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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

No prob. Can we select movesets later as well?
I am still wondering whether or not I will include a Move Tutor. Most likely will, since it adds a degree of optimization for battles. Right now I have actually started work on this since I have so many supporters. Soon, I'll add screenshots and ask a mod to change this thread from [Idea] to [RMXP]. When I upload said screenshots I'll make sure I get a boat load so you all can see how the game is gonna work.

Enh, what the heck. I'll go ahead and add the Move Tutor! Although, I'm gonna make it so you don't exchange Heart Scales, or any sort of item for that matter. Instead, you can freely choose to teach older moves for free. Lastly, I will include the Move Deleter, so if you make a mistake, or wanna change something, then it'll work that way.

But I won't include TMs or HMs. You, the trainer/challenger will be unable to use them, let alone acquire them.

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