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Vieve Gotle

I almost let out a scream as I see Tiberius make contact with the Kernelsprite and for whatever reason it didn’t move! A burst of light overcomes me making it so that I cannot see what’s happening. I shut my eyes waiting for the brightness to dim down to a manageable level. Squinting open my eyes I see that the Kernelsprite is floating in front of me but it looks different. I rub my eyes to make sure I’m seeing this sight right. My Kernelsprite is now Tiberius but it’s only Tiberius’s head. What the hell? It’s still blinking violet, white, and black but now it’s cuter.

This is all too weird for me I need to hurry up and get this over with. In time I know that this is only going to get stranger than what I'm already experiencing. I wonder if Candice's in the same situation as me right now? I twist the totem a final time before handing back over to my computer hoping to get more information. Kernelsprite no I’m calling him Tiberius because it’s less of a mouthful. I’m wondering if he is still alive and what exactly happen when they merged? Am I ever going to get Tiberius back to his normal self? What do I need to do to get him back to me in one piece? I hate this game. Okay, settling down is something I need to do. Right! Check those messages...
VB: I know it is. You'll get used to all the strangeness eventually.
VB: And no, you didn't have a computer downstairs.
VB: The tomboy. Candice.
VB: Chatting with the others will have to wait, though. Concentrate on me and Ricardo.
VB: Oh.
VB: You prototyped your sprite without my help. That's impressive.
VB: Congratulations. It seems you now have the Kittensprite.

PS: Candice…
PS: Don’t you hurt her!
PS: His name is Tiberius. So, Tiberiusprite but that’s a mouthful.

I see a message from Ricardo but like usual he hasn't given me the answers to what I want the most. The others knew how stubborn I could be when I want things my way and that's exactly what I'm going to be. That phrase "it's my way or the highway" comes into effect with me because I'm not one to mess around with. I prefer to be the nice, gentle Vieve but sometimes I turn into a female dog and that's fine with me.
BE: Get ready for what?
BE: And what's that glowy thing behind you?

PS: I'm not talking to you until I know where Gavin is.
Just then I get a playful nudge from Tiberius signaling he wants to do something or wants to be scratch. I shoo him away because frankly I have no time for either. I’m wondering if everything’s okay with Vinnie and Candice but mostly Candice. I read the rest of the messages that Blaster sent, yeah, I’m calling him/her that for sure. I’m just going to assume it’s a her because well because.
VB: But this means that you are ready to go.
VB: Ready to enter the Medium. And don't try to refuse. Because you'll have to enter.
VB: Look up and you'll see why.

PS: Medium? What are you talking about?
PS: Look up?
I look up but only see my ceiling but I then figure she up as in outside. I’m standing up quicker than I realize and get closer to the stairs. I peer up into the sky and am holding my breathe in the following seconds. There is something coming down like a fallen airplane and there is no way I could avoid it. This is fantastic just as I evade the bomb or rather what I think is a bomb I face another terror. I squint and squint trying to figure out exactly what this thing is? I'm figuring it's just a crashing plane but something tells me it's not. Is it an asteroid because that would totally make sense! Maybe it will grant me super powers or something. This is the only way I knew how to stay calm by cracking dumb jokes though I think they're pretty clever. Gavin always hates them but who cares what he thinks? If it's not at the bottom of a bottle he doesn't give two... Maybe I won't use that kind of language. Even though I dislike this particular hobby of his he was still my brother, my twin brother. I'm worrying about him even more since Ricardo hasn't made a response to my messages about him. Will SBURB take all of my friends and family leaving me lonely?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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