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    Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post
    I've never seen anything that stated Red was specifically based on Tajiri himself. Red is supposedly this unbeatable trainer, while Ash is the kid with a dream. Totally different characters.

    Still, 15 years is a long time. If they haven't replaced him after that long, 5 regions, and 649 Pokemon, I doubt he'll be replaced.
    Ash was based on Red (in case you haven't noticed, Red's original artwork bore a lot of resemblance to Ash), so if a equals b and b equals c, then a equals c, hence how Red is based on Tajiri. Circular logic.

    Replacing a live action actor and replacing an animated character are two different things. They didn't replace Ash when Veronica Taylor and the rest of the original actors were recast. Sheen got the idea he was greatness and deserved more than he was getting, which got him replaced. Though, from what I've heard, the show isn't doing as well without him.
    That, as well as drug problems, but then again, I read a TV Guide article that implies that the guy who created the show was "winning" despite Sheen's removal. And I should point out that I don't even like Two and a Half Men (it's really morally disgusting, really, even without Sheen's antics on the show).

    Cartoon Network isn't rerunning anything before Best Wishes to my knowledge anymore. I know they reran some of Diamond and Pearl for a while, but I think that's over. Boomerang is showing Hoenn, but not everyone has Boomerang. And not everyone will buy DVDs. Kids are only going to care about whatever they can watch on TV. The show is designed so that kids can get into whichever the current Generation it is in without concern for pervious Generations. Best Wishes was basically a "reboot" or "fresh start" of sorts, which is why a lot of the ties from the rest of the show were cut, which might explain why Brock was also replaced this time. Everything was supposed to feel new for Gen 5, even with Ash and Pikachu returning.
    They also have video streaming sites such as Youtube or NDN, it's not like people can't watch them there. And besides, they can find DVD boxed sets at their local retailer store, whether it be Walmart, Target, Best Buy, even a Mom & Pop shop if needs be. There's also Ebay and Amazon for online people, so it's not like kids can't get the DVDs. And either way, I know a student from my elementary school next to my high school who tried to get signatures for a Bring Misty Back petition under my request, and the fact that he would even search there instead of asking "Who's Misty" makes it a bit obvious that even the younger kids would have heard of the original series, and this was at a time when Diamond and Pearl was nearly finished with its first or second season, back in 2007/2008.

    The flashbacks and returns basically are there for any older fans. But regardless, it doesn't matter. Kids can catch up if they want, the internet makes that fairly easy to just read up on characters, but there's nothing preventing anyone from enjoying the show.
    Actually, if they wanted to truly reboot the series, they have to get rid of ALL the old, leave nothing behind. Had I been one of the writers, and I were tasked with making a reboot, I'd ensure that all old characters, even Ash, are not only replaced, but also not even acknowledged, since that's the entire point of a reboot, to basically erase all old continuity and replace it with all new things, with no traces of the old. Think how (spoilers) Selina Kyle's entire criminal record and past was erased at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

    Except Ash is still 10, not 20, not 30. He's a kid, he's not supposed to be perfect. Kids mess up, it's how they learn. But "stupidity" is not an accurate word for Ash. He's always made mistakes, his biggest (and one he made quite frequently) was trying to use Charizard when he knew it wouldn't listen to him. It cost him the first Pokemon league and several other battles. Any other mistakes, like the ones in Best Wishes, are just for explaining how Pokemon works, such as having to weaken Pokemon before catching them, or Ground types being uneffected by Electric attacks.
    Maybe he is a kid, sure, and maybe he is supposed to learn his lessons, but that DOESN'T mean that he should REPEAT those mistakes. Remember, he's been through several regions, so kid or not, he's supposed to be a veteran by this point.

    I doubt Game Freak expected people to hate the anime just because they kept Ash and didn't age him. It's just a cartoon, so I don't really know why people get so upset over it. Game Freak probably expects teens and adults to get out of Pokemon, because most people do move past video games and cartoons.
    Yeah, well, they should. Or, they should have made sure the anime doesn't actually have an on-going plot (like the Final Fantasy series, or heck, even the Roadrunner/Looney Tones cartoons, where each episode short was completely different from the past, the plots being entirely divorced).

    "Completely stupid"? He now has 8 Unova badges, so he's qualified for the Unova League, not to mention he's doing well in the World Tournament Junior Cup. People act as if he is a complete failure when he isn't. And again, I wouldn't expect a 10 year old to be a Pokemon Master and defeat Champions like Cynthia or Alder.
    If he could beat the likes of the Battle Frontier Brains (whom, BTW, were implied to be on the level of the Elite 4 or even the champion), he could most certainly handle the Champions. Otherwise, the Battle Frontier Brains are just as bad as Team Rocket in Episode 3. And the stupid comment was in reference to mistaking Iris for a pokemon in the first episode, and I based it on comments other users were saying about it.

    Except Ash's role is being the ideal trainer, not in terms of winning and losing, though he always makes it to the League, but as a trainer who loves and cares for his Pokemon. Everyone just wants to see a dominate force in the series, which would be extremely predictable.
    Considering the fact that Ash has already gone through previous regions, why shouldn't we think he should be doing far better than that. If he's a veteran, that means he should be like, I dunno, Solid Snake in how he acts. Solid Snake showed himself to not be a rookie in future installments of Metal Gear Solid, and certainly not make rookie mistakes. Why can't they depict him in a very similar manner especially here in BW.

    Last I heard, the ratings for Best Wishes are pretty steady. It's a 15 year old show, it can't be the best forever. The only reason the ratings would decrease is the original fans leaving the anime, but the fans from the 90s are all adults now so it's expected. There are still plenty of kid fans that continue to watch the show.
    Maybe if it was a small ratings decrease, like 8.98, or 8.89, it shouldn't be too much of a concern, but sinking from 9.0 to nearly 5.0 or less is by no means a "small" decrease. Even with the argument that the original fans have left the show, they should be replaced by the new audience and maintain a steady rating system, not sharply decrease. It sharply decreasing would imply that it's not doing well even among the target audience.

    Pokemon is supposedly still one of the most watched shows in Japan, but ratings are decreasing for all shows, probably due to them being available on the internet. Their business isn't being ruined, if that were true, they'd end the series.
    Except the ratings of the show have significantly decreased. That would give enough people worry as to do risky decisions just to keep it on the air. From what I remember of the pokeani ratings, I think the Battle Frontier portion of the show was in the 5.5 range, with the lowest episode at that point being the Lucy episode.

    If you ran a cartoon with a steady fanbase aimed at young CHILDREN, would you want to make the show more violent, especially if you were counting on selling merch with these characters and creatures faces on them?
    If I knew well enough that the loss of the Anime would not result in the Games being severely impacted by the decision, yes, I would. Don't forget, the Mario and Zelda shows were short lived, yet the game franchise itself is still going strong. If they could pull it off, Pokemon most certainly can as well.

    Brock wasn't the Lead character either. The entire Pokemon is this: Ash's journey to become a Pokemon Master. Everyone else (human-wise) is extra.
    Actually, in some of the episodes, the Narrator specifically refers to the group as "Our Heroes," meaning that they ARE the Lead characters.

    He's 10. Do you really expect a 10 year old to be a master at anything? And do we really need to compare Pokemon to Metal Gear Solid? Snake and Ash are nothing alike at all.
    Maybe not a master, but he should be a veteran at least (Veteran is different than a master, as while a veteran is someone who is experienced and seasoned enough at something, a master means the person has exceptional skills and experience far outweighing a veteran) considering the fact that he travelled through four, maybe six regions by this point, and thus should know what he's doing. And I used Snake as an example because his personality in the games was indicative of a seasoned veteran compared to the first Metal Gear.