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Wyatt Wyvern (Raikou Dorm)

Training Academy/Cafeteria

Wyatt felt really out of place. Here seemed more, cheery. He finished all but the muffin on his tray, which remained untouched. As Wyatt adjusted to his new environment he decided that he should get to know people here better if he didn't want to be an outcast. He never did go to a proper school but he decided that this was all the same. He scoped the entire cafeteria for someone whose appearance looked inviting until finding a boy about his age eating yogurt.

Wyatt sighed and got up. He never was much of the one for introductions but still he grabbed his tray (After taking a large bite out his muffin), put it away, and sat down next to the boy with the yogurt.

"Hey" said Wyatt with a grin. He felt like some sort of weirdo to the kid as Wyatt felt he came out of nowhere. I don't know much about how things operate around here but I guess I start with the dorms. "What dorm are you in?" Wyatt asked with a impish grin. It would take a long time to get adjusted to this.

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