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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
So far Crystal Dust is very impressive, it may be a mostly pure remake, but as a hacker, I appreciate all of the work put into it and how it was utilized (seriously, the use of ASM is mindblowing). The music melds so well with the voicegroups, it's really commendable, and the sprites look professional, all of which I appreciate; heck, you'd think it was an official game. I still have to try the other two, but if they are anywhere near as impressive...well, I'll be anticipating great things in the future of Pokemon Rom Hacking.
if all that hacking prowess had been used for say, Snakewood with its more original story (and maybe refined a little). Was precisely thinking if Snakewood has better graphics/sounds/ASM...perhaps some grimy L4D2/Fallout esque post apocalyptic tilesets/mapping plus better designed sprites for the Fakemon (rather than just recolor), woot. What about custom music relating to zombie themed pop culture? We would easily had ourself a Hack of the Year.

Felt it was wasted on a hack which already has countless remakes. Already have more than enough my fill of nostalgia playing HGSS/Shiny Gold/LiquidCrystal/Gen2 hacks etc thank you.

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