," I talk to myself, dropping and letting the wallet turn into the cerise charm. There wasn't much I could do without Vinnie's help. If it WAS like Sim's, then maybe, JUST maybe, I could tell him to build a wall around the toilet, then erase a wall from the outside so it can spill there instead? YES. I am such a genius! But I have to slow down the water before my dad somehow notices it...but how?

    Pacing back and forth, filling my sneakers with water, I suddenly get the image of the towels in mind. Picking a dry towel from the rack, I rush outside and slam the door shut. I then squeeze the towel into the small gap between the door and the floor. Unfortunately, it wasn't so absorbent, but it will do for now.

    Breathing in and out, I get back inside my room and take a glance around. First thing I do is sit on my chair and start to type out my feelings. No need to hide them anymore, since I was going insane.

    -- archaicMiracle began pestering bemyValentine --
    AM: Yeah um, sorry if I seemed so...different and weird.
    AM: And cold too.
    AM: I'm going nuts.
    AM: All this magic stuff? No.
    AM: Don't believe that...I mean, what I'm saying is...
    AM: I'm going insane.
    AM: His name is Mr. Fluffly by the way...
    AM: Oh god what did I just type.
    AM: Sorry if I'm so...weird.

    "What kind of writing was that?!" I whisper loudly to myself. Doing a face palm combo felt nice for once. I always wanted to do it...and so I do. I then do a double face calm combo, which hurt so bad. It was the right moment and the right place. Before I could do anything else though, I get pestered by Vieve. Her response didn't help, but calmed me down somehow.

    -- archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter --
    AM: You're trying to make my day awful, aren't you?
    AM: Dresses are just things I would never dare touch.
    AM: But besides that
    AM: You're not alone.
    AM: I have no idea whether Vinnie can do that to my room or not
    AM: But he deployed some...device in the middle of my room.
    AM: Do you believe in magic by the way?
    AM: I seriously do now.
    AM: I swear I wont be surprised if I see a magic wand.
    AM: Yes I believe in magic.

    PS: Ricardo put a machine in my room as well and two outside
    PS: You think this is magic? We're playing a game.
    PS: I'll believe in magic once I can breath fire out of my mouth at will
    PS: He made me get my dress a smudge dirty, can you believe it?!

    -- paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle --
    -- archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter --
    AM: Yeah you're right.
    AM: It's only...a game.
    AM: Sorry if I seemed insane.
    AM: I guess you just saw my child inside me or something...
    AM: Oh great, now I can't type without saying something weird.
    AM: And oh no...did he? Even if I hate dresses, making your clothes dirty is not a good thing.
    AM: Oh, and I slipped on water so I'm soaked in water. If only we could switch places.

    I stop there. It felt good to talk so much on here. The only reason I really am is...well, I really don't know. Maybe because this game caused me to go insane with magic and child fantasies...but they're right. I'm taking this a bit too far. It's only a game. Nothing less, and nothing more. Once the game ends, it might return me back to normal...and steal this magic away from me. No wait, not magic...more like "technology." Oh for crying out loud, I DO BELIEVE IN MAGIC. Even my head is jumbled up now. If only I had somebody to talk it out with...Mr. Fluffly? Pfft, Vinnie wouldn't stop laughing. Vinnie himself? He probably thinks I'm weird.

    That reminded me about the bathroom. I had to tell him.
    AM: Look um, I have an idea about the bathroom...
    AM: Maybe if you build a wall around the broken toilet and fridge and pillows
    AM: And then delete a wall that leads to the outside
    AM: The bathroom wouldn't be filled with water.
    AM: You don't have to do it...just an idea I had.
    AM: Maybe you have a better one.