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    Pokemon Sapphire Nuzlocke

    Update 2

    -LORAN evolvee to Lombrero on Route 102
    -EDDIE evolved to Beautifly on Route 103 (East Side)
    -BRAWLY solo'd by TED (Lv. 17), Wing Attack spam
    -ABRAHAM evolves to Kadabra on Route 102
    -ZIGGY evolves to Linoone on Route 117
    -WATTSON solo'd by CASEY (Lv. 24), Double Kick spam

    While the update is really short, the gameplay was pretty long. Defeating 700+ wild Pokemon is a feat, even with speeding. And of course, occasional 300+ runs from unwanted Pokemon. At least I got CASEY and LORAN's Speed EVs maxed. I also maxed CASEY's Attack EV. All that's left now is Loran's Sp. Attack EV (Ralts was too rare, so I'm waiting for Numel). I really have no idea why I was doing that, but I'll probably transfer them to Emerald for the Battle Frontier one day.

    Encounter List
    Littleroot Town: Torchick ♂ Lv. 5, got and named CASEY
    Route 101: Wurmple ♀ Lv. 3, killed - no Poke Balls
    Route 103: Zigzagoon ♀ Lv. 3, caught and named ZIGGY
    Route 102: Lotad ♂ Lv. 4, caught and named LORAN
    Route 104: Wingull ♂ Lv. 5, caught and named FOSTER
    Petalburg Woods: Silcoon ♂ Lv. 5, caught and named EDDIE
    Route 116: Taillow ♂ Lv. 6, caught and named TED
    Rusturf Tunnel: Whismur ♂ Lv. 7, caught and named SAM
    Granite Cave: Abra ♂ Lv. 9, caught and named ABRAHAM
    Route 110: Gulpin ♂ Lv. 12, caught and named GULLIVER
    Route 117: Roselia ♂ Lv. 14, killed


    CASEY ♂ the Combusken, Adamant nature, Lv. 25
    Double Kick

    TED ♂ the Taillow, Adamant nature, Lv. 21
    Wing Attack
    Double Team
    Quick Attack

    LORAN ♂ the Lombre, Quiet nature, Lv. 20
    Fake Out
    Nature Power

    ZIGGY ♀ the Linoone, Docile nature, Lv. 20
    Odor Sleuth
    Tail Whip

    EDDIE ♂ the Beautifly, Hardy nature, Lv. 20
    Morning Sun
    Stun Spore

    ABRAHAM ♂ the Kadabra, Timid nature, Lv. 21

    SAM ♂ the Whismur, Lv. 7
    GULLIVER ♂ the Gulin, Lv. 12

    FOSTER ♂ the Wingull, Lv. 5 > Lv. 15, killed by Roxanne's Nosepass's (Lv. 15) Rock Tomb

    Well I hope it's not just me. I always read what everyone's posting. It's around three posts a day with each being only few sentences long.

    Also, where's the challenge if you soft reset after losing a Pokemon? I thought the challenge was beating the game AFTER losing your precious team mates, and that's the main rule (main trait) of the challenge. Unless you lose all six of them. Then it's game over, as it's pretty long and boring training weaklings again. Better off playing the game again from scratch. At least that's what I did when I lost my first Blue Nuzlocke. And I even managed to lose to Rival in Route 22 just before E4. I've also lost twice in Silver (didn't even have time to record it, as I died at second gym once, and against Rival after that gym). My first run of Sapphire was a trainwreck too. Lost to May on Route 110. And all 4 times I started back from scratch. Of course, switching to turbo since it would really be tiresome playing it all again at normal speed. But I've always respected the dead. I play carefully, and manage my party well, so I don't lose Pokemon too often. But when I lose them, I release them. That's why I sometimes get too carried away while grinding. With all party members being as strong as the next gym leader is too much power, since regular trainers are often weaker than that said gym leader.
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