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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Before Penance could speak anymore he felt lightening ripple through his body as all of his muscles froze up. He felt his mind fog up as he was grabbed by something and heard someone talking to him, but he couldn't necessarily tell who it was and then he heard another voice. He felt the paralyzing effect slowly wear off as he groaned and reached up and rubbed his head. "Uh... my head..." He moaned as he blinked his eyes and looked around. His brothers and sisters were around as he smiled weakly. "Hey... wait. Where are we?" He looked around as he saw they were in some kind of village, but it wasn't the thieve's village.

    "Uh... wait... THE AMBUSH!" He cried out as he looked around. He gritted his teeth and clutched his head. "Dammit! I must have been knocked out!" He turned to Vigil, "How'd it go? Did my plan work Vigil? I mean, it was rather elaborate, I just hope it wasn't too elaborate." He said. "Uh... also, what were you saying before? Something about Dark Lightening?" He looked around, "Speaking of Dark Lightening... where is he? Is he resting or something?" He asked as he looked around. "Also, where are we? I haven't seen this village before."

    The Golduck looked genuinely confused as he looked at his brothers and sisters and frowned when he noticed their stares, "Uh.... is everything okay? Did I miss something?" He asked as he looked around trying to see if there was something that had caught their attention.