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Major Events Occured Since Last Update:
Obtained the Thunderbadge, the Rainbow Badge, the Marsh Badge, and the Soul Badge.
Added Ella, Harry, Sid, Victor, Drake, Penny, Pera, Rick, Gem, Kain, Dan, Laragh, Rachel, Vina, Venus, and Rani.
Lost Drake, Mickey, Dede, Penny, Pera, Marina, Rick, and Gem.

Ember the Charmeleon Lv. 37
Ella the Exeggcute Lv. 32
Harry the Hitmonchan Lv. 36
Malik the Gyrados Lv. 37
Victor the Electrode Lv. 37
Sid the Snorlax Lv 30

RIP Mickey the Mankey Lv. 5-21
RIP Gigi the Geodude Lv. 7-18
RIP Nora the Nidoran F Lv 6-10
RIP Shaw the Pidgey Lv. 2-17
RIP Dede the Dugtrio Lv 15-31
RIP Mickey the Mankey to a Nidoran on the S.S. Anne Lv 5-21
RIP Dede the Dugtrio to a Self Destructing Koffing in the Game Corner Lv 15-31
RIP Gem the Gastly to a Goldeen Lv. 16-22
RIP Penny the Pidgeotto to another trainer's Pokemon Lv. 18-27
RIP Marina the Persion Lv. 13-35
RIP Drake the Dragonair Lv. 24-36
RIP Rick the Ryhorn Lv. 26-31
RIP Pera the Pidgeot Lv. 27-36

Boxed Pokemon:
William the Beedrill
Chris the Butterfree
Laragh the Lapras
Vina the Veronat
Venus the Vulpix
Rachel the Rattata
Kain the Krabby
Dan the Dodou
Rani the Raticate
Zenon the Golbat
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