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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
The earlier work done in that hack is pretty crappy yeah, but that's just part of what makes it interesting. If you play through the game you'll see how the quality of the game improves.

Thats what I like about it. This game is pretty much "Look at how crappy it was in the beginning, and see how good I've gotten since then."

This game is on this list because it serves as a inspiration to new hackers. This game can give them a view of how their skills can change over time.

Edit - As for the game, Snakewood is pretty much Pokemon Ruby all jacked up on meth and LSD. Your going to see some real crazy stuff.
Then redo the beginning, everything should be good quality, the beginning is probably one of the most important aspects.

Porting G/S/C maps into emerald still takes time and effort, using the same maps that are in the rom you are hacking does not. I would give snakewood more credit if it was at least done on firered with the maps that resemble rubys maps, but are amped up
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