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    here comes another bad update because 5 of my pokemon died...
    i went aboard the S.S Anna so i can get the hm cut and soon lost Snake to one of the trainers. i then lost Mole to ANOTHER trainer. i was not happy losing two pokemon so quickly so i was extremly careful not to lose anymore.i was doing fine until the battle with my rival. i had given Pidgen extra training so i could take out gary's pidgeotto. Pidgen had evolved and was level 21 so i was confident he could take out the pidgeotto. but then i used whirlwind.. his charmeleon got sent out and i freaked out and used whirlwind again but not before it used ember. Pidgen survived but not for long. this time raticate was sent out. i made the mistake of using whirlwind and raticate used hyper fang. i hate hyper fang. Pidgen died so Ch'ding got sent out and luckily killed raticate charmeleon was about to be sent out i had no idea what to do so Ch'Ding stayed in. charmeleon OHKO Ch'ding and my weapon against charmeleon was too hurt from a previous battle. Plant got sent out and WHOOPED CHARMELEON'S BUTT. Plant still had a decent amount of HP left so he soloed the rest of gary's pokemon. after victory i got the hm and soon beat surge. Plant did most of the work so he is becoming much stronger than the rest of my pokemon. after the gym battle i went and got hm5 flash then headed to route 9. at route 9 i caught ANOTHER spearow which i named raptor. soon Rufus's pick up ability became very useful. i have gotten 2 nuggets, 2 tm10s, and a rare candy. at route 10 i caught a voltorb named Pokeball which soon got killed form a geodude's magnitude. before that i caught a onix in rock tunnel named Boulder. i am currently in lavender town preparing for celedon city.

    What i caught and killed each area.

    route 1 killed a pidgey
    route 2 killed a weedle
    viridian forest captured a Lv3 pikachu named her Mouse
    route 3 caught a Lv7 spearow named her Bird
    mt. moon caught a Lv8 geodude named her Rock
    route 4 caught a second Lv10 spearow later traded it for a far'fetched in vermillion
    route 5 caught a Lv13 oddish named it Weed
    route 6 caught a Lv12 meowth named it Rufus(the name of one of my cats)
    route 24 can't remember what i killed
    route 25 caught a Lv13 pidgey named it Pidgen
    vermillion city traded a second spearow for a Lv10 Far'fetched named Ch'ding o.o
    digglet's cave caught a Lv19 digglet named it Mole
    route 11 caught a Lv12 ekans named it Snake(forgot that ekans is snake backwards)
    route 9 caught a spearow named Raptor
    route 10 caught a voltorb named Pokeball
    rock tunnel caught a onix named Boulder


    Current Team
    Weed Lv24
    Raptor Lv17
    Boulder Lv18
    Rufus Lv18
    Bird Lv22
    Plant Lv34

    Rock Lv8-Lv17
    Mouse Lv3-Lv19
    Snake Lv12-Lv16
    Mole Lv19-Lv19
    Pidgen Lv13-Lv21
    Ch'ding Lv10-Lv17
    Pokeball Lv16-Lv17

    i did this all yesterday so there might be a few mistakes. if there are i'll fix them.
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