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>> PICTURE showing a CRUXITE DOWEL being carved in the TOTEM LATHE.
Yours is in the specific color of your character. (Red, Violet, Sky Blue or Slate Gray) <<


Your immense effort pays off. The axe does not hit with its sharp side because you are really bad with aiming still, but the heavy head bashes the lid off from the tube. It flies across the room as if it had been trying to get away on its own all this time. But something else also flies up, races around the room a couple of times and then comes to a stop in front of you, floating in the air expectantly.

((warning: epileptic light XD))

It is large as a head and flashes in black, white and a violet color. If you try to touch it, it moves out of the way. It is impossible to reach. Yet, it follows you around, more like a curious puppy dog than as something that would like to hurt you. Nope, it really does not seem to want to hurt you. Other than your eyes with its blinking, perhaps.

Something else also happens. The black screens on each side of the Cruxtruder are no longer empty. They suddenly show a number, ticking down steadily from 9:00. 8:59, 8:58, 8:57... Whatever it is ticking down to, it will happen in little less than 9 minutes.

If you happen to look up into the sky, you will see something looking like an airplane zooming across the blue air. Leaving a very smoky trail behind. And seemingly getting bigger by the minute. Just in case you happen to look up, that is. Maybe you will not even do that yet.

You get pestered rather quickly.

PS: Cruxtruder? Medium? What?
PS: You seem to know your stuff so I’ll trust you this ONCE.
PS: Getting something heavy though…

VB: Good.
VB: Don't be alarmed by the countdown.
VB: Or by the Kernelsprite, for that matter.
VB: It won't harm you so don't think about it for now.
VB: The most important thing now is to carve a Totem.
VB: Turn the handle on the Cruxtruder's tube and a Cruxite Dowel will pop up. Take it to the Totem Lathe, you know, the machine that you slid the Pre-Punched Card into earlier.
VB: When both a Punched Card and a Dowel are in place, the process will start automatically and a Totem will be carved.
VB: Here, this pic will show you.

-- viralBlaster sent doweltotem.png --
VB: Wait, I gotta do something to help your friend. brb

==> Manage to carve a Cruxite Totem.


Oh my. Gavin seems finished with his business. He tries to climb out from the bathroom's window... and now he is out, walking on the roof with a mix of relief and irritation on his face. If he interrupts or bothers Vieve now... well, somehow you feel that it is imperative that you keep her brother preoccupied or at least out of her way while she is dealing with Kernelsprites and Cruxite.

==> Distract Gavin Gostle in another creative way. ((You are allowed to bunny him for a while))


Vinnie's couch-maneuver works. The lid flies off as if it had tried to escape on its own all this time. But it quickly becomes obvious to you that it wasn't the lid itself. There was something underneath which now flies up, racing a few blindingly fast leaps around the air in the living room until it comes to a wobbly stop before you, hovering expectantly. If such a thing could be described as looking expectant.

((warning: epileptic light XD))

It doesn't only flicker in black and white though; it also blinks in a sky blue color now and then. It's large as a head and if you try to touch it, it jumps aside. It follows you around but seems more like a playful (and flying) puppy than like something that wants to hurt you.

There's something else as well, though. The empty screens on each side of the Cruxtruder are no longer blank. Instead they display numbers... ticking down steadily from 10:00. 9:59, 9:58, 9:57... Yeah, it's pretty obvious that it counts time. Ten minutes to something.

And if you should happen to look up into the sky, you would probably see something resembling an airplane flying across the blueness of it. With a smoky trail behind. And it would seem to get larger by the second...

After a while, you get pestered by... hang on, another new name? And this person too seems bent on helping you as rapidly as they can.

-- cunningFrauder began pestering archaicMiracle --
CF: Hello, honey~
CF: You are so different! :}
CF: Well, anyways~ Since VC apparently has fallen asleep, I'm here to make sure you survive.
CF: That blinking thing is called the kernelsprite and its your new friend!
CF: There's some business you should do with the cruxtruder now, I guess. It's ticking down, you see?
CF: But the kernelsprite is more fun so let's focus on that~!
CF: You need to PROTOTYPE it now, honey. It's when you throw something at it and cause it to merge with that thing.
CF: Then the kernelsprite will turn into your new BEST friend~!
CF: But don't use anything too dangerous. Or too lame, for that matter. It's a fine balance!
CF: Actually, it's preferable to use something that resembles a living thing. Or used to be a living thing. Or even is a living thing, I guess.
CF: Come on, prototype it with something~

==> Prototype your Kernelsprite. Once.


Uh-oh. Tulio Greyson is coming home. He is walking up the path to the house on the front side... if he sees the mess inside, who knows what he will do? Maybe ground Candice forever and discard her internet privileges! And then you wouldn't be able to see what happens next in this weird game. It clearly seems imperative that you somehow distract Candice's father and make sure that he doesn't enter the house until Candice is done with the Kernelsprite business.

==> Distract Tulio Greyson in a creative way. ((You are allowed to bunny him for a while))


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