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    Everything that psyanic said is true, you have to use quotation marks to signify speech. In your reply to psyanic you stated that you use "-" to show exact speech which is the duty of quotation marks. What you are using is called a hyphen. A hyphen is used to join the parts of some compound words or to separate parts of a compound modifier. So you really do have to replace the hyphens with quotation marks.

    Also it's not my fault you cannot read it properly, those with poor language knowledge will indeed find this hard to read.
    Just want to address this offensive statement, you insult this kind and knowledgeable person who spent quite a few minutes reading and reviewing your story to help you out. Now, sorry if this comes out rather offensive it's the truth and the truth can hurt sometimes: Why do you point out non-existent flaws in a person who attempts to help you with a statement that reflects yourself? You stated that psyanic has poor language knowledge, but is he not the person who knows what a quotation marks is used for?

    One last thing, why do you get so defensive when a person points flaws in you? If you really want to improve then you should listen to their feedback with an open mind. Acknowledge what you did is wrong and try to fix it next time.