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Update 2.3 since it might be quite a ways (read: lots and lots of GRINDAN) until my next Gym. Also, something big DID happen. Rest in peace, Jingler.... In other news, Geodude evolved. Is there anyone willing to trade-evolve him?

Current Party:

King Kong, the male Monferno (Quiet, lv 31)
-Flame Wheel
-Mach Punch
-Fury Swipes

Psyched, the female Psyduck (Hardy, lv 25)
-Water Gun

Mockingjay, the male Staravia (Impish, lv 24)
-Wing Attack
-Quick Attack

The Thing, the male Graveler @ EXP Share (Modest, lv 25)
-Rock Blast
-Rock Throw

Sakura, the female Cherubi (Docile, lv 24)
-Magical Leaf
-Leech Seed
-Sunny Day

Brawlymon, the male Machop (Bold, lv 24)
-Karate Chop
-Seismic Toss

First Encounters:

Twinleaf Town - Lv 5 Chimchar, starter, named King Kong
Route 201 - Lv 3 Starly, caught, named Mockingjay
Route 202 - Lv 2 Bidoof, caught, named Justin B.
Route 203 - Lv 4 Abra, fled
Oreburgh Gate - Lv 6 Psyduck, caught, named Psyched
Oreburgh Mine - Lv ? Zubat, defeated
Route 207 - Lv 5 Geodude, caught, named The Thing
Route 204 - Lv 9 Wurmple, caught, named Useless
Floaroma Meadow (Honey Tree) - Lv 15 Cherubi, caught, named Sakura
Valley Windworks - Didn't go into the grass yet because what if I get a Bidoof.... Should I wait for Drifloon?
Route 205 - Lv 10 Shellos, defeated
Eterna Forest - Double battle Bidoof and Buneary, defeated Bidoof and caught Buneary, named Bugs
Underground - Skull Fossil (Future Cranidos)
Route 211 - Lv 14 Chingling, caught, named Jingler
Mt. Coronet - Lv 15 Machop, caught, named Brawlymon
Eterna City - Togepi egg from Cynthia, hatched, named Tyrael (angel from Diablo 3)
Old Chateau - Lv 15-ish Gastly, defeated

Route 206 - Lv 16 Geodude (I am sad)
Wayward Cave - Lv 18 Geodude (I am SO mad. A Bronzor appeared right after and i was just fffjlhnw and two battles later was a GIBLE which was just FFFFFZFLVKSH)

Boxed and Deceased:

Useless, the male Silcoon (I think he'll stay in my box forever.... I can't see myself using him ever again)
Tyrael, the male Togepi (Diablo 3 anyone? Also, be happy already!)

Justin B. - Lv 8 male Bidoof
Rouge - Lv 5 female Zubat
Bugs - Lv 12 male Buneary
Jingler - Lv 23 male Chingling (Holy crack, Selfdestructing Geodudes!)

Grindin' an' grindin', yeah!
Grindin' an' grindin', YEAH!
Fun, fun, fun, fun -
oh wait it isn't really fun

(Does anybody actually read these?)

@emberjed: I've also forgotten to save several times, although nothing as major as losing a Pokemon - just losing several grinded levels....

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