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    Originally Posted by Saturated Hue View Post

    Originally Posted by Saturated Hue View Post
    Just kidding bro <3 Excited at potentially having you on board!


    NAME: William "Lil Will" Tyler


    APPEARANCE: "What does Will look like?" is not exactly the correct question to ask William, considering his appearance changes faster than you could say, "Hey, was that Will?"

    "What did Will look like when he was born?" might be more helpful. Will was definitely not born beautiful. Cursed with a huge ugly birthmark on his left cheek, he was mocked in his early years, forcing him to take solace in his favorite pastime, disguises. Will considers himself a "Master of Illusions", specializing in disguises and acting mostly. But let it be known that the word "master" is used very lightly, considering most of his disguises are sloppily put together and only when he puts in a lot of effort is he able to make them look passable. Standing at around 5'3", he is really short for his height (which explains the 'lil' part in his nickname) but he rarely shows it, considering he wears wooden legs to give his height a boost. Will weighs around 40 kgs, making him extremely skinny but again hidden by a few clever tricks in Will's book. His dyed blonde hair is kept sloppily, barely taken care of and mostly hanging loose over his eyes.

    His skin color by birth was white, but he covers that up with a few layers of make up to give himself a tanned look and to hide up that ugly birthmark on his face. The only part of his original appearance he doesn't change in his disguises are his eyes. His hazel eyes somewhat represent a cat's, and he is proud of them mainly because he shares the same color as his father.

    Now, moving onto his disguises. He isn't afraid to try anything, from the craziest to the most serious. An old man with grey hair and a slight limp in his right leg? Check. A red hair girl with freckles and glasses? Check again. Even though he's mostly switching from one appearance to another, either to trick people or to simple prank, there is only one regular appearance he sports outside his disguises. It comprises of a battered brown fedora (originally owned by his father), a grey jacket and black trousers.

    Moving back to his disguises, even though he is able to easily fix his height and weight the most troubles he has is with make up. Make up is something he has always done himself, and screwed up in. Will misses out on little details most of the time and that's what mostly breaks his attires. His acting skills, though, are top notch. He has been practicing since childhood and has developed his talent properly.



    "It's showtime."

    Will checked and rechecked everything once again. The brown hat covered his silver wig, and he wore a rather heavy monocle on his left eye. The thick grey beard though, hadn't stuck that well on his face, but it would have to do. The makeup barely managed to cover up that birthmark on his face but it was enough. It was supposed to be an in and out job anyways. Meet Jude Laughner, get the ticket to Pandora, get out. That's it. Simple. Easy.

    But then again, it was Will who was involved. Things usually didn't go well when he was involved. An infamous reputation was the last thing he needed when talking to Laughner. Will had never spoken with Laughner, so he had no idea what kind of a person he was. No-nonsense types? Aloof old man? Probably a sort of a prankster like him?

    Putting all of these thoughts at the back of his mind, he strode into the building confidently. Everything looked, hell, even smelled old in that place. The furniture was old, probably Victorian, and there was a single desk in front of a huge wooden door. On the door was a plaque, bearing the name of the old adventurer in neat, but rather illegible letters. And guarding the door, sitting behind the single desk was Laughner's secretary.

    "Can I help you?" The woman inquired politely. She had a high pitched voice, the one that made Will feel like ripping his ears out and flushing them down a toilet.

    "Um, yes, please. I would like to meet Mr. Jude Laughner?" Will said, trying to replicate a deep voice and doing quite well so far.

    "I'm sorry sir, but who exactly are you?"

    "You do not know me?! I am the great adventurer, Richard Tyler!" Will exclaimed, with a touch of arrogance and pride in his voice. Long silence followed the loud proclamation. Will could swear he heard a cricket chirp.

    "Just call him and tell him I want to meet him..." Will muttered with a sigh. Seems like his own father's old reputation as an adventurer had skydived. The secretary nodded once, then picked up her phone and dialed a number with lightning fast speed. A few moments later she started to speak into the receiver with hushed tones, but Will could manage to pick up a few words which she muttered.

    "Yes... meet you... Richard... lunatic... Sure? Okay... He's on his way...." She slammed the receiver back onto the phone and looked up at Will with the same smile all secretaries are forced to present.

    "Please, go ahead, he's willing to meet you."

    "Hmph, in my day we didn't need no whippersnappers to manage our appointments!" Will sniffed, rather enjoying this act. Finally he got a chance to act as his own father in something that was more than a prank. He proudly marched into the office, only to find Laughner looking out of the window. He had probably prepared himself to be in this position to give him that mysterious aura.

    "So, we meet again, Richard..." He whispered. Will bowed his head and tipped his hat, his father's way of greeting people.

    "Why, yes, Laughner, my old friend, so we do."

    "Do not call me your friend! We are RIVALS!" Laughner suddenly roared. Still hadn't lost his competitive edge from their old days, noted Will.

    "Were rivals, Jude, were. It's been many years since we both quit." Will smiled. So far so good.

    "Hmm, that is true. Time to put all those old rivalries to rest. Let us start over, what are you here for, Richard?" Will gave him a mystical look, which made the old man tilt his head with confusion.

    "I'm here... to talk about your offer. That journey to Pandora."

    "Ah yes, wonderful place that. The kind of things we discover everyday, it's amazing. Anyways, what about it?"

    "I want to get a ticket. I wish to travel to Pandora."

    "WHAT!?" Laughner yelled. This really was a shock. 7 Years after retiring from adventuring, a senile old man wanted to come back and try and rediscover a new land? He had probably lost his marbles.

    "Sorry, Richard, but no. This trip is for youngsters, and to be honest I don't really see how you'll be able to compete with them." Laughner said matter of fact-ly. Will started to sweat, he was getting nervous. His voice turned squeaky all of a sudden.

    "But think about it!" He walked towards Laughner and put an arm around his shoulder, as if they were old friends.

    "What happened to your voice?" Laughner asked, and Will decided to ignore.

    "I have years of experience behind me, they more than make up for my old body and stamina. I have the best chance of winning in this race than any young whippersnapper out there!" Will yelled, spraying spit all over Laughner's neat suit. Laughner quietly wiped it off without Will noticing.

    "Well, yes, er, that is kind of true..."

    "Think, just think. If I win, we become famous again. It'll be us all over again. Who needs rivalries and all that when the two of the greatest adventurers can join hands again and rise to the top?" Laughner's eyes twinkled with greed. Will's words were getting through to him. He seemed to have forgotten all about Will's squeaky voice now.

    "Well, then I guess it wouldn't hurt..." Laughner walked over to his desk and removed a thick set of papers from his desk drawer. He handed them over to Will quietly.

    "Good luck, and do not forget your word."

    "I won't. I promise you, Jude, we'll be famous once again." Will gave him a huge smile. His work was done. He had succeeded, his first task as an illusionist was successful. He was already dancing inside.

    "I'm going to Pandora! Dad's gonna be so proud."

    "Say, what's up with that splotch on your face?" Laughner said, staring at Will's cheek.

    "Oh crap, oh crap the makeup must have melted. Time to get out of here."

    "Ah, the last remnant of my career as an adventurer, unfortunately it's going to permanently remind me of that horrible drop in the Ruins of Alph... Anyways, Jude, friend, I need to leave now. Like, right now, immediately." Will bit his tongue. He was getting nervous. Again sweat began to pour.

    "You really don't look well..."

    "No, no I'm fine, absolutely fine, I just need to leave right now..." Will started to laugh, and turned around to walk out of the office. Laughner said nothing.

    "Oh, and one last thing. If anybody resembling me comes into your office, throw him out. My son is a real prankster and might be wearing a disguise." Will said, remembering his father saying something about meeting Laughner later that evening.

    "I'll see you later." He walked out of the building, and breathed a deep sigh of relief. He ripped off the artificial hair off his face and started to walk back home with an accomplished smile.

    "Nailed it." He muttered to himself, as he brushed shoulders with a man who suspiciously resembled the man Will had just been looking like. The man turned around with a stare and looked at the young boy walking away, and there was only one thought in his mind.

    "Was that Will?"
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