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Kamen Rock

Kamen Rock was the first campsite created after Atara Village was populated. The field it is built on is beautiful one, with flowers decorating the ground and stunning mountains can be seen to the north. It's a breath of fresh air after the forests between here and Atara Village. Large tents surround a rock formation, the largest tent of all stands in the centre. This is the tent of Nero Oldman, the founder of the campsite and fearless leader of the people that live there.

Like any camp, there are merchants here selling their goods and wares. Don't bother bartering with them; the people of Kamen Rock, though only been here briefly, have developed stubborn qualities from their leader and surroundings.

So, if you wish, you may challenge Nero to a battle. If you win, he offers you advice and gifts for winning. If you don't think you can battle him yet, there are a number of trainers who are just itching for excitement as well as grassy fields surrounding the village which may have some Pokémon in them. If you're a pacifist, merchants offer advice mostly for free. Some merchants will even give free items for a show.

After you've done here, you can either head north to Route 2 through the mountains or west to Route 3. But that may not be for a while; there is so much to do at Kamen Rock.


Potion - 150P
PokéBall - 200P
Fresh Water - 200P
Escape Rope - 250P
Blanket - 50P
Matches - 100P
Rations - 100P
Small Tent (1 person) - 1000P
Large Tent (3 person) - 2000P
Stone glyph - 1000P
Mysterious stone - 800P

HM01 CUT - 2000P
TM70 FLASH - 1500P


RATTATA - Common
  • Tackle
  • Tail Whip

PIDGEY - Common
  • Tackle
  • Sand Attack

NIDORAN♀ - Uncommon
  • Growl
  • Scratch

NIDORAN♂ - Uncommon
  • Leer
  • Peck

Rin Shavi

- 1x Oran Berry

Richard Lee Ambrose

- 1x Room 11 key of the "Geodude's Cave"

Benjamin Whistler

Stayed at 'Geodude's Cave' in Atara. Grumpy innkeeper but cheap. Not sure about other inns in Atara. Planning to adventure with Ambrose. Catch new Pokémon?

After Benjamin had finished writing his entry in his journal, further detailing the sights he had seen today and the courage from his new friend, he packed it back in his bag and headed down the stairs, passing back his key to the innkeeper with a thank-you. He had released Lucy for the night, who was perched atop his shoulder, still snoozing. It didn't take long for Benjamin to notice Ambrose waiting for him. Had he really taken that long? He felt a little embarressed now that he had made the man wait. Perhaps he could repay him if they went looking for Pokémon today.

"G-good morning, Mr. Am-Ambrose," Benjamin said, giving a warm smile to the man. "Sorry I, sorry I took so l-long. What w-would you like to-to do today?"

Benjamin turned his head as he noticed conversation behind them. The innkeeper was talking to another one of the Pandora explorers. Robert Macintosh, if Benjamin's memory served him well (which it always did). He knew it was rude to eavesdrop but to get more experience and write about more people and more things sounded like the way to go.

"M-maybe we should..." and without asking Ambrose's permission, Benjamin spoke out to Macintosh. "Excuse me, Mr. Macintosh? May I, may I take a picture of you?" He held out the camera around his neck, motioning to the scene around him.
- 1x Room 12 key of the "Geodude's Cave"

Robert Hawkins

Oh no! The Gastly failed to be caught! It hasn't run away, so if you're quick, you can keep battling and try again!
- 1x PokéBall

Robert Macintosh

"A traveller you say?" the innkeeper said as he accepted his key back. "Well, they don't really sell maps here anywhere. Nobody's been bothered to make one and with satellites and all of that jargon, you can just take a picture." The innkeeper placed the key back on the hook and made a face.

"But, if it's interesting you're after, I do have a small item search that somebody posted here yesterday morning," he pulled up a piece of paper and placed it on the table. "A Scyther's Claw for 3000P. It's a hard job, but apparently their swords never de-sharpen. And the ones on Pandora are hardier than the ones back home in Kanto."

He offered the paper to Robert with a nod.

"I's suggest you take someone to help, though. Scyther's are ruthless."
- 50P
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