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    Name: Thomas Brian
    Age: 15
    Gender: Guy
    Appearance: Five foot 6, Thomas is of average height. He has brown curly hair, hazel eyes and a tanned orange skin tone. He usually wears a Green sweater with plain blue jeans. There is always a sense of authority about him, and he speaks with a deep, mature voice. He has long legs and a short body, from his waist to his chest. From behind you'd think he was an adult when in fact he is actually 15. His muscles are only starting to grow as he's never been to them gym before he became 15. His body type is athletic. He has a strong build around his shoulders and strong legs. His appearance is very unique because his body is very athletic and strong but his face is very chubby with skin all around his chin.

    Personality: Thomas is a genuine nice person. He has a certain authority about him. When he sets his eyes or mind on something he is very focused. He is easily motivated but as easily knocked down. His personality is very unique is how he's described by people that just meet him. For some people it's in a good way and in some it's in a bad. He thinks of it as; not everyone can like your personality. Thomas is very active and does a lot of sports. Sports such as; rock climbing, canoeing, surfing and basketball. When he plays his sport he is very happy, it makes him feel that that's him. He enjoys eating a lot. Some of the things he likes to eat are chicken nuggets with salad and mayonnaise. Some thing he hates are spicy foods. He hates going to Indian restaurants for that only reason. He doesn't understand how some people take all that spice, it's beyond his intellectuality and imagination.

    Backstory: He was canoeing in a lake as he noticed the water starting to splash onto his canoe. At first it was a little drop but it soon turned into havoc. His canoe was flipped over and he had to swim back to the shore of the lake. He ran home, he turned on the t.v and switched the news on. He soon saw that there was havoc being caused along the whole region. He had no idea what it was but yet did he know, he would find out.....
    His mother and father were out shopping for groceries at the time of the incident. When they arrived home they had been in a right state, his mother's hair was scruffy. He had never seen on hair of his mother's out of place but today, he knew that something terrible had happened to them as well. They explained what happened.
    "We were shopping for groceries as I started to hear a shaking sound coming from the cornflakes box. The sound was getting louder, soon enough the whole isle started to rumble. Eventually things started falling out of every direction. Glass bottles, cartons even the heavy bags of rice were ripped open." Explained his dad.
    " And then, in a sudden without anyone realizing; the ground split in in half, I was on one side and your father was on the other, he grabbed my hand I hopped over the minute fissure. As we was escaping the grocery store I couldn't help but look down into the earth. I saw darkness complete and utter darkness, and down further beneath the darkness there was destruction." His mum said.
    "We would have died if it wasn't for the man in the counter who had used his Geodude to use rock throw to fill in the gaps of the fissure. We escaped by running out of the mall taking the car and speeding it all the way home. And thats why your mums hair is in a state.

    "What's going on?" Thomas said.

    Thomas and his family survived by living in an underground layer that was built for survivors of all of the earthquakes and tsunami's and other natural disasters. The layer seemed to be unaffected by all of the disasters. They stayed there for a while; they thought that this was probably a natural accident but it proved to be more. They had fount out that the causes of this were Giratina, Palkia and Dialga. Thomas is very determined to become the person that will end this war, he wanted to stop this so his family wouldn't have to live in an underground safe zone with minimal oxygen for the rest of their lives.

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