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    In my humble opinion, YOU'RE CRAZY! But I like crazy ideas, so I'll give you my thoughts on your storyline concept. Although I really only skimmed it and will reread it later, your idea seems to try and merge the threads that comprise the best parts of the tales told by Ruby, Sapphir, and Emerald while also introducing new story elements to tie it all together. While I appreciate the initiative that you take in weaving the structure that you hope to see manifested in the remakes that we who read this thread especially anticipate, I doubt that Nintendo would allow GameFreak to modify the event sequence that occurs during the player character's journey through the Hoenn region as heavily as you did without providing players with some sort of fork in the event sequence which would allow them to choose between the game's multiple paths. In regards to locked gym orders, they have only existed in terms of story events; players could completely ignore most of these and obtain at least most of their badges in no particular order whatsoever. In fact, Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver Versioms actually embraced this fact by allowing players to exploit a fork in story events near the late middle of the Johto story arc. If I were you, I would go back to the drawing board and devise a story mechanic that allows players to make a similar decision at various points in the game. But I'm not you, and I have other game concepts to nurture, namely that concerning the Aeonn region that I have designed. That, however, is a discussion for another time and thread; we currently discuss the Ruby and Sapphire remakes and the possibilities surrounding them. Speaking of which, how long did it take, on average, for speculation concerning past remakes begin after the original games' release? How much longer after that, on average, did Nintendo announce the remakes in question? How much longer after that, on average, were the games released? Finally, how lengthy was the average interval between the releases of the original games and their releases? Maybe we can use the pieces of data that answer these questions to estimate a more exact range of dates for each event required in the course of marketing and releasing remakes of the main games of Pokémon's third generation. Any other dates relevant to the remakes would also be heavily appreciated.
    When I think of which platform might host our community's triumphant return to Hoenn, however, I hope that the Nintendo 3DS might receive the honors of doing so without losing compatibility with generations three through five. How do the rest of you think this might be achieved? I wonder if a DS Download Play client could use the Dual Slot capabilities of the original Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite to enable functionality similar to that of Generation IV's Pal Park and Generation V's PokéTransfer system. This feature might also allow users to import their old Hoenn save files into their copies of the Hoenn remakes. A similar approach could also be pursued with the remakes that we all hope to see made of Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, FireRed. and LeafGreen Versioms. As I mentioned before, any Pokémon remakes for the 3DS released via retail channels after August 19th would also have to be made available on the Nintendo eShoo. But regardless of the fact that the 3DS can display images in full 3D, I myself am not quite ready for the main Pokémon RPGs to become rendered fully in 3D because I believe that GameFreak is exercising great judgement in gradually transitioning to doing so. What, though, do you guys think about all of this?