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    Originally Posted by XtinaIsMeLuvinWWE View Post
    It's a shame, a lot of my faves come from from Johto. It's nice how some pokés like Houndour etc have made more than one appearance though, like in safari zones
    I'd say that the Safari zones are where you find several of the Johto native Pokemon, which makes sense. It's a place where rare and foreign Pokemon are shipped to in order to be captured by trainers.

    But I suppose that it's both the geography (as has been said, if they were on opposite sides of Hoenn then Johto Pokemon would be uncommon) and the fact that Generation 1 was obviously the debut of Pokemon. They're considered 'more important' than the other generations because of their roots which is perfectly acceptable. Thus, Hoenn is mostly composed of Gen1 and Gen3 Pokemon.
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