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Now to shake this up, answer these 20 questions about Hikari:
  1. Which city in Australia does Hikari live in?
  2. How old was Hikari when she started watching the Pokemon anime?
  3. Why is Hikari's profile blue in color?
  4. What meaning does the star in Hikari's signature mean?
  5. What was Hikari's first PC emblem?
  6. Pokemon Black or White? Which one did she play?
  7. What was Hikari's username inspired by?
  8. What is Hikari's Zodiac sign?
  9. How old was Hikari when she first played a Pokemon game?
  10. How many users asked Hikari about her unusual avatars/signatures?
  11. Who is Hikari's first PC friend?
  12. How many users thought Hikari was male?
  13. What name does Hikari give to her Trainer in-game?
  14. Name the forum where Hikari is an admin?
  15. What is Hikari's favorite form of comedy?
  16. How many subjects is Hikari following on Twitter?
  17. Which user did a Julian Assange avatar/sig upon Hikari's request?
  18. Which famous actress does Hikari share a birthday with?
  19. What color is Hikari's Nintendo DS Lite?
  20. How many pairs does Hikari have on PC?