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    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    On the contrary, each new season he regresses more and more. The only way to change that is unfortunately to replace him. Ash is the character of my childhood, so it's difficult to imagine the animé without him, but now we need changement, Ash's done, he hasn't anything new to show now.
    He "resets", same as every time a new game comes out. You aren't allowed to carry over Level 100 Pokemon from Gen 3 or 4 to Gen 5 and be a master at the start. If we have to start over every region, why does it matter if Ash does?

    He's not done. As long as Game Freak keeps making games, Ash will have somewhere new to travel and new Pokemon to catch and train. I don't see this regression everyone seems to love to point out. It always falls back to the Trip battle against Snivy. 2 things about that battle:
    1-Zekrom disabled Pikachu's Electric attacks, and being an Electric Pokemon, that takes its strongest moves away from it.
    2-No one ever mentions it (probably because it would flaw Trip's Snivy and make Pikachu look like it was cheated) but Snivy being fresh and supposedly only at Lv. 5 knew Leaf Tornado, a move it can't learn until Lv. 16.

    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    He hasn't evolved that much since Sinnoh I think... It was the moment to really change it, I mean, they wanted a new departure for him so it was the opportunity, wasn't it? But no, it's just another season with a ten years old Ash.

    Perhaps because 10 years old is the age of the target demographic and has been since Red and Green came out?

    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    If it's always like that Pokémon anime could be endless, with the lack of scenario, it's real pity for a so fabulous universe, even though they have so many means ... And of course he's more mature than when he started in Kanto, but the fact that he was so childish at that time doesn't bother since he was a young boy that was just starting his adventure ! Now that scenario that occurs almost each new season again becomes boring.
    If games keep coming, the anime will probably keep going. The anime brings kids into the games (that's how I got into them) so if it helps sell games, they'll keep it.

    Ash is still a young boy, which perfectly explains why he isn't a Master yet. And again, reseting represents the restart at the beginning of each game we go through. But each region he goes to has different events that take place, like Best Wishes has the Junior World Championship. And everyone thought Ash was going to face Drayden for his last badge, but he faced Roxie instead. Each region is not a complete copy of the previous one.

    Originally Posted by G Deoxys View Post
    On the topic of Red and Ash resembling one another, Honestly i believe they are two sides of the same coin, they are the same but different. Red ages, doesn't say anything stupid, actually wins stuff, and is the ultimate pokemon master.
    While on the other hand you have ash. Doesn't age, is annoying and always makes a fool of himself, somehow manages to lose everything (besides the orange islands) and dreams of being a pokemon master.
    Having a perfect, unbeatable trainer is better than one that is more human? Goku made mistakes in DBZ too, despite being the best.

    These issues with Ash:
    Doesn't age - doesn't matter. He's a cartoon.
    Annoying and makes a fool of himself - It's a kids show, he has to do silly things for laughs.
    Lose everything - 44 badges, and various smaller things he's done. Not toe mention being the first person ever to KO Tobias's Darkrai.

    He's not a failure. Not winning the Pokemon League =/= crappy trainer. Paul is thought to be one of Ash's greatest rivals by a lot of people, but he also lost in the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn leagues.

    Originally Posted by G Deoxys View Post
    The big mistake they made with Ash was that he doesn't age, i've seen it mentioned before how it appeals to the younger generation now but thats irrelevant. this links back to my point about Ash and Red being the same, Ash is the repetitive character, going through his journey, then ultimately restarting and repeating the process. While Red is the real-time equivalent of Ash, pretty much meaning if Ash aged he would be where Red is.
    And that would make the show better? No, it would make the show predictable and then they'd replace him and do the exact same thing over and over again. THAT would be boring, to watch basically the same character just with a different look and name do the exact same thing every time. At least with Ash, they can play with stories and such. Can you imagine what the fanbase would say if Red lost a battle if he were in the anime?
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