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    Originally Posted by Arcanine View Post
    I don't understand why this line is there "No CoD WaW or CoD BO.". They were by no means perfect. Not when you had broken snipers in Black Ops (it's stupid when it's better to no scope with a sniper then to zoom in for a sec and take the shot), the removal of Stopping Power opened the door to overpowered Ghost, being revived in Second Chance Pro, WaW being full of map glitches, and tanks in playlists, and the list goes on and on. Or it should have been a "What do you like and dislike about the CoD games?", because along with the faults the games had a lot of good things.

    But since this is a thread complaining about MW2 and MW3 and no other CoD games (for some reason) I'll break my list down into two groups, one will be probs I have with the games themselves, the other will be other things like the community.

    ~ Modern Warfare 2 ~

    - 10th Prestige Lobbies
    I've heard everything from "I don't care about the game enough to get 10th legit", "It takes too long to level up.", "I have a life like all of you.", "I don't care about the game, I just want all the titles and camos", and everything in between. IW did nothing to these people, if I had a dollar for every hacked 10th I ran into I'd be rich.

    - One Man Army + Tubes
    The idea of OMA on paper is ok, switch to another class if you need to. But it was abused to the point where we had OMA tubes and thus why there's a stigma that goes along with tubes these days. What people don't understand is tubes have a place in the game, they're to get rid of people camping. Die a time or two by sitting in the same corner, switch to a tube class, prob fixed.

    - Commando
    I don't know what retard came up with the idea of being able to lunge from halfway across the map, but that person should have been fired on the spot. I think this was a way to fix the broken knives in the game (CoD has always had a broken knife system), all it did was make it 100 times worse.

    - Thermal
    Thermal (99% of the time on a sniper) is for people who don't need to be sniping. Because if they can't see someone or can't hit someone with a normal scope then they need to quit using the weapon.

    - Akimbo
    I don't think akimbo weapons belong in the game. No akimbo shotguns, no akimbo handguns, SMGs, or anything.

    - Deathstreeks
    There is no reason whatsoever that a player who dies time after time after time should kill a good player because they drop into Final Stand (more so when the person who put them down has a sniper).
    I think it was Robert Bowling (the PR guy for IW) who was asked "Why bring back deathstreaks for MW3?", and his answer was something like "The newbies to MW3 needs something to help them fight you guys who's been playing since CoD4. They just need a little help.". That is stupid, dying over and over and getting a kill in Final Stand isn't going to make someone get better at the game. As someone who's played CoD since CoD3 (online since CoD4) I want a perk that lets me kill an enemy with one bullet on any weapon, I think it's only fair that I should get a "reward" for playing so many CoD games.

    ~ Modern Warfare 3 ~

    - Underpowered Shotguns
    Other then the Striker the shotguns on this game are underpowered. Because people complained about the shotguns on MW2 being broken and overpowered (as secondaries yes, as a primary no) they dumbed them down in MW3. And now they're underpowered and broken, what should be a one hit kill gives you a hit marker and a death because the person had an SMG.

    - FMG9 Akimbo
    What I said about MW2's akimbo weapons still stands in MW3. But out of all the akimbo weapons in MW3 these are the worst (as in the most overpowered).

    - Lack of Stopping Power
    There was nothing wrong with Stopping Power in the past CoD games. But they had to do like Black Ops and remove it for some stupid reason. Stopping Power was the counter to Ghost/Assassin/Cold-Blooded. In MW2 you had Cold-Blooded, it was the same as Ghost in BO, but why was Ghost such a problem and why did the good players complain? Because everyone ran it and there was no counter to it. If you had Stopping Power even if someone was camping with Cold-Blooded your weapon did more damage and you still have a chance to kill the person. But with Black Ops (and MW3) they did the same amount of damage, and they were camping, and so chances are you died.

    - Assassin
    Not only did they not bring Stopping Power back, but they made Assassin even more overpowered then Ghost on Black Ops. The only upside is they sort of split it into 2 perks, but really if you run a Stinger you don't need Blind Eye. In Black Ops Ghost Pro protected you from air support, it's what Blind Eye does in MW3. Only prob is... now Assassin Pro protects you from not only UAVs, thermal, Heartbeat Sensors (different perk for MW2), Portable Radars, Sentry Guns, but Counter UAVs, and EMPs as well... WTF? Why do we need a counter to the Counter UAV that's countering the UAV?

    - Support Killstreaks that kill
    Airdrop Trap is ok I guess... I mean if someone is stupid enough to try to pick it up then they sort of get what's coming to them. But they don't need a Remote Turret, they don't need a Stealth Bomber, they don't need a Juggernaut Recon, nor an Escort Airdrop. This is a support class, UAVs, Ballistic Vests, Recon Drones, etc. Not something to get kills with.

    - Air Support Killers
    They weren't too bad in MW2. But in Black Ops they were 100 times worse. I'd get 9 kills and get my Chopper Gunner and it be shot down as soon as soon as I open the door. One hell of a 9 killstreak... If the other team isn't good enough to kill me before I get my 9th kill then they need to suffer for it. But no, earn a high killstreak and your reward is being shot down by one person going 3 and 24, have a nice day. In MW2 if you got a Pave Low the other team ran into a building or most of the time died. Because you had to shoot it 3 times, one person couldn't bring it down in one life. So no one shot them down. Same with the Chopper Gunner. You're good enough to get the killstreak then you get to use it.
    In MW3 that's why I don't run high assault killstreaks, because they'll get shot down, it's a waste of a killstreak.

    - Recon
    It's an overpowered perk, not on the level of Assassin, but still it can be annoying. It's a counter to Assassin and so thus why I run it on most of my classes, but for S&D (Search & Destroy) it's annoying (TDM as well if the whole enemy team is running it). Throw a flash, know where the enemy team is, kill while they're flashed, game over.

    - Sitrep Pro
    As of late I hate this perk more then Assassin. Sitrep isn't the problem, it's the pro version. It counters Dead Silence, and thus promotes camping. This is 10 times worse in S&D, because people will camp and wait for someone to cross their path. It takes the skill out of S&D (Recon as well), playing smart, listening for this or that, using your head. Now just camp your spawn and listen for people to move. There should be no counter to Dead Silence, if you're stupid enough to run something other then Dead Silence then you're asking to be killed. But since there's Sitrep Pro all you have to do is camp and listen like a little skilless player.

    - Dead Man's Hand
    I've already touched on Final Stand for MW2, and what I said still stands for MW3. But there's a deathstreak that's worse then Final Stand, and that's Dead Man's Hand. The guy who made Commando must have been brought back for MW3 and I bet he made this deathstreak as well. Whoever made it is brain dead, because it is perhaps the worst and dumbest thing to ever show up in a CoD game. The person is bad enough to die 6 times in a row, and then they drop down on the ground with a C4 pack and blow up. What's worse is, they can set off the C4 pack, or if you shoot them it sets it off. If it was one or the other it wouldn't be so bad. If they set it off then you keep shooting until they're dead. If your bullet sets it off then you back up and then shoot them. I've had people drop into Dead Man's Hands and I'd run around the corner because I saw it and here they come, crawling around the corner after me... how stupid is that?

    ~ The Community ~

    - Under the age of 17
    In the US (I guess NA) the game is rated 17+, meaning you have to be at least 17 years old to buy it. And quite frankly I think it should be 17 to play it. Sure it's not as bad as say Gears of War where you cut someone in half with a chainsaw, or blow them apart with a shotgun, but still the game is rated 17+. And you'll have this children that's like 10-13 years old calling everyone else in the room "kid", and think they're hot stuff because they can run their mouth and go 7-16 in a TDM game. Think they're funny because they can say "That's what your mother said last night! hahahahahaahahahaahahaahahaahahaah", Or they yell into the mic with the map screen is up so you don't know who to mute (well that goes for anyone at any age). And if you say anything to the spoiled brat child they'll follow you around shooting off their weapon to give your spot away, or to show where you're going. If they're going to act like a 10 year old brat then they need to be treated like one, as in their game taken away from them so they don't annoy anyone else.

    - Quickscoping
    I don't have a prob with quickscoping, if they can do it good for them. I don't quickscope, I quicksnipe. I don't sit there, miss 3 times and get the kill on the 4th shot (I know some people who don't miss, shots across the map too). I zoom in and half a second after it's zoomed in I take the shot (but I have to see the person in my scope). What I have a prob with is people who go "Hardscope!!!!!!". So what if someone got a kill with the way a sniper is meant to be used? Most people who cry "Hardscope!" are ones who are ok with missing a ton of times just to get a quickscope kill.

    - "You're bad", "I wasn't trying!"
    In the CoD4 and WaW days good players got complements, other players wanted to be on their team. They wanted to be on your friends list and so on. These days you can go 12-1 in an S&D game (a really really good score) and you'll be called "bad" by the other team. You just had your ass handed to you, what do you have to say to the winning team? "Oh, you guys are bad. I might have went 1-6 but you guys are bad!!! *leaves the lobby*", or "We were just screwing around, we didn't try to win" (even after they were trash talking the whole time in the lobby). And that's how it's been since MW2... and I think Halo is to blame for the poor community. By the time MW2 rolled around most were sick of Halo 3 (it came out the same time as CoD4), and so they saw this new shooter coming out and everyone got that. And so you had a lot more kids, you had a lot more mouth runners (who couldn't back up their trash talking), you had people crying "Hardscope" (something you never heard before), and so on.

    The CoD name got too big for it's own good. Ask anyone who's played CoD since CoD4 and they'll tell you that CoD4 or WaW was the best game CoD game in the series. Not only due to the community, but because things were simpler back then. All had the same killstreaks, pretty balanced weapons, no broken/overpowered perks, etc. When the community got larger and they wanted to make the game have "more" then the last that's when all the crap started.
    Originally Posted by Destinyfate View Post
    I Dislike many things as well in MW3 and MW2
    Well organized post regarding the topic! I agree with pretty much everything on your lists.

    I put in "No WaW or BO" because I wanted to keep this discussion exclusive to the games that are in many ways similar. Although, I still like MW3.

    One Man Army, Danger Close, Noobtubes = NUKE in Terminal
    Thermal Scope
    Commando knifes across the damn map
    Final Stand
    Pain Killer


    FMG9 Akimbo's ( with steady aim you could shoot across the damn map with these things)
    Deadman's DAMN Hand ( There's no other word then the stupidest thing cod ever)
    Assassin ( Worse then Ghost)
    Type 95 ( Most overpowered 1 burst kill gun i've seen in all of COD)
    Stealth Bombers (No Skill Multi-Kill)
    Emp (Disabling all killstreaks for getting 18 kills makes no sense)
    Jugg ( I mean really getting a damn jugg for getting just 18 kills a game thats stupid)
    I agree with you on everything except Juggernaut. I love that Killstreak. Especially if you're playing a marathon match with the score set way up, Juggernaut comes in handy. Just my opinion though.

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