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World Unknown
Sci-Fi/Fantasy [K]
August 20, 2052
They tell me that I will lead humanity into a new era. The first man to travel to another habitable planet. I wonder if they’re right. I have never done anything spectacular in my entire life. But, I guess that’s why they chose me. No family, no friends. Just work. The perfect test subject for such a project. They plan to put me to sleep until I reach the new colony. I will only need to maintain the computers after I land. Occasionally being woken up to alter numbers. Anyone I do know will be dead by the time I get there. It’s kind of sad, but I’ll be fine.

October 12, 2052
I’ve seen the heavens, and they are beautiful. It’s almost a shame that I’ll have to crawl into that pod once I pass the moon. I said my goodbyes to my coworkers. They all seemed really excited to know the man who would pioneer a new path for our race. I can’t say I share their enthusiasm. But the view sure is beautiful. I can’t see the earth because there are no windows in the back of the ship. But the moon has never been so big. And the stars are incredibly clear. My ship has a few rooms in it. The cockpit has the biggest window, and a single seat surrounded by a myriad of controls that I don’t know how to use, accept for emergencies. Most of the ship’s functions can be accessed through the computer console in the middle. There is a small bathroom in the back of the ship. Nothing special, unless you count the bars on either side to hold yourself down. The ship doesn’t have it’s own gravity. On the left hand side you have the living space. There’s a kitchen and various foods to keep me from getting bored of eating the same thing all the time. It’s still freeze dried. The room also comes equipped with games and hobbies to keep me entertained when I’m not working or sleeping. On the right is the Pod Room. That’s where I’ll spend most of my time. I’m going to pass the moon again, so I better wrap this up and enjoy the view before it’s gone.

April 17, 2099
I got an early wake up call this morning. Turns out, my ship is off course. The equipment on Earth was very carefully calibrated to my intended trajectory, but now I’m going to fall out of that range in just a few short hours. I’ll be all on my own. Just me, and the cold blackness of space.

July 4, 2142
My ship passed a star today. It’s programmed to wake me if the temperature rises too much so I can make sure I don’t get caught in the wrong gravitational pull. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to anyone, though it only feels like a few days since I left Earth. I wonder what will happen to me out here.

March 15, 2572
I had to force a crash landing today. The ship detected a planet nearby with a viable atmosphere. The fuel was getting low due to the fact that this ship was never meant to travel this far. The landscape is like something out of a science fiction movie. The colors are very cold, mostly consisting of blues and purples. There is what seems to be a forest of some kind out a ways from the ship. The computer is still running an analysis of the atmosphere, checking for toxins. I tried to play some of the games on board, but the crash broke the TV. Found a pack of cards though, and a book with every type of solitaire you can imagine. It’s certainly better than nothing.

March 16, 2572
The computer has decided that the atmosphere is safe enough to venture outside. I went to explore the forest nearby. The plants were so bizarre that I can’t even describe them. I’m not even sure it’s worth it. This journal may never be found. And even if it is, anyone reading it can see them right outside. There is noticeably no wildlife. This planet must be young. I think my best bet is to leave it all to chance on this unknown world. I’m going to sleep again. I’m to be awoken when either my ship can’t maintain me, or if I’m finally found.

August 20, 4052
At least that’s what the clock says. It probably stopped ages ago. I woke to a most unusual sight. Life. Almost humanoid, but not quite. They have elongated limbs, and a large round body, and light purple skin. It seems my ship has become an exhibit. A whole city has been built around me. I guess no one is coming for me. I’m going to leave the ship for the last time soon. Perhaps I can live with them, even learn to communicate in time. This is all so surreal. The pod made years feel like days. I guess I have no choice but to continue living on a world unknown.