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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
I think fakemon are fine, as long as they look professional. Which snakewood did not have, they were just massively ugly pallet edits. A hack is the utilization of reverse enginering, adding rocks, and a story is not a hack. It is not subjective, there is low quality and bad quality. Some people just settle, or are so obsessed with Zombie's that anything with the sentence "Zombies" in them, instantly makes it become awesome.
We live in a subjective world, you can't say something is "bad or low quality" and have it be fact, it's still opinion.

Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
What game play do you speek of, if the maps are the same, going throw the game seems very boring. Hence no gameplay, the only gameplay you have are trainer battles which a monkey can script. Why not put in special events, or mini-games? Oh wait it isn't a hack, it is a mod. Which is not necessarily bad, but you can not compare it to CD or any other real rom hack.
Even if it were simply an edited Ruby rom (which some would argue it is, I won't combat that), it is still a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby, therefore it's a hack. I won't call fact on this, though.
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