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    Guys...something big is going on in the world of Tf2...

    So, we already know of the secret robot pictures in Foundry and Doomsday, right?

    And some of us know of the "Tobor" texture. It has been in the game for quite a while now...

    And now, Valve recently added THIS image to the game...ROBOT HEADS OF THE CLASSES!

    To add to this, while looking at the old promo for the Engineer update a while back, people noticed, around 0:08 of the video, you can see a Robot Demoman head. Meaning that they have been planning for this YEARS ahead of time...

    And finally, if you click on the blood splatter at the top left corner of the website...

    The third son of Mann...Gray.

    Cloud GRAY be the man thats shredded up?

    And finally finally, if you pay attention to some of the can see a logo for a company...


    And just as icing on the cake, here are pictures of these Tank-Like things that mysteriously appeared in 2fort, Doublecross, and Granary.

    Some people also compiled the tanks to their actual size, and some reports from people who claim they clipped through the map to see it, say its huge! As you see in the picture, its almost as big as a map. Its so big, you could probably fight in it.

    So wait, the two known brothers of mann started companies named after the colours "Red" and "Blue". There was a third brother who also started a company named after his name, "Gray". He must have created the tanks, and possibly the robots. So all that must mean...

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And I just wasted my time...
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