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Hopefully this will be my second to last update..

>Got HM Rockclimb
>Visited the alleged "phantom lady"
>Made it to Snowpoint City
>Had fun with one of the gym leaders I anticipated to be the hardest
>When to go save my idiot rival from Jupiderp
>Stormed Team Galactic HQ
>Battled and beat Cyrus
>Received Masterball
>Beat Saturn
>Released those three pokemon
>Went to Safari
>Caught Carnivine (Finally)
>Went to Mt. Coronet
>Defeated all the grunts who defied me
>Watched Cyrus summon Palkia
>Fought Jupiderp and Mabs
-quick play by play
~Bronzor, Bronzor vs. Roserade, Muchlax
~Roserade Grass knots Bronzor while Munchlax stickpiles
~Few turns later Munchlax uses swallow... USELESS
~Roserade faints after KOing Golbat and Bronzor from Jupiderp
~Earthquake, Finish Jupiderp and attempt to team kill Munchlax
~Munchlax lives... Bronzor uses Extrasensory... Scratch that..
~Rival sends out Infernape.. about time
~May God have mercy on your soul Mabs!
>Rival is useful for once and heals my pokes
>Destroyed a whole entire galaxy
>Battled Cyrus and beat
-In the end I had no potions or revives, his weavile kicked me around til I did a last stand earthquake. Next up Gyrados, who uses giga impact allowing me to use my final revive on torterra. Gyrados at half health, me at half health. This is the final showdown... Wood Hammer + my speed wins. w00t!
>Masterballed Palkia (I'm at half hp, screw a good battle)
>blah blah blah Professor Rowan
>Leveling up pokemon to prepare for Volkner


Pokemon: Torterra
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Nature: Quirky
Moves: Crunch, Earthquake, Rock Climb, Wood Hammer
Ability: Overgrow

Pokemon: Roserade
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Male
Level: 45
Nature: Mild
Moves: Grass Knot, Ingrain, Sludge Bomb, Toxic
Ability: Poison Point

Pokemon: Snover
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Female
Level: 39
Nature: Bold
Moves: Swagger, Avalanche, Ice Shard, Wood Hammer
Ability: Snow Warning

Pokemon: Wormadam [img][img]
Type: Bug/Grass
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Female
Level: 33
Nature: Rash
Moves: Growth, Razor Leaf, Hidden Power, Psybeam
Ability: Anticipation

Pokemon: Cherrim
Type: Grass
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Female
Level: 41
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Takedown, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Magical Leaf
Ability: Flower Gift

Pokemon: Carnivine
Type: Grass
Name: Bruno ♥
Gender: Female
Level: 22
Nature: Timid
Moves: Bite, Vine Whip, Sweet Scent, Ingrain
Ability: Levitate

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