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So, I decided that I'm going to be brave here and try to get into my first RP on here.

Here goes nothing!

Name: Serenade Hawthorne

Age: 15

Sex: Female

B-type: Rouge

Apperance: She has layered, wavy reddish-brown hair that flows past her shoulders, and tapers down at the bottom, right above her bellybutton. She has bangs that she styles upwards, and they accent her warm hazel eyes quite nicely. The scar across her left cheek tends to make people wonder though. Serenade is generally mistaken for a seventeen year old, and most people are amazed when she tells them her age. She is 5'4, and has a slightly lean build. She's not the skinniest- her bone structure wouldn't allow her to be. The girl is only 15, and she fills out a D-cup quite fully. Yet, she's not exactly curvy either. The outfit style she usually goes by is slightly tom-boyish; a black tank-top with an unzipped, tight fitting white jacket over it, and shorts.

Pokemon Team:

Name: Rise
Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Moveset: Swords Dance, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Double Team
Personality: Being Serenades first Pokemon, Rise is very loyal and protective to her. As an egg, Rise was nurtured by a young girl, who died before he hatched. When Rise was born, the girls mother went to Amity Square with him, hoping to find him a trainer. The woman approached Serenade, and bam. He's a stubborn Absol, but listens to his master despite this. He knows Serenade- and in times when she's freaking out, he's good at staying calm and reaching their goal.

Name: Navi
Species: Staravia
Gender: Male
Moveset: Aerial Ace, Fly, Agility, Take Down
Personality: Navi is very passive, and pretty much will do anything anyone or any Pokemon wants him to do. For that, the other Pokemon usually in Serenade's party like to use him to do things for them, which Serenade strongly discourages.

Name: Arelia
Species: Glacieon
Gender: Female
Moveset: Ice Fang, Bite, Barrier, Blizzard
Personality: Arelia is very shy, and unless she's out on the battlefield, its hard to get a glimpse of her true power. The only time you'll see her mad is when Seed irritates her.

Name: Seed
Species: Leafeon
Gender: Female
Moveset: Grass Knot, Grass Whistle, Razor Leaf, Swords Dance
Personality: Serenade got Seed and Aralia at the same time from her cousin who runs a Poke day-care. Seed is the more hyper of the two, and she is very excitable. She's very loyal though, and obeys commands flawlessly.

Name: Nicolai
Species: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Moveset: Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Swift, SmokeScreen
Personality: Nicolai is very sweet, but can be a trickster. He's not the strongest of the group, but he tries really hard to please his teammates, and master. He joined the team when he encountered Serenade and Arelia, and ever since he's had a very strong attraction towards her.

Name: Hope
Species: Lapras
Gender: Male
Moveset: Sing, Surf, Water Pulse, Ice Beam
Personality: Lapras is like the Dad-figure to the rest of the team, and he doesn't put up with any of their arguments. Other than that, Hope is one of the most gentle, and has almost infinite patience.

Bio: Serenade is really smart. She's good at coming up with strategies, and academically she over-achieves. As for her personality. Serenade can be a smart-alec, but her true side she rarely shows. She keeps it locked up, unless she's around someone she can truly trust and be herself around. She's kind and warmhearted, and has good intentions. Serenade is extremely stubborn, and stands by what she believes in. Just like every person though, she has flaws. She gets lost in her thoughts quite often, overthinks everything, and gets slightly depressed occasionally, but she stores it all inside, and is very good at keeping a smile on her face and just going along with her sarcastic attitude.

As for family, Serenade was born and raised in Hearthome City, and loved it. When she was eight her mother dissapeared, and her dad came to live with her. To this day Serenade doesn't know why or where her mother went to. For months she was restless, eager for her mom. Until she just gave up.

When it comes to people, Serenade always had a lot of 'friends', but she never really connected with anyone, or had a 'best' friend. Serenade's spent most of her time with Rise, who seems to be the only being she can truly trust.

Outside of the Pokemon world, my interests include:

Drawing[], and... Reading/watching a ton of Fairy Tail.