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    Pokemon Dark Purple (2012)

    [SIZE="3"]Created by Felix_The_Cat (M4CK_M4YN3)

    *This is not the official Game thread... i will release one when i am further in the process*



    Pokemon Dark Purple was originally a fire red hack that I was making in 2008. ( ) I know it isnt very good, but i was very new to this kind of thing at the time . any way due to an epic meltdown of my previous system, I lost all the data so... now
    4 years later i am re-releasing the game completely updated. This game will
    vary from the original games by incorporating an in-depth RPG feel. Choices
    and actions made by the player will affect the rest of the game. certain side
    quest will determine acquirable items.Overall it is a new style of pokemon
    game i hope all will enjoy!



    The protagonist of this story has reached their 10th birthday. In the Region of Ginto at age ten you receive your first pokemon. Ginto is a vast continent filled with terrains of all types; that being the case many wild pokemon are spread across the land, and some never have been discovered.(Player) is eager to start his/her adventure into ginto and the world of pokemon, but many things in Ginto are better left undiscovered... on this journey (player) alongside friends and pokemon will struggle to achieve the rank of pokemon collecting badges, filling pokedex, elite 4 you know the drill ... But the region's Ghost pokemon have started becoming far too common, and strange things are happening. Through his/her journey (player) will discover the source of the strange occurrences involving ghost pokemon, and reveal a cult of pokemon Extremest named TEAM VIOLET. (player) must make the choices necessary, and step in to a world they never expected. (player) will encounter Pokemon, Friends, and Enemies , and make the choices necessary to BE THE VERY BEST.

    ***Story still needs lots of work***


    Generation III,IV,&V tiles Pokemon & NPCs
    Brand new region ( GINTO REGION )
    All pokemon obtainable & pokedex completion prize
    Custom Maps, Tiles, Charsets, and GUI
    Card, Brawl, & Casino mini games
    Custom outfit Creations
    Crapple Ipoke 1s (Pokegear)
    RPG style decision based game play
    Animated Battlers
    Lv 999 Extend lv cap
    NEW Pokemon (in Devlopment) (eevee sets, Legendarys)


    Story: 30%

    Interface: 95%

    Scripting: 90%
    - ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||+

    Pokemon: 100%
    - ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||+

    Stats: 100%
    - ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||+

    Battle System: 90%
    - |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||+

    Maps: 45%
    - |||||||||||||||||||||+

    BGM: 10%
    - ||||||||||+

    Charsets: 100%
    - ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||+

    Demo: 75%
    - ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||+

    ********* NEW UPDATES TO GAME 8/31/2012 ******

    Screens 8/31/2012:

    P-Sign's Animated Battlers:


    Screens 8/01/2012:

    **************ALL Pokemon up to Gen V*******************

    be aware these are not the battles taking place in the begining of the game this is all testing...



    Currently i am working on this project alone but if some one would like to join the team let me know


    *****UPDATE**** 8/31/2012*****

    Demo is expected to release 9/10/2012

    And full game by November


    First gym badge DEMO Coming Soon!


    Full credits will be released with Demo and game...
    But i must add that as of now I wouldn’t be where i am without the help of[/LEFT] Pokemon Essentials and RPG MAKER XP