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Element0 your team is Primape, Beedrill, Nidoqueen, Venusaur, Fearow, and Arbok (all can be acquired before battling Misty)
current challenges:
Platinum Nuzlocke : 4/8 Ponyta, Machamp, Torterra, Bidoof, Bibarel, Staravia
Heart Gold Personality Test Challenge : 8/16 Ampharos, Typhlosion, Xatu, Exeggcute, Slowbro, Kangaskhan
Pearl Ultimate Random Challenge : 1/8 Monferno, Luxio, Budew, Buizel, Drifloon

Completed Challenges:
Platinum Mono Poke : 8/8 Starly (brother challenged me to do a mono run without evolving it)
Beat the Elite 4 and Champion with one Poke : Typhlosion (Gold), Feraligatr (Heart Gold), Staravia (Platinum)
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