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AM: How did you know it was a Fluffysprite anyway?
AM: Unless I said it out loud without knowing...

CF: Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.
CF: But seriously, honey, what else would you name that thing? ;}
CF: So over to the boring stuff. Stuff that will fit you, right?
CF: Turn the handle on the cruxtruder and some kind of round dowel will pop up. It's called cruxite.
CF: Then take the cruxite dowel to the... hm... the Totem Lathe, and clamp it stuck.
CF: And put down the pre-punched little card into the only slot where it seems to fit ;}
CF: And watch magic happen. A totem will be carved~!
CF: Oh, and don't worry about your dear papa. Vinnie made him busy~!

Well. Simple enough instructions. Unless the totem takes ages to lathe, you can maybe be magically saved from the meteor in time... Unless something unpredictable happens.

Then, something unpredictable happens.

A strong flash of light comes from Fluffysprite and when you turn around, you see that his appearance has changed. He suddenly starts turning his head around and around, changing colors and changing facial expressions every time, as if he is testing his new appearances out.

When he turns around and becomes a red face, Fluffysprite looks angry. When he twists up a blue face, he looks sad. A yellow face looks very happy and a green face has his usual calm and caring look. So it seems like Fluffysprite now has four different faces, but his head still only has one side and not four. He just twists his head around to change his mood. Still, he only blinks in white, black and sky blue; none of the new colors really shine out.

Apparently, someone just prototyped your Kernelsprite a second time. It wasn't you, so who could it have been? Hmmm?

==> Extract a sky blue CRUXITE DOWEL and carve a TOTEM from it.


You have managed to carve a TOTEM from a violet CRUXITE DOWEL. It's as rubbery and big as before, only with different shape. ((Like this))

VB: You saw the meteor?
VB: It will hit your house when the time on the Cruxtruder runs out. But don't worry. You will survive. And so will your brother, I presume.
VB: You only have a couple of minutes left. It should be enough though. But be efficient.
VB: Keep your cool. You are cool, I know it.
VB: Go down to the Alchemiter. The biggest machine. And put the Totem on the right spot. You'll see where.

The sky has lightened up in an even redder color. You can hear neighbors screaming, even. They must have spotted the meteor as well. It is big as a large airplane so, no wonder it's clearly visible in its reckless descent towards your neighborhood.

==> Use the ALCHEMITER. End your post there.

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