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    Update 3#

    Before I started this update I evolved my draga into a gyarados and train armor to level 20 thus both learned bite

    so i enter mt.moon and battle all the trainers in there and picked up all the items so it wasn't a big deal

    I get to route 5 and made armor learn mega punch instead of whitdraw which will be very helpful

    i get to cerulean gym which was very hard to knock down since it was a water type gym

    The battle with misty was annoying but i defeat her in the end staryu dies to a mega punch from armor and starmie falls to a crit bite from draga so yeah

    by defeating misty i get tm03 water pulse and immaditly teach that to draga since draga's only water attack was hydro pump at level 40

    then i defeat the nugget bridge and route 25 thus training both draga and armor to level 25 and draga learnes dragon rage instead of splash

    then i did the bill event and he gave me an s.s.ticket to board the s.s.anne

    in the next update i will take the road to varmillion city



    armor the wartortle lv.25


    rapid spin

    water gun

    mega punch

    draga the gyarados lv.25

    dragon rage



    water pulse
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