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    P4A European date possibly delayed to end of October, but no confirmation yet.

    If true,

    On the plus side, at least I'll have plenty of time to beat Persona 4 before trying the game out.

    Also I saw this somewhere...

    This is a work of beauty. Depending on my experience with the fightpad, I might get it if the price is right, since I'm planning on moving to the PS3 for my fighting games.
    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    ^Persona 4 is probably my favorite RPG (maybe even my favorite game), so I can definitely say that you made a great purchase. Granted, you definitely shouldn't go into the game with expectations, it will ruin the game for you. Even still, despite the fact that you already watched the anime, there is still a crapload of content (about 80 hours worth) that wasn't in the anime, and because of the differences that exist between the game and the anime, you'll still have a lot of fun with the game. Can't wait for Persona 4: The Golden, it gives me a good excuse to play the game again.

    Also, whatever you do, don't watch the P4 movie. If you want to savor the experience, you'll refrain from watching or reading about it and just play the game. Trust me, you'll be happier that way.
    Don't have any big expectations, but 80 hours...? Damn. At least the only thing that could distract me from my free time this year is boxing.

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