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I direct the music for that game the music is from. Because of the age of the music dating 3-4 years back (this is a game I work on and off on for art while helping others with their games so it will not be released for years probably), we had no mixing skill, and the files were lost. So the mixing is terrible (it was never mixed). Because of that the entire OST is getting a small re-do keeping that same score, but with new VSTs and mixing/mastering. I remastered Kneel and Perish specifically for the test. It will still be recomposed though.

I did not hand create the music because I have little experience in FL Studio. What I did was sit with the guy making the musical sketch and direct the flow of the song itself. While letting him have creative freedom and my guidance for the OST. The OST will be re-composed by NN with professional mixing and mastering. It will probably NOT get real instruments (I prefer digital game music). The game was styled after Star Ocean 2. Look up the OST of that for the influence. It is virtually identical in composition and instrumentation.

The song I had the most influence in (and actually got to sit down and place notes down for!) was 'The Victor'.

Note: That one is not remastered like Kneel and Perish one so the quality might be lower.
For this song I created nearly all of the main melody myself.

And here is the entire theme of said game, which once had a complete 2D and 3D trailer to it that was lost in the computer crash (in fact the massive loss of data is why I decided to help others with games and slowly rebuild instead of jumping back into this one). This is the extended Theme/Trailer Full version. You can really get the space adventure feel of the game here. XD;; Listen until the climax at the end. IMO worth it.

I sadly had some upwards of 3k (yes, 3000) followers and players of that game (some demos were released at one point, battle demos). I had to let them know the game was on hiatus. That really sucked. >_<;;;


The sound files for the other game, Anything, I am responsible for cleaning up, processing, etc the voice over (that voice actress has a horrible mic. i have to restore it to okay-ish quality for the game samples). The battle music for it is controlled by Intimate Label (An actual Korean music label lead by Jaydop) so he will have the real music pieces for it whenever he can. Anything will have a primarily hop hop/rap, funk, rnb, pop OST with Korean influences. All of that spacey rock music you here there is for my personal game which is a sci-fi fantasy game. I just needed filler to see what a vocal would sound like in music for a battle demo. Like placeholder. This Anything game is more of a modern age game, so the spacey sci-fi rock doesn't fit it~.

On another note I just got fresh in the rest of the VA's lines......and she really.............REALLY creeps me out. I'm reminded of Higurashi madness with this:

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