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    I just totally ninja'd you, Quto.


    I'll give you a brief summary of our group:

    Kiba is my character. He's pretty much an isolated loner, except for the fact that Julia had just become his girlfriend. Also, he was healed by being punched!

    Julia is PkMnTrainer Yellow's character. She's a naive girly girl who seriously kicks a** in Pokemon battles.

    Jack is Greiger's character. He seems somewhat strict but caring with his Pokemon, and names (most of them) in military alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf-- Err, I mean, Lillith.)

    Shadoan is Quto's character. His pokemon are very entertaining to me.

    Uh oh, I just noticed: Boys now outnumber girls 4 to 1. I'm sure Julia's going to be thrilled. /Sarcasm

    If you want to know about each character, you'd probably have to ask their creators. If you asked I'd be sure to explain to you what Kiba's like as well as his Pokemon.

    Lastly, our location is an open area, we're living in tents at the moment, and construction on a fancy inn is taking place. I'm sure it will hold over well with this deadly island. The big show thing is being set up still, but some are going in early to get front seats.