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    Originally Posted by TheAgentBrandon View Post
    To be honest since I'm a HUGE fan of the anime my dream game would be having that story-line in each region he's completed so far. And not only does this game consist of you playing as Ash but also the people he traveled with or even his rivals! Playing as characters like Misty until she's a gym leader, Brock to the end of Sinnoh, Gary until he's a researcher, and so on.. Kind of got that idea inspired by games like Sonic Adventure and stuff. I think that would be an extremely great game. It wouldn't happen, but hey I can dream can't I? haha. I also wouldn't mind the same thing involving the manga. Just saying. I mean come on Dragon Ball Z can get 15+ games released with the same story-line (I'm a fan and all but come on!) but the Pokemon Anime can't get 1?! Ridiculous!
    Well, there's Pokemon Yellow... That being said, while Dragonball is an anime first and the games are based on that anime, the Pokemon anime is based on the games... so a game of the anime would be, well, a game based on an anime based on a game. Not that they haven't done that with the TCG (which makes it a game based on a game based on a game...).

    I think there's a few fangames kicking around based on the anime's plot. I've seen a FireRed ROM hack, anyway.

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