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Vieve Gotle

The axe works the first time and it causes the lid to fly off into the sky. I’m not sure where it’s going to land probably the street in front of my house. I need to make sure that I start practicing with this axe if I ever want to get good at aiming it. A blur dashes pass me as if it’s free from being in the device but I couldn’t see what it is. I try to take a step forward then I remember I’m on a broken machine and that might not be the best idea. Plus, I’m still handing this heavy axe, which I’m not quite sure how to put back in the card. With a sigh I toss the axe down onto the grass hoping it would magically disappear into the card. Needless to say it doesn’t and that’s when I remember I need to get that green card. I look down to my feet that are way dirtier than they should be, thanks SBURB. Deciding to pick up the card then jump down from the machine is one of my brighter ideas of the day. Why isn’t this day over with or would it never end? I rearrange my dress as I walk (three steps) over to my axe, which unsurprisingly didn’t land very far away from the Cruxorsomething. Collapsing in the grass is not my idea of relaxing but neither is doing physical labor. Okay, so maybe I’m not that tired from swinging an axe once but today itself has just been taxing and stressful. I swipe/put/place the green card on my weapon of choice then detach the green pendant to return the card to its rightful place.

My personal space is broken by a rapidly blinking light that isn’t shutting off. I only like it when it flashes a violet color the black and white isn’t too appealing to me. I slowly stick my hand out to try and grab it to see if I can pull it closer but it darts out of reach. I’m standing up now because this thing is intriguing me and the grass is itchy. It’s the size of about, well, my head except it’s more spherical and moves a lot more. Has someone been feeding this thing energy drink, wait, what exactly is this thing? I’m beginning to learn not to ask so more questions and just go with it. It starts circling me, which I in turn try to keep up with it by spinning in a circle. Apparently this thing doesn’t get dizzy but I do! I’m leaning on the Cruxorsomething for support when I see that its screens are on and my weight isn’t on it but some kind of countdown. 8:57… 8:56… 8:55… What the hell is going on? A countdown to what? This thing is a bomb, isn’t it? I decide to just run for the stairs even though if it is a bomb I am still dead. This thought doesn’t stop me as I run as quickly as I can up the stairs and into my room.

Out of breathe and apparently almost out of time I hop on my computer to tell the others that I’m dead. First, I would curse 'til the heavens turn black at Ricardo for putting me in this mess. Next tell Candice that a black dress is going to be a requirement for my funeral. Vinnie is complicating because I’m not sure what I want to tell him so I’m just going to say bye. I start to type a message to Ricardo when I notice that viralBlaster person response is blinking.
VB: Good.
VB: Don't be alarmed by the countdown.
VB: Or by the Kernelsprite, for that matter.
VB: It won't harm you so don't think about it for now.
VB: The most important thing now is to carve a Totem.
VB: Turn the handle on the Cruxtruder's tube and a Cruxite Dowel will pop up. Take it to the Totem Lathe, you know, the machine that you slid the Pre-Punched Card into earlier.
VB: When both a Punched Card and a Dowel are in place, the process will start automatically and a Totem will be carved.
VB: Here, this pic will show you.

-- viralBlaster sent doweltotem.png --
VB: Wait, I gotta do something to help your friend. brb
PS: This is a lot to take in.
PS: Carve a Totem?
PS: Man, you couldn’t tell me this before I ran up the stairs?
PS: Fine, fine.
PS: My friend? Which one? They’re going through this?
S/He is in contact with one of my friends? That means Candice, right? I don’t have time for this I have to carve a totem. I click on the picture to get a sense of what I’m suppose to do before I head down the stairs. The bright flashy thing is the Kernelsprite and the countdown isn’t a bomb, gotcha. I notice that the Kernelsprite follows me wherever I go as it is currently floating behind me. I hope it’s ready for another adventure because I sure am not. I make my way down to the Cruxtruder, what is this my fourth trip? Ricardo could’ve at least put them all in my living room so I don’t have to walk very far. The flashing lights are going to give me a headache somehow I need to get it to stop. Stopping at the base of the Cruxtruder I turn around and swing out my hand to try to capture the Kernelsprite. It seems to have the reaction time of a God because it avoids my hand with no problem. I let out a sigh and got on the Cruxtruder to start turning the wheel. I start the process with a big turn and keep doing so until I see violet color block coming up from out of the tube. I’m starting to wonder why all of the things I receive are violet in color. There are the machines, Kernelsprite, and now this totem thing. I finish turning the wheel and grab the totem it isn’t as heavy as I thought it would be.

“Come on, Kernel,” I know that I don’t even have to tell it to follow for it to but it feels like the right thing to do. The journey back to my room is the same as the last eight hundred times but with a totem thing. At the top of the stairs I notice the countdown, which viralBlaster said not to worry about but I couldn’t help it. 7:54… 7:53…7:52… Whatever it’s counting down to is something I don’t want to be apart of. Entering my room I see Tiberius napping on the top of one of my plants but I just leave him there for now. I settle the totem into the Totem machine like the picture instructs me to and twist the wheel. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Tiberius jump from the plant onto the Kernelsprite! It’s probably too busy paying attention to me and not to Tiberius but what happens if they are to make contact…?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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