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    looks cool.

    Name: Seth
    Gender: Male
    Region: Hoenn
    Pokemon/District: Seviper from 6


    Seth likes to keep his fangs and tail sharpened for his hunting. He also keeps his skin wet in case he is attacked their grip will most likely be lost. He always has an axe like weapon attached to his tail. Seth has attached metal scales to his body as armor. Seth has always loved technology so he has a sort of GPS with him to navigate the wastelands. He also has a helmet crafted from steel with sharp like tusks dipped in poison protruding from the left and right side of the front helmet.

    One of Seth’s favorite hobbies is to kill. He loves to watch the blood slowly leak from others veins. He hates Team Rocket for what he did to the regions. He is very aggressive and doesn’t trust anyone. He has learned to hate because of the orphanage. No matter how hard you try he will not trust anyone.
    Likes Physical activity and the little technology he can get his hands on. Loves to travel around the world though there isn’t much to see. Loves to look at the sea but hates swimming. He could but only if his life depended on it. Seth is a hardy and violent pokemon.

    Seth was a wild pokemon who fought in the war without a trainer in Kanto. He clearly remembers the horrors of the rebellion that haunt him to this day. After the war Seth was deported to an orphanage in what was once West Hoenn and was forced to watch the rest of his family be tortured until they died. Seth has hated Team Rocket since and has ever so longed to slowly kill all of Team Rocket. Why they did such horrible things was all a mystery to him. Seth has trained night and day for a second revolution. The other pokemon hated him at the orphanage and often beat him which is why he is so violent today. Seth couldn’t take it one day and killed everyone at the orphanage and left to train elsewhere. After that day Seth has loved to the blood of his rivals spill from their necks. He has learned to trust no one after his once best friend betrayed him and told Team Rocket about his plans. They beat him horribly leaving him nearly dead. To this day he is searching for his once called friend to kill. Now he kills those who even so much as look at him. Seth the once trusting kind pokemon has turned into a savage killer.

    Roleplay Sample

    From Celestial League

    Chapter 1 Part 1

    The end of onejourney but a start for another.

    It was around noon when the ship docked itself in AuroraTown. Everyone was getting super excited and antsy to see the new Celestialregion. This was the first shipment to see it after all. Asper is a 15 year old teenager who lookedcompletely out of place as far as attitudes go. Asper wasn’t excited aboutvisiting the Celestial region at all; in fact he still doesn’t know why heagreed to come in the first place. He was a hero back home and now he is anobody. As Aurora Town came closer intoview some of its most notable features came into view. The Flowers along thesides of the buildings were beautiful though the buildings looked rather boringto him. It was the same structure, color, designs everything! It was the plainestsight he had ever seen in his life. The dirt road ahead of him seemed to onlygo North. Asper was here for one reasononly; to get his first Pokémon. The Townseemed to go on forever with the same building every time. This would almost make you think you weren’twalking to begin with. After about an hour of feeling miserable Asper finallyhad one cheering thought; at least I canbe with Pokémon now. This single thought brought out the happiest person inthe world. Asper could not help but love Pokémon. He knew most everything aboutPokémon and even things that advanced trainers wouldn’t know. He strode alongthe dirt path with a new spring in his step and arrived at the lab in what feltlike mere seconds. The lab had plenty of plant life both meant for beauty andsome meant for science experiments. Asper walked around the hedge fencecircling the lab and walked onto the doors threshold. He was about to knock onthe door whenAsper noticed that other people were there too. He saw a blonde haired girl drawing with charcoal, and a few guys.Asper started to get a little nervous. Asper sat down at the foot of the steps waiting for the Professor to arrive. Every second of sitting there in uncertainity was agonizing for him
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