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    Here is my first update for my Fire Red portion of my Bug UMC.

    Waking up in Pallet Town, I headed out to meet Prof. Oak and received Squirtle as my starter. Beating my rival and obtaining a pokedex, I immediately head off to Viridian Forest to catch my two first members of my Ultimate Bug Squad. After a bit of rummaging I catch a suitable Weedle and Caterpie and begin training. 6 levels later I have myself a beautiful Butterfree and an intimidating Beedrill.

    I proceeded through the forest, making quick time and leveling well. By the time I reached Brock both of them were at level 12. But this wouldn't be enough to beat Brock. I needed sleep powder to keep Brock's Onix's Rock Tomb for completely destroying my team with their 2x and 4x weaknesses. So after grinding up to level 15 I tackled Brock. Amanda's Confusion OHKO'ed Geodude. I got lucky with sleep powder and hit on the first try. Three confusions later and I was the victorious owner of the Boulder Badge

    I continued on my journey east, through route 3. Battling trainers and leveling I reached Mt Moon. Here I would catch my newest team member. I caught the first Paras I found, and promptly named him Shroom. After Shroom caught up in levels I rolled through Mt Moon, stopping Team Rocket and obtaining a fossil, not that it will be any use to me.

    Cerulean City is a beautifull city and after some shopping I tackled the Nugget Bridge. I wiped the floor with my rival and steam rolled through Nugget Bridge. I refused to join Team Rocket and helped Bill to receive the SS Ticket.

    Up comes my second gym battle, Misty. My recently caught Bug/Grass type Shroom will come in handy. I taught Skroom bullet seed from the TM I found in Mt Moon. Shroom carried me through most of the battle. Staryu was taken out with three bullet seeds but Stamie brought down Shroom just before he could finish the battle. Benny finished off with a single Twin Missle to beat Misty.

    I saved outside Cerulean Gym and will continue my journey soon.

    Team Ciax

    Amanda (Butterfree)

    Lv. 20 (Docile) @ Nothing
    Confusion, Sleep Powder
    Supersonic, Stun Spore

    Benny (Beedrill)

    Lv. 22 (Lax) @ Nothing
    Twineedle, Poison Sting
    Fury Attack, Focus Energy

    Shroom (Paras)

    Lv. 21 (Naive) @ Nothing
    Scratch, Leech Life
    Bullet Seed, Stun Spore

    Twinkle Twinkle
    Little Star
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